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Scott, William (of W. & C. Scott & Co.), 21 Green-
head sti-eet ; house, 6 Morris place.
Scott, Wilham, tailor and clothier, 108 King street,
Tradeston; house, 161 Pollok street.
Scott, William, grocer and spirit merchant, 1-17
Gloucester street ; house, 145 do.
Scott, William, soiree purveyor, 34 Blackfriars street;
house, 32 do.
Scott, William, traveller, Caledonian Flour Mills;
house, 5 Darnley street, Pollokshields.
Scott, William, merchant, 128 Wellington street;
house, 4 Park quadrant.
Scott, Wilham A. (of Andrew Scott & Co., Rutherglen
Bridge Mills), ho. 7 Kelvinside ter.. West, Hillhead.
Scott, Wm., church officer, Laurieston Parish Church,
Norfolk street; house, 57 South Portland street.
Scott, W. R., writer, 51 West Regent street.
Scott, W. & C, & Co., patent sperm oil manufac-
turers, 21 Greenhead street.
Scott, Mrs. A., spirit dealer, 69 Brown st. ; ho. 67 do.
Scott, Mrs. Marion, wine and spirit merchant, 43
Grove street, and 49 Abercorn st. ; house, 11
Great Western road.
Scott, Mrs. E., stationer, 142 Dumbarton road ; ho.
207 Kent road.
Scott, Mrs. Thomas, provision merchant, 71 Main
street, Anderston ; house, 540 St. Vincent street.
Scott, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 86 Renfrew street.
Scott, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 22 Arlington street.
Scott, Mrs., lodgings, 80 South Portland street.
Scott, Misses H. & M., tobacconists and hardware,
3 West Milton street ; house, SO New City road.
Scott, Miss Kate, Commercial Hotel, 272 George st.
Scott, Miss, dressmaker, 41 Abbotsford place.
Scott, Miss, milliner, 6 Warwick street.
Scott, Miss, furnishing shop, 85 St. George's road.
Scott, Miss, 6 Clifton place.
Scott, Misses, 9 Queen s terrace.
Scott, M., lace and baby linen warehouse, muslin and
lace printer for embroidery, 29, 30 Argyle arcade;
house, 2 Chatham place, Stirling road.
Scottish Amicable Life Assurance Society,
35 St. Vincent place: John Stott, manager; Thos.
Marr, secretary ; Robert Jl'Culloch, cashier. — See
Advt. in Append.
Scottish Asphalte Co.. asphalte manufacturers, works,
Glenpark, near Camlachie ; office, 45 Union street.
Scottish Canadian Land and Investment Co. { Lnn.),
116 St. Vincent street ; A. Carrick Robertson, seoj'.
Scottisli Commercial Insurance Co., 133 West
George street; Frederic J. Hallows, manager. —
^S'ee Advt. in Append.
Scottish Commercial Fire and life Insurance Co ;
John Parker, agent, 116 St. Vincent street.
Scottish Commercial Insurance Co., Govan ; Thomas
Baird, agent.
Scottish Commercial Fire and Life Insm'ance Co.;
Henry Bruce, agent, 77 Renficld street.
Scottish Co-operative Society (Limited), general
wholesale dealers, 93 Paisley road.
Scottish Debt Collecting Office, 66 West Nile street;
W. B. Pater.-.on, writer, agent.
Scottish Equitable Life Assurance Society; agents,
W. G. & J. W. Lindsay, 89 West Regent street.
Scottish Kquitable Life Assurance Society; John
Parker, agent, 116 St. Vincent street.
Scottisli EoLUitalsls Iiife Assurance Society ;
Glasgow Oiliee, 128 St. Vincent street; Hugh
Gibson, resident secretary.
Scottish Equitable I ife Assurance Society ; Henry
Bruce, agent, 77 Renfield street.
Scottish Farmers' Live Stock Insurance Co. (Limited),
agency office, Hugh Maybury, 157 St. Vincent, st.
Scottish Farmers' Live Stock Insurance Co., 5 Druiy
street ; Thos. F. Robertson, agent.
