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M'William, Andre\y, wine and spirit merchant, 46
Soutli Coburg street ; house, 27 Paterson street.
M'William, Archd. (at Hurlet and Campsie Alum
Co.), 204 West George street.
MacWilliam, James, writer (of Thomas Nicholson,
]\IacWiIliam, & Co.), house, 49 Arlington street.
jM'William, James, wine and spirit merchant, 3, 5
Stirling street, city ; house, 32 Grafton square.
M'William, John (of J. & J. M'William), residence,
Fairfield, Paisley.
M'William, J. & J., wine and spirit merchants,
Wardrop's court, 38 Queen st.; ho. 32 Grafton sq.
M'William, J., spirit merchant, 409 St. George's rd.;
house, 45 Robertson s'.reet.
M'William, Richard, publisher of the Propertij
Circular^ 77 Renfield street; house, Levengrove
cottage, Clyde shore, Dumbarton.
M'William, T., Metal Tube Co.'s agent, 249 Argyle st.
M'William, Elizabeth, spirit dealer, 73 Stobcross st.;
house, 45 Robertson street.
MABEN, James, & Co , wrights and builders, 53
Eglinton st. ; works, Muirhouses, Pollokshaws rd.
Maben, James (of James Jlaben & Co.), house, 300
Cathcart road.
MABON, Thomas, staircutter, 76 Stanley st., Kin-
ning park.
MACHELL, Thomas, pianoforte and music-seiler, 39
Great Western road; house, 12 Arlington st.
MACHIN, Alexander (of Machin & Park), house, 7
Walworth terrace, 08 Kent road.
Machin & Park, fruit and produce brokers, 42 Mon-
trose street.
MACK, Jas., contractor, 4 Dunolly st., Garngad rd.
Mack, Wilham, mason and builder, 318 London rd.
MACKIE. See M'Kie.
MACKLIN, Thomas, professor of Latin, Andersonian
University; house, 90 North Frederick street.
Macklin, Wm. B., tobacco and cigar merchant, 119
West Nile st. ; house, 90 North Frederick street.
MADDEN, Patrick, slater, 2 Carlton place and 4
Nicholson st.
MADINE, Wm., brush manufacturer, Dublin ; sole
agents for Scotland, Forsyth and Son, 40 Union st.
Madras Steam-Packet Office, Henderson Brothers,
agents, 47 Union street.
MAFFETT, Hugh, accountant and stockbroker, 2
Royal Exchange ct. ; ho. Endrlck villa, Cessnock rd.
MAGEE, David, manager of Wheeler & Co. ; ho. 95
Ardgowan street.
Magee, Michael, marine store, 95d Castle st. ; house,
22 Glebe st.
Magee, Rev. Stephen, R. C. C, 36 Parson st.
Magdalene Institution ; office, 25 Renfrew street.
Magheeasiorne Lime stores ; 48 Wellington st.
MAGUIRE, Rev. James, R.C.C., 40 N. Woodside rd.
Maguire, James, grocer and provision merchant, 57
Main st., s.s.
Maguire, Joseph, butter and egg merchant, 83 Par-
liamentary road; house, 109 do.
MAHOOD, David, 75 St. George's pi. ; ho. 47 Gard-
ner street.
MAHON, R. Irvine, church officer, East Campbell
Street Free Church ; house, 6 E. Campbell street.
MAILER, Andrew, wool-shirting and shawl manu-
facturer, 69 Ingram st.
Mailer, John, boot and shoe maker, 1 Plantation
buildings, Paisley road.
JIAIN, Alexander, & Son, skinners, 28 Bedford lane,
Main, A. J., sign writer and grainer, 34 Eglinton st.
Main, A. & J., & Co., iron fence, gate, and bridge
manufacturers ; warehouse, 9 Renfield st. ; head
office and works, 57 Scott st., Port Dundas.
Main, David, commission agent, 97 Union st. ; ho.
7 Radnor terrace.
Main, David, City Bank : house, 70 Clark street,
Main, Donald, & Co., ships' stores and grocers, 24 and
26 Dale st., Tradeston ; house, 57 Clyde place.
Main, George, glazier, 140 Holm street.
Main, James, dairyman, 11 Hill street, east, and G
Steel St.
Main, James (at F. Bentzen & Co.'s), house, 7 Bran-
don St., Motherwell.
Main, James, warehouseman, 34 Eglinton st.
Main, John, mason and builder, 30 Willowbank st.
Main, J. H., dentist, 34 Eglinton street.
Main, Peter, broker, 89 Rottenrow; house, 93 do.
Main, R. & G., general carters and mail contractors,
131 Barrack street.
Main, Robert, spirit merchant, 215 Dumbarton road ;
house, 17 Kelvinhaugh street.
Main, Robert, painter and paperhanger, 21 Eglinton
St. ; house, 129 Shields road.
Main, Samuel, tinsmith and gasfitter, 12 Little st.,
Calton ; house, 34 Abercrombie street, do.
Main, William, accountant, Clydesdale Bank, Moore
place ; house, 9 Willowbank street.
Main, William, 288 Paisley road.
MAIR, Andrew, letter-carrier, P. 0., 43 Market
street, east.
Mair, Charles S., merchant and commission agent,
19 Waterloo street; house, 1 Windsor place,
Sauchiehall street.
Mair, Hugh (of John Mair & Co.), merchant, 163
Ingi-am street.
Mair, John, & Son, lacemen, hosiers, glover.', and
sbirtmakers, 106, 108 Argyle street.
Mair, John, licensed valuator, 106, 108 Argyle st. ;
house, 1 Windsor place, 83 Sauchiehall street.
Mair, .John (at R. Meiklejohn & Son's, Morrison's
court, 108 Argyle street), house, Broomvilla, by
Mair, John S. (John Mair & Sons), house, 1 Windsor
place, 83 Sauchiehall street.
Mair, John, & Co., manufacturers, 163 Ingram st. ;
factory, 252 Main st., Bridgeton.
Mair, Peter, spirit merchant, 657 Gallowgate ; ho.
22 Bellfield street.
Mair, Robert A., C.A. (of Reid & Mair, 79 St. Vin-
cent street).
Mair, Robert B. (at Hugh Baird & Co.'s, Great Canal
Mair, Robert (at Smith, Sons, & Laughland's), ho.
10 Wellington street.
Mair, Wm. (at R. Meiklejohn & Son's), house, 198
New City road.
Mair, Wm. (at Arthur & Co.'s, Queen street), ho. 1
Windsor pL, 83 Sauchiehall street.
Mair, William, wright and builder, 74 Cornwall st. ;
house, 21 Rutland crescent. Paