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NoVA-Scotia Steam Packet Office ; Henderson
Brothers, agents, 47 Union street.
NOWERY, Wm. (at A. & J. Inglis'), bouse, 256
Dumbarton road.
NUEL, G., & Co., shipbrokers, 67 Hope street.
NURSE, J. C, commission agent, 132 West Nile st. ;
house, 2 Clydeview, Govan road.

Oak (The) Foundry Co., ironfounders, Black street,
off Parliamentary road.
Oakbank Cotton Spinning and Power-Loom Weav-
ing Works, 306 Garscube rd. ; A. & A. Galbraith ;
office, 123 Hope street.
Oakbank Oil Co. (Limited), paraffin burning and
lubricating oil manufacturers and merchants ; re-
gistered office, 54 Miller street ; works, Mid-
Calder ; Wm. Kennedy, general manager ; Charles
Watt, secretary.
OATMAN, Francis, & Co., slaters, 57 North Hano-
ver street ; house, 48 Grafton street.
OATTS, Charles (of Oatts & Runciman), house, 2
North Ure place.
Oatts, John, stationer and lithographer, 93 Virginia
street ; house, 2 North Ure place.
Oatts & Runciman, stationers, account book manfac-
turers, engravers, lithographers, and printers, 63
Mitchell street.
Oatts, Wm. M., 2 North Ure place.
Oban, Tobermory, Portree, Stornoway, Galrloch,
Lochinver, Ullapool, and Lochmaddy Steam-Packet
Office, 119 Hope street.
O'BRIEN, John, chair seat caner, 5 Shaftesbury
O'Brien, John, commission agent, 20 Jail square ;
house, 25 East Clyde street.
O'DONNELL, Jn., broker, 70 Centre st. ; ho. 60 do.
O'Donnell, John, fish merchant, 100 Stockwell; ho.
15 Great Clyde street.
O'HALLORAN, Michael, clerk (Custom House),
house, 204 Dumbarton road, Partick.
O'Halloran, Patrick, salesman (at Bayne & Duckett's),
19 Blackfriars street.
O'HARA, John B., pawnbroker, 12 Prince's street
and 46 Saltmarket ; ho. 53 S. Cumberland street.
O'Hara, John, pawnbroker, 58 Bridge street.
O'Hara, John, tailor and clothier, 109 Great Hamil-
ton street.
O'Hara, John, city of Glasgow oyster rooms, 8 Salt-
market; house, 27 St. Andrew's street.
O'Hara, Joseph, fishmonger, 121 St. George's road;
house, 11 Abercorn street.
O'Hara, Peter, dining rooms, 83 Dundas street; ho.
14 Cathedral street.
O'Hara, Spence, & Co., bill discounters and money-
lenders, 114 West Nile street.
O'LANYER, Louis, Bordeaux; R. Brown & Co.,
agents, 51 Alston street.
O'MALLY, Peter, butter and egg dealer, 87^ Kirk
street, Calton.
G'NEIL, James, broker, 17 Findlay street.
O'Neil, John, spirit merchant, 276 Cumberland street
and 327 Mathieson street ; house, 166 Hospital st.
O'Neil, John, foreman (Dundas Founders' Blacking
Co.), house, 6 Drummond street.
O'Neil, John, clothier, 13 Main street, Anderston;
house, 67 St. Vincent crescent.
O'ROURKE, James, spirit dealer, 103 High street.
O'Rorke, Patrick, wine and spirit merchant, 53Muir-
head street ; house, 92 Hospital street.
Oddfellows' Hall, 175 Buchanan street.
OEXLB, Oscar, C.E., 99 South Portland street.
Office of Bowmore Distillery, Islay, 36 Oswald st.
Office of the Calton Hill Brewery, Edinburgh ; W. &
J. Mutter, 36 Oswald street.
Office of Public works, 4 South Albion place, off
Albion street.
OFFLEY, Cramp, and Forresters, wine growers.
Oporto ; agents, J. Hopkins & Co., 73 Gordon st.
OGG & Hodge, drapers & clothiers, 50,52,54,56,60,
Main street, Anderston.
Ogg, James, tailor and clothier, 42 Greenhill street.
Ogg, Robt. A. (of Ogg & Hodge), ho. 371 Bath st.
Ogg, Wm. Stevenson, wine and spirit merchant, 114
Shamrock street and 1 Steven street.
OGILVIE, Alexander H., tea merchant and grocer,
324 High street, 31 King street, city, and 166
Parliamentary road ; house, 15 Roselea drive, Den-
Ogilvie, Alex, (from Wm. Merrilees & Co.), saddler
and harness maker, 3 Renfield street ; house, 124
BIythswood terrace.
Ogilvie, George, family grocer, wine merchant, and
Italian warehouseman, 108, 110 George st.; branch,
164 Castle street ; house, 116 George street.
Ogilvie, James, tailor, 5 Wallace street, Tradeston.
Ogilvie, James, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 460
Argyle street ; house, 164 Stobcross street.
Ogilvie, Robert, 195 New City road.
Ogilvie, Thomas, commission merchant, 72 Bath st.;
house, 32 Hamilton Park terrace.
Ogilvie, Thomas, wine mercht., 15 Stirling st., city.
Ogilvie, William (of Arthur & Co.), residence, 1
Doune terrace, North Woodside.
Ogilvie Mrs., ladies' nurse, 18 Rosehall street.
Ogilvie, Miss J., fruiterer, 178 North street ; house,
375 Mathieson street.
Ogilvy, Alex., stationer, 139 Stirling road; house, 110
Parliamentary road.
OKELL, Charles W. (of Okell & Douglas), house,
Langside house, Crossmyloof.
Okell & Douglas, ship store merchants, 48 York st.
Okell & Co., warehousemen and manufacturers, 11
George square.
Okell, William (of Okell & Co.), Langside house,
Okell, William, jun. (of Okell & Co.), resid. 9 May
terrace. Mount Florida, Cathcart.
Old Drug Hall, 59 Trongate.
Old English Tabic Salt Co., 59 Hutcheson street.
Old Equitable Loan Co., 44 Trongate.
Old Exchange Loan Co., W. G. & S. W. Maclurkin,
proprietors, 142 Trongate and 264 Garscube road.
Old V. & B. Society, victuallers, bakers, drapers, and
spirit dealers, 139,141,145,147 Main st.,Bridgeton.
Old Wynd School, 57 Old Wyml.
OLDAKER, Edmund, & Co., produce brokers and
hemp and flax merchants, 87 Union street.
Oldaker, Edmund (of E. Oldaker & Co.), house, 2
Holyrood place, Burnbank.
OLDHAJI, Rev. R. S., M.A , incumbent of St.
Mary's Episcopal Church, Holyrood cres., Great
Western road ; house, 2 Queen's crescent.
OLIPHANT, John, provision merchant, 16 Crown
street; house, 109 Cumberland street.
Oliphant, Robert, accountant, 97 Union street; house,
Springhill, Crossmyloof.

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