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Miller, James (at D. & W. Henderson & Co.'s), ho.
145 Renfrew street.
Miller, James (of M. Waddell & Sons, 42 Canning
street), house, 371 Whitehill terrace, Duke st.
Miller, James, cooper, 25 and 27 High st. ; house,
13 Miller street, Hamilton,
Miller, James, & Co., rivet and bolt manufacturers,
204 Stobcross street.
Miller, James, writer, 100 West Regent street ; ho.
15 Ibrox terrace, Ibrosholm.
Miller, James W. (Mackay & Kirkwood's), house, 60
Cumberland street, west.
Miller, James (of James Miller & Co., rivet and bolt
manufacturers, 204 Stobcross street), house, 27
St. Vincent crescent.
Millar, James, slater and bricklayer, 18 M'Intyre st. ;
house, 41 Elderslie street.
Miller, James, grocer, 257 Upper Main street; ho.
60 Abbotsford place.
Miller, James, grocer and provision merchant, 371
S. Wellington street ; house, 185 Caledonia road.
Miller, James (of Port-Dundas and North British
Potteries), house, 12 Hamilton Park terrace.
Miller, James, carver, gilder, and artists' colourman,
71 Sanchiehall street.
Miller, James, wright, 134 Parliamentary road ; ho.
81 Parson street.
Miller, James (of Miller & M'Gregor), ho. 1 Clutha
street. Paisley road.
Miller, James, hardware merchant, 35 Stockwell ;
house, 35 Warwick street.
Miller, James N., stockbroker and accountant, 77
Queen street.
Miller, James, spirit merchant, 41, 43 Stockwell st.;
house, 70 Robertson street.
Miller, James, & Son, cork manufacturers, 18 and
20 Ferguson street ; house, 52 Cambridge street.
Miller, James, Son, & Co., merchants, 75 Union st.
Miller, James, bootmaker, 68, 70 London st. ; ho.
96 Rutherglen loan.
Millar, James (of J. & W. Millar), house, Ibrox, and
Ford house, Catrine, Ayrshire.
Miller, John (at Robert Mackay & Co.'s), house, 141
Hospital street.
Miller, John R. (of Forsyth, Miller, & Co.), house,
2 Somerset place.
Miller, John, & Co., paper makers at Carrongrove
Paper Works, Denny, and at Colinton Paper Works,
near Edinburgh ; manufacturing stationers at
Carronvale Works, Denny, export wholesale and
retail stationers, paper stainers, bookbinders, en-
gravers, lithographers, printers, envelope manu-
facturers, paper rulers, account book makers, die
sinkers, and wholesale agents for Milner's Patent
Safes, 122 Ingram and 1 Hanover streets; house,
Randolph hill, Denny, Stirlingshire.
Millar, John (of Millar & Voung), house, 129 Ren-
frew street.
Millar, John, draper and clothier, 147 Crown street ;
house, 476 do.
Miller, John, cork manufacturer, 12 Terrace street ;
house, 11 Pitt street.
Millar, John, plumber and gasfitter, 37 Charlotte
street ; house, 50 do.
Miller, John B. (at James Crichton's, watchmaker
and jeweller, 137 Trongate), house, 305 Crown st.
Miller, John, & Son, wholesale and retail woollen and
linen drapers, carpet warehousemen, clothiers, and
outfitters, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26, 28 and 30 High st.
Miller, John, writer and notary public, 5 W. Regent
street ; house, 8 Moray place. Regent park.
Miller, John, saddler, 163 Garscube road ; house, 39
Gardner street.
Miller, John, builder, 34 Bishop street, Anderston ;
house, 57 Oswald street.
Miller, John, M.D., surgeon, 689 Gallowgate ; ho.
343 Duke street.
Miller, John, and James H. Ferguson, chartered ac-
countants and stockbrokers, agents for the Scottish
Union Fire Insurance and the Standard Life As-
surance, 71 Queen street.
Millar, John (of Martin & Millar), residence, Ud-
dingston, Hamilton.
Millar, John, agent, 77 North Frederick street.
Miller, John, hairdresser, 51 1 King street ; house, 8
Park Grove place. Paisley road.
Miller, John, tinsmith and gasfitter, 26 Eglinton st. ;
house, 28 do.
Miller, John, & Co., straw-bonnet and millinery
warehouse, 154 Trongate ; house, 8 West-end
Park street.
Millar, John (of W. & G. Millar, Cross), hjuse, 10
Sandyford place.
Miller, John F. (of James Miller & Co. , rivet and
bolt manufacturers, 204 Stobcross street), house,
1 Wellesley place, Sandyford.
Miller, John S. (of William Miller & Sons), resid-
ence, Eastfield house, Rutherglen.
Miller, John (of James Black & Co.), house, Beech-
wood villa, CrosshilL
Miller, John, & Co., calenderers, bleachers, scourers,
and starchers, 343 St. Vincent street, 8 Cadzow
street, and 26 West Bothwell street.
Millar, John, builder and contractor, 7 Stanley place,
Paisley road.
Miller, Jn., furniture dealer, 214 Main st., Gorbals.
Miller, John, jun. (at Stewart & M'Donald's), house,
81 Abbotsford place.
Millar, John, drysalter and oil merchant, 135 Bu-
chanan street ; house, Mossfield, Paisley.
Miller, John, church officer, 10 Church place, An-
Millar, John (of J. & J. Millar), house, 47 Oswald
Miller, John, pawnbroker, 154 Stobcross street; ho.
20 Murray place, s.s.
Miller, John, contractor, 17 Glebe street.
Miller, John, chartered accountant (of John Miller &
J. H. Ferguson), house, 191 Renfrew street.
Miller, John, clothier and outfitter, 44 High street,
house, 50 Grajme street.
Millar, John H., artist, 126 West Graham street.
Miller, John (of John Miller & Co.), ho. 2 India st.
Miller, John, portioner, 34 Forth street, Port Dundas.
Miller, John, tailor, 26 Ferguson street.
Miller, John, wright, 53 Young street ; house, 342
Duke street.
Miller, John, millinery and furnishings, 17 Sandy-
faulds street.
Miller, John, & Co., silversmiths, electro-phiters, and
gilders, 153 Greendyko street ; ho. 296 Crown st.
Miller, John, lath splitter, 194 Main street, Gorbals ;
house, 213 do.
Miller, John (of Miller & Pyle), ho. 318 Bath street.
Miller, John, C. S., provision merchant and grocer,
40 M'Lean street, Govan road ; house, 42 do.
Miller, John S. (at William M'Arthur & Go's., 20
Clyde terrace), house, 2 Abyssinia pi., Paisley rd.

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