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Muir, John, Faculty of Procurators' Library ; house,
154 Slatefield street.
Muir, John, slater, Strathbungo.
Muir, John F., wine and spirit merchant, 272 Stob-
cross st. ; house, 6 Finnieston street.
Muir, John J., & Davie, manufacturers of shirt-
ings, cloakings, winceys, and grenadines, 1 South
Hanover street.
Muir, John (of Mowat & Muir), house, 14 Holm-
head street.
Muir, John (of James Finlay & Co.), residence, 6
Park gardens, and Deanston house, near Stirling.
Muir, John (of Muir & Co.), residence, Beechwood,
New Kilpsitrick.
Muir, Matthew (of Matthew Muir & Sons), resid.
Greenhill, Paisley.
Muir, Matthew, & Sons, Tradeston Mills, Com-
merce street.
Muir, Matthew A. (of Anderston Foundry Co.), ho.
20 Park ter., and Ardenvohr, Dumbartonshire.
Muir, Richard, commission merchant, 52 Glassford
street; house, 17 Bellgrove street.
Muir, Robert, house factor, 6 Stanhope place,
Muir, Robert, engineer and boilermaker, Henrietta
street ; house, 580 Gallowgate.
Muir, Robert, contractor, 10 Hartfield street.
Muir, Robert (of Stewart, Jloir, & Muir), house, 137
Dundas street.
Muir, Robt., commercial traveller (at Joseph Doran's),
house, 184 Slatefield street.
Muir, Robert, Staffordshire Fire Office, secretary ;
head office for Scotland and North of England, 37
West Nile street ; ho. 2 Allanton terrace, Crossbill.
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Muir, Robert (of R. Muir & Co.), ho. 9 Hillsborough
square, HiUhead.
Muir, Robert, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers,
104 Hope street.
Muir, R. S., H.JI. Inspector of Schools, 1 St. James'
street, HiUhead.
Muir, R. S., & Co., merchants, and manufacturers of
shirts and clothing for foreign and colonial mar-
kets, 42, 4G Ingram street ; factory, Clarendon
street, Londondeny.
Muir, Robert S. (of R. S. Muir & Co.), residence,
Glenmill house, Campsie.
JIuir, Samuel, bootmaker, 30 Duke street.
Muir & Son, jewellers and hardware merchants, 140
Trongate; house, 2|- Nicholson street.
Muir, Thomas, bootmaker, 186 Dumbarton road ;
house, 176 do.
Muir, Thos , D. G. & burgh officer. County Buildings;
house, 15 Camden street.
Muir, Thomas, lieutenant of police, C Division, 15
Tobago street ; house, 140 Annfield street.
Muir, Thomas (of Matthew Muir & Sons), residence,
Muir, Thomas, slater and slate merchant, 11 and 13
St. Andrew's street and 447 Springburn road ; ho.
Hill street, do.
Muir & Thomson, file manufacturers, 47 Dale street,
Muir, Toward & Co., manufacturers, 3 North court,
Royal Exchange.
Muir, William, agent for manufacturers, 25 Queen
street ; house, 5 Kelburne terrace. Crossbill.
Muir, William, baker, 129 East Hill street ; house,
194 Duke street.
Muir, Wm., watchmaker and jeweller, 134 Cowcad-
dens; house, 23 Rosehall street.
Muir, William, warehouseman, 40 Oxford street.
Muir, Wm. Limont, medical practitioner, L.R.C.P.,
Edin., 1867; L.F.P.S., Glas., 1867, 670 Gallow-
gate ; house, 367 Duke street.
Muir, William (at Geo. Heys & Co.'s), 160 St. Vin-
cent street.
Muir, William, manufacturer of rouge, 84 High
John street.
Muir, Wm., flesher, 154 Duke street ; ho. 124 do.
Muir, Wm., commission agent, 10 Elgin street.
Muir, William (of Wm. Muir & Co., Tobago street),
house, 167 Greenhead terrace.
Muir, William, & Co., power loom cloth manufac-
turers, 46 Tobago street, Calton.
Muir, William, flesher, 22 Bedford street ; ho. 132
Portland street, s.s.
Muir, William, flesher, 158 J Cumberland street;
house, 158 do.
Muir, William, engineer (at G. & J. Burns'), house,
345 Bath crescent.
Muir, Mrs. Gavin, wine and spirit merchant, 34
Green street, Calton, and 94 Main street. Bridge-
ton ; house, 5 ilorris place.
Muir, Mrs. John, dressmaker, 260 Bath street.
Muir, Mrs., milliner and dressmaker, and ladies' out-
fitter, 189 St. Vincent street.
Muir, Mrs., dress and cloak maker, 126 South Port-
land street.
Muir, Mrs. (M. Ayton), quilting establishment, 133
Dumbarton road.
Muir, Miss, 29 Columbia place, Scotia street.
Muir, Miss, 33 Abbotsford place.
Muir, Miss, teacher, Alexander's Charity school, 94
Duke street.
Muir, Misses, milliners, 10 Sandyford street.
MuiRAVoNSiDE Colliery Office, 20 Dixon street.
MUIRHEAD, Alexander, 29 Roselea drive, Den-
Muirhead, Andrew, & Co., tanners, curriers, leather
merchants, machinery belt, hose pipe and copper
rivet makers, 14 Brunswick lane.
Muirhead, Andrew, clerk, Dyewood Mills, Lilybank
street ; house, 350 Eglinton street.
Muirhead, Andrew (of Andrew Muirhead & Co.), ho.
Mikle Cloak, Lochwinnoch.
Muirhead, Archibald, corn merchant, 39 Hope st.
house, 2 Clarendon place.
Muirhead & Arthur, watchmakers, goldsmiths, sil-
versmiths and jewellers, 80 Argyle street.
Muirhead, Henry, M.D., Bushyhill, Cambuslang.
Muirhead, James, spirit merchant, 122 Millburn st.;
house, 181 Garngad road.
Muirhead & Sons, 120, 124 Broomielaw, watch-
makers to the Queen, chronometer makers to the
Admiralty, nautical instrument makers, chart-sel-
lers, adjusters of compasses in iron vessels, electro
bell and clock manufacturers, chronometer makers
to the Admiralty, compass and binnacle makers,
clock makers, tun-et and lever, watchmakers to
the Queen, jewellers, philosophical instrument
makers, ship chandlers, flag makers, electro-plat-
ers, electric clock makers, nautical instrument
makers to the Royal Navy, silversmiths, gold-
Muirhead, Jas., builder and mason, 29 Rottenrow.
Muirhead, Jas., & Co., tanners and curriers, 23
Old wynd.

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