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Logan, Wm. & Co. Castleeary
fke Clay Works, by Cumber-
Love, Thomas, 420 London road
Lumsden, Robert, 18 Comely
Park street
M'Alpine, Robert, Hamilton Hill,
Fossil road, and Stonefield brick-
work, Low Blantyre
M'Cready & Melrose, Darnley St.
M'Donald, A. & J. Hangingshaw,
and 29 Cathcart street, Gorbals
M'Donald, J. 68 Canning street,
M'Donald, John, 18 Comely Park
M'Donald, W. F. 18 Bridgton cross
M'Intyre, A. & Son, 1 Titwood pi.
M'Kellar,Robt. &Co. Sheepmount,
New City road
M'KirJy,Sim. 55 and 57 Commer-
cial road
M'Laughlan, James, 124 Fort-
Dundas road
M'Lean, Neil, 25 Portman street
M'Millan, Neil, & Son, 396 Pais. rJ
ilaxwood Coal Go. fire clay, 118
W. Regent street
^liller, Jas. depot. West street
JliUer & Ridger, Dalserf Works ;
office, 122 Wellington street
Montgomery & Gilchrist, New-
lands field, London road
Morrison, James, 724 Gallowgate
Morrison, John, 161 Shamrock st
Moyes, R. & J. 22.3 Hope street
Murray & Stewart ; also, J. & M.
Craig, Perceton and Hillhead
Fire Clay Yv^ork', 98 Commerce
Nicol, John, 45 North street
Nisbet, Thos. Westmuir, Parkhead
Paterson, John, 62 Argyle street
Perceton & Hillhead Depot, 98
Commerce street
Porter, John, Janefield, London rd
Price, John, Glasgow Iron Works,
house, 64 Parson street
Reid, Dugald, 15 Back Causeway,
Reid & M'Lean, 25 Portman st
Revie, Jas. 294 S. Wellington st
Roberton, Robert, & Sons, 641
Duke street
Robson, John, 6 Cook street
Ross, .John, 696 Gallowgate
Ross, W. & D. 17 T)'lefield st
Simpson, A. G. 51 Bath street
Smith, Wm. 213 Berkeley street
Speirs,Gibb, & Co. 47 Commerce st
Sproul, Robt. 9 Govanhill street
Sproul, Robt. Lightburn, Camsln?.
Star Fire Brick Works office, 2 W.
Regent street
Steele, John C. West street station
Steven, William, 481 London road
Stevenson Bros, office, Bilbao st. off
Rutherglen road
Stevenson, Wm. Milncroft Brick
Works, Rutherglen road
Thomson, Alex. 130 Pollokshaws
Thomson, A. 16 Steven street
Thomson, Wm. 33 Gardner st
Thomson, Wm. 499 Crown street
Todd, Alex. 87 and 89 King st.
Wallace, John, 74 Harmony Row,
Watt & Wilson, Peter=hill road,
near Sighthill Station
Wilson, William, 5 St Ninian st
Wilson, W. & Son, 354 Eglintonst
Wood, Wm. C. & Sons, Lambhill
Yates, M. Kelvinside Brickworks,
Maryhill road
Young, John, & Sons, 188 Bu-
chanan street. — SeeAdvt. in Ap.
Agnew, Robert H. 62 Robertson st
Allan, Mrs. Wm. 28 Saltmarket
Anderson, George, 114 Renfrew
st. and Queen arcade
Asylum for the Blind, 106 Castle
Barker & Rennie, 33 Stockwell
Barnett, Wan. 20 Sauchiehall st
Birch & Brown, 381 Argyle street
Blackball Brothers, 63 Argyle arc
Cameron, Wm. W. 19 Carlton pi
Cowan & Black. 55 Glassford st.
and 81 Wihon street
Craig & Rose, painters, 110
Wellington street
Darling & Taylor, for boiler tubes,
217 Argyle st
Ewing, Peter, 100 Cowcaddens
Ferguson, Jn. & Sons, 33 Hope st
Eraser, John, 43 Argyle street
Gentles, Wm. 338 Sauchiehall st
Gilmom-, H. K. 21 to 25 North st
Jack, B,. jewellers' , 31 Argyle st
King, Wm. 71 Dundas street, 7, 9
High street, and 4 Cathedral st.
Lambert, M. & Co. 93 Sauchie. st
Lorimer & Moyes, 15, 16 Argyle
arcade and 56 Howard street
M'Donald, Peter, 28 York street
M'Farlane, Walter, ^ broom, 83
Commerce street
M'Kay, Wm. & Co. 510 Gallow-
Mackie, J. F. 39 and 40 Argyle
Mathie, Mrs. 154 Sauchiehall st
Morier, W. 146 Argyle st.
Moyes, Jas. R. 453 and 505
Sauchiehall street
Moyes, John Y. 49 St. Vincent
Ogden, Chas. 5 Miller's place
Panton, George, & Son, watch and I
plate, 32 Stockwell st
Paterson, Robertson, & Boyd, 106 J
Brunswick street
Paton, Agnes, 89 High street
Pringle, Wm. AV. 326 Argyle st
Ruddach, J. 39 and 40 Argyll »
Scrivener, G. A. 106a Dumbarton :
Small & Hurry, 164 Trongate
Smith, Wm. & Son, 87 Gallowgate ,
Taylor, Jas. jun. 124, 126, 128 -S
Trongate ^
Thomson, Archd. 240 High street'-:
Thomson, R. B. 85 Stockwell st.
Wilson & Stevenson, 10 Stockwell']
^uille, Mrs. 176.Gt. Hamiltoa st
Adam, John, 142 Pollok st
Adam, Robert, 8 Jamieson street,
Cathcart road
Allan, John, 36 Devon street
Allan & Mann, 48 St. Enoch sq
Alston, Thomas, 294 So. York st
Anderson & Henderson, 50 Wel-
lington st. a id '77 West Scot-
land st. Kinninor park
Armour, Allan, 65 .Jamaica st
Associated Joinera' Building Co.
(Limited), 35 Devon street;
John Mori'ison, manager
Baikie, John, 237 North Woodsidei
Bain, Andrew, Maryvale cottage,
Cubie street
Baird, W. J. & A. 49 Copeland st
Barlas, Geo.'fe Co. Euthven street,
Hillhead '
Barr & Easdale, Lambhill st
Barr, George, 14 Townmill road
Barrie, J. & T. 125 Cathcart st
Baxter, John, 20 Catherine st
Begg, A. & T. 14i Clyde st. Calton
Bell, Hornsby, & Co." 197 PoUok-
shaws road
Bell, John, 43 Park st. Paisley rd
Benzie, Wm. Victoria street, Hill-
Binnie, Thomas, 205 Hope street
Binnie, AVm. tun, 91 Maitland st
Black, Jas. 176 Pollokshaws road
Blackwood & Ramsay, 6, 8 Risk st
Bowie, Archd. 372 Scotland st
Boyd, Adam, 35 Douglas st
Braby, Fred. & Co. (Limited), ?Vort
house builders. 20 to 24 Great
Clyde St. — See Advt. in Ap.
Brash and Millar, 8 Otago street,
Broadfoot, H. 29 Devon st
Brown, Thomas, 191 Rottenrowst
Brownlie, Thomas, jun. 29 Cath-
cart street, Kinning park

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