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Matheson, John (of Wilson, Matheson, & Co.), ho.
13 Woodside place.
Mathieson, John (G. & S. "VV. Ry. Manager's office,
14 Bridge st), house, 205 Watt street.
Blathieson, Kenneth (of M'KelUir & Mathieson), ho.
5 Pine street, s.s.
Blatheson, Noil, & Co., turkey red dyers, Eastfield
Dye Works, Rutherglen.
Mathieson, Peter, insurance agent, 43 Braid street;
house, 45 do.
Mathieson, Robert, warehousemen, 68 Canning
Mathieson, Rev. Thos., F., minister of Congregational
Church, Bernard street; house, 17 Roselea drive,
JIathieson, Thomas, spirit merchant, 6 Dunrobin pi.,
Paisley road ; house, 2 St. James' street, do.
Jlathieson, Thomas (of Mathieson & Alexander), 19
Argyle st. ; ho. Govan view, Albert vd , Crosshill.
Slathieson, Thomas A. (of Alex. Mathieson & Son),
house, 3 Grosvenor terrace.
Slathieson, William, baker, 179 Eglinton street ;
house, 169 do.
Mathieson, AVilliam, plumber and gasStter, 379 St.
George's road.
blathieson, Jliss, tobacconist, 82 Eglinton street;
house, 2 William street, s.s.
TJATTHEW, Buchanan, & Co., merchants, 5 West
Regent street.
Mathews, H. (at David Storer & Sons'), house, 10
Laurence place, Dowanhill.
JIatthew & Theilmann, grain and commission mer-
chants, 40 Union st.
Matthews, Thomas (of Davidson & Matthews), 104
Grove street.
Jiatthew, Thomas, 40 Union street.
!>fatthew, Jlrs., sen , 45 Abbotsford place.
MATTIMO, James, provision merchant, 17 Ruther-
glen loan, Gorbals.
MAUGHAN, Wm. Charles, chartered accountant,
190 West George street ; ho. Kilarden, Roseneath.
MAURIN, Edouard, French master, Park School;
house, 2 Walworth terrace.
JIAVOR, Rev. James, MA., principal of Young
Ladies' In.^titiTte, Devon Bank, Maxwell road,
I\Iaver, Robt., piano, harmonium, & music seller, 11
Renfield street; house, 134 Bothwell street.
Llaver, Wm. A., pianoforte and harmonium seller, 11
Renfield street; house, 134 Bothwell street.
JIaviscank Galvanizing Co., south side, Broomielaw.
MAW & Co., mosaic, encaustic, and majolica tile
manufacturers ; agents, Galbraith & Winton, 129
St. Vincent street.
:MA\VER, Alfred S., hairdresser, 21 Shamrock st.
MAX Greger & Co., importers of Hungarian wines ;
James M. Adams, manager, 24 Exchange square ;
house, 17 Bank street, Hillhead.
MAXTON, John, writer and notary public, commis-
sioner for taking afSdavits in Scotland for the
Courts of Chancery, Queen's Bench, Bankruptcy,
and other Courts of England, 175 St. Vincent
street ; house, 6 Belgravc terrace, Hillhead.
Maxton, Laurence, superintendent, Bridgeton Work-
ing Men's Club ; house, 92 Great Hamilton st.
Maxton, M., stationer, 96 Great Western road.
jMaxton, Mrs., 10 Bedford street.
MAXWELL, Allan G., wright, 109 North Hanover
street; house, 88 do.
Maxwell, Andrew (of Nielsen & Maxwell), house, 8
St. J imes' terrace.
Maxwell, Henry (of John Brown & Co., and Honry
Maxwell & Cu.), residence, Clarence lodge, Douglas
gardens, Uddingston.
Maxwell, Henry, & Co., merchants. 2 Oswald st.
Maxwell, James, carrier to Strathbungo, Crossmyloof,
PoUokshaws, and Thornliebank, daily, from 13
. Canon street, at 4 p.m.
Maxwell, James, ironmonger, 49 and 54 Millar's pL,
and 79 King street, city ; house, 7 Lanark street.
Maxwell, James, joiner and glazier, 47 Dale street ;
house, 9 Kinning street.
Maxwell, James, Caledonian Railway office, 302
Buchanan street ; house, 27 Taylor street.
Maxwell, James Scott, 12 Queen's crescent.
Maxwell, John, saddler and harness maker, 91
Union street.
Maxwell, John, lessee of City Clothes Market,
Glasgow green; house, 4 Steel street.
Maxwell, Samuel, & Co., yarn merchants, 4 Mon-
trose street.
Maxwell, Wm. J., sculptor, 68 Bothwell street ; ho.
76 Douglas street.
Maxwell, W., trunk and box maker, 10 Dyers' lane.
Maxwell, Mrs. Andrew, 8 St. James' terrace.
Maxwell, Jlrs. Francis, 12 Qaeen's crescent.
Maxwell Parish Church, Pollok street; Rev. A.
Gray, BI.A.
JIAY, George, chimney sweeper, 27 Stoekwell st.
Jlay, George, restaurant keeper. 9 Stoekwell street.
May, Henrj', clerk, Garnkirk Fire Clay Co. depot,
head of Glebe street, St. Rollox.
May, Henry, organist and professor of music, 173
Eglinton street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
May, James, 65 Bridge street.
May, William W. (at Alexander Stephen & Son's,
Linthouse, Govan), house, 138 New City road.
j\Iay, Wm., tobacconist, 52 Rose street ; house, do.
BIAYBERRY, H., jun., police heutenant, St. Rollox
Police Chambers, Parliament, rd.; ho. 83 Taylor st.
MEADOWS, Robert, & Co., boot and shoe manu-
facturers, 2 Carlton place.
MEALMAKER, John, slater and plasterer, 187
Hunter street ; house, 100 Duke street.
MEANY, James, billiard rooms, 36 West George
lane, cigar merchant; house, 58 Renfield street.
MEARNS, Jas., plumber &gasfitter, 28 Charlotte st.
Mearns & Sutherland, plumbers and lead merchants,
zinc workers, and gasfitters, 28 Charlotte street.
Mearns, 'Wm., sergeant of police, Burgh offices,
Stanley street, Kinning park.
MECHAN & Son, brassfounders, copper and tin-
smiths, 118 and 120 Cheapside street ; house, 204
Dumbarton road.
Mechin, Charles, stationery and hardware, 179 Great
Hamilton street ; house, 169 do.
Mechan, Daniel, spirit merchant, 31 Broad street,
Calton ; house, 27 do.
Mechanics' Hall, Calton, Jlile-end, and Bridgeton
Public Library, 46 Canning street ; Miss M.
Donald, librarian.
Mechanics' Institution and Library, 38 Bath street.
Mechanics' Institution, 46 Canning street, Calton.
Medical Hall, 109 South Portland street.
Medical Hall, 230 Main street, Anderston.
Medicine Chest Depot, 154 Broomielaw.
Mediterranean and Peninsular Steam-Packet
Office, John & Peter Hutcheson, 69 Great Clyde st.

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