Scottish Fire Insurance Co., 123 St. Vincent
street; A. Lawson, local sooi'etary. Agents —
Andersons & Pattison, 137 St. Vincent st. ; Ban-
natyne & Whyte, 4 West Nile street; Fisher &
Watt, 183 St. Vincent street; J. Wilkie, 33 Ren-
field St.; Jamieson, Son, & M'Lae, 149 St. Vincent
St. ; P. T. Hendry, 8 Dixon st. ; J. J. Robertson,
jun., 80 Renfield st. ; A. Dougall, 184 Gallowgate ;
A. Stewart, 47 W. Llilton st. ; J. Hendry, 502 St.
Vincent st. ; H. Dallaehy, 83 Croivn st. ; J. Ha-
milton, 105 Eglinton st. ; J. & A. Hutton, 12
Gordon street ; William Dovrnie, 104 Trongate ;
William Tait, 5 Washington st. ; J. Waddell, Royal
Bank, 419 Gallowgate ; William Mann, 98 South
Portland street : .J. Watson, 58 Mitchell street ; J.
Anderson, 33 Bentield st. ; Campbell Rodger, 5
West Regent st. ; Francis Kerr, Union Bank ;
Hugh Miller, Bank of Scotland; J. N. Hart,
County Buildings; J. B. Orr, 419a Argyle st. ;
J. Clark, 24 Hutcheson st. ; J. Parker, 116 St.
Vincent st. ; A. Forrest, 40 Buccleuch st. ; W. B.
Crawford, 104 West Regent st. ; Colin Brown, 5
West Regent street ; John M'Gibbon, Royal Bank ;
Wm. Alexander, 62 and 64 Jamaica st. ; Thomas
Baird, Scottish Amicable Life Office : John Cousar,
14 West Campbell st. ; Alex. Bain, Bank of Scot-
land; John B. Heron, 74 Ingram street; William
Brown, 2 Oswald st. ; R. G. Neilson, 75 Buchanan
St.; J. Gillies & Co., 36 West George st.; Milton
& Waddell, Royal Bank, Duke st.; Wm. Young,
9 Montrose st. ; M. R. Cotes, North Hanover st. ;
J. Sinclair, 14 Miller st. ; R. A. Gardner, 135
Buchanan st. ; Gray, Christie & Co., 57 Buchanan
St. ; E. B. Bruce, 97 West George St.; George Hay,
Royal Bank, Bridgeton Cross. — iS<e Advt. in App.
Scottish General Dwellings' Co. (Limited), 97 West
George sti-ect; Edward B. Bruce, manager.
Scottish Heritable Security Co. (Iiimited);
office in Glasgow, 176 West George street; Dick &
Stevenson, writers, agents.— ^ee Advt. in App.
Scottish Imperial Insurance Company, 151
West George st.; V/. W. W. Ii'cid, manager; Dawd
Lawrie, secy. — See Adv. in App.
Scottish Legal Life Assm-ance Society, 86 Wilson
street ; Jas. Finnic, secretary ; A. I\Ialcolm, treas.
Scottish Mercantile Association ; managers, Barr &
Carstairs, 43 Reniield street.
Scottish Mineral Oil Association, John Anderson, hon.
secretary, 48 Dundas street.
Scottish National Art Union, 40 Union street ; Sam,
Hillhouse, secretary.
Scottish National Insurance Co., 32 Renfield
street; J. K. Macdoriald, resident secretary; Key-
dens, Strang, and Girvan, law agents ; Professor
John B. Cowan, M.D., medical referee. — See Advt
in Appeii.
Scottish National Investment and Building Associa-
tion, 51 St. Vincent st. Ja^. • aterson, manager.
Scottish Permissive Bill and Temperance Association,
30 Hope street ; Robert Mackay, secretaiy; house,
102 Houston st., Kinning park.
Scottish Plate Glass Insurance Co. (Limited), 37 Wt.
George st. ; Gavin Irving Diclcson, manager.

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