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Allan, John Thomas
Allan, Thomas
Beale, John Wood
Bell, Thomas
Brown, John
Buchanan, James
Camphell, Alexander
Campbell, James
Campbell, John
Campbell, Angus
Campbell, Walter
Colquhoun, Joseph
Conway, John, jun.
Crossley, Henry
Dickson, Adam, jun.
Evans, Jonathan
Ewing, John
Fergusson, Daniel
Findlay, H. A.
Forson, Alexander
Forsyth, Walter
Gas, Matthew
Gilmour, William
Graham, Daniel
Grange, Robert
Hamilton, J. Rutherglen
Harvey, George
Innes, William
Jardine, John
Johnston, Peter
Lynch, Edward
M'Bride, Peter
M'Coo, Patrick
M 'Donald, John
M'Donald, John
M'Indoe, Robert
M'Intyre, Alexander
M'Lachlan, Angus
M'Lellan, James
M'Tavish, Donald
Maitland, David
Maitland, Robert
Malcolm, Gabriel
Middleton, Robert
Morton, John
Morton, Alexander
Nathaniel, David
Neil, D. C.
Ogilvie, John
Patrick, Hugh
Peterson, Peter
Riddell, James
Scanlan, Daniel
Scott, Peter
Scotf, Samuel
Steel, William
Stuart, Charles
Turnbull, James
Watson, William
Watson, William, jun.
White, J. L.
Whyte, James
Whyte, William P.
Wynne, J.
Established by Royal Charter in 1599. — Ratified by Acts of the Scottish and British Parliaments.
Faculty Hall, 242 St. Vincent Street.
Dr. Andrew Fergus, President.
Dr. James Morton, Visiioi:
Dr. John Coats, Treasurer.
The President, the Visitor, the Treasurer, Dr. J. G,
Fleming, Dr. George Buchanan, Dr. William Leish-
man. Dr. Henry Muirhead, and Dr. J. D. Maclaren,
Dr. Hugh Thomson, Vaccinator.
Dr. Scott Orr, Dr. Eben. Watson, Dr. Morton, Dr.
Robert Perry, Dr. P. A. Simpson, Dr. Alexander
Lindsay, Dr. George Buchanan, Dr. M'Call
Anderson, Dr. Donald Dewar, and Dr. J. G. Wilson,
The Physicians of the Royal Infirmary, Examiners
in Clinical Medicine.
The Surgeons of the Royal Infirmary, Examiners in
Clinical Surgery.
Dr. J. B. Russell and Dr. John Pirie, Examiners in
Dr. J. G. Fleming, Representative of the Faculty to
the General Council of Medical Education and
Registration of the United Kingdom.
The President, Dr. Morton, Dr. Peter Stewart, Dr.
J. Coats, Managers of the Glasgow Royal In-
The President, the Visitor, the Treasurer, Dr. A.
Hay, Dr. J. W. Anderson, Dr. John W. Weir, Dr.
William M'Ewen, Dr. A. M. Buchanan, Dr. W. C.
Thomson, Dr. W. J. Fleming, Dr. D. Yellowlees,
and Dr. G. P. Tennent, Representatives of Faculty,
at Royal Botanic Institution of Glasgow.
Dr. Thomas Reid, Director, Glasgoiv Asylum for the
The President, Dr. Dewar, Directors, Glasgow
Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary.
Dr. Perry, Dr. George Miller, and Dr. George Bu-
chanan, Directors of Slirling^s Library.
Dr. Scott Orr, Dr. George Buchanan, Director of the.
Glasgoio Royal Lunatic Asylum.
Dr. M. Charteris, Dr. Hugh Miller, Directors oj
Glasgow Loch Hospital.
Dr. Alexander Patterson, D'lrectoi of Convalescent
Dr. A. Fergus and Dr. J. B. Cowan, Managers oJ
Western Infirmary.
The President, the Visitor, and the Treasurerj
Directors of Humane Society. \
The President, the Visitor, Dr. J. B. RusseU, and
Dr. Tannahill, Directors of Haldane^s Academy oj
the Fine Arts.
The President, Visitor of Anderson'' s University.
The President, Trustee of Hannay Bursaries.
The President, Trustee of the Clarh Bursary Fund.
Dr. H. Miller and Dr. M'Gill, Inspectors oJ
William H. Hill, Cleric.
Alexander Duncan, B.A., Secretary and Librarian.
John Bratten, Officer.
List of the Fellows and Licentiates op the Faculty Resident in Glasgow — 1875-6.
Those marhed * are Fellows, the
*Adams, James, M.D., 62 Cambridge street
Anderson, James W., 1 Whitehill Terrace
* Anderson, James W., M.D., 4 Burnbank gardens
*Anderson, Thos. M'Call, M.D., 14 Woodside cres.
Barrie, John, M.D., 95 S. Portland street
*Barrie, John T., M.D., 1 Buckingham terrace
*Bell, Robert, M.D., 29 Lynedoch street
Brennan, J. M., 64 M'Intosh street
Browne, Andrew, "65 Abbotsford place
Bruce, Robert W., 103 Sauchiehall street
others are Licentiates of the Facidty.
*Buchanan, Alex. M., M.D., Anderson's University.
*Buchanan, Andrew, M.D., 4 Athole place
*Buchanan, George, M.D., 193 Bath street
Buchanan, James E., 48 Parliamentary road
Buchanan, Thos. Drysdale, M.D., 22 Royal cres.
*Burns, John, 15 Fitzroy place.
Cameron, A. M., Gordon Pace, Whiteinch
*Cameron, H. C, M.D., 294 Bath crescent
Campbell, Gilbert, 211 New Dalmarnock road
*Carmichael, Neil, M.D., 22 So. Cumberland street

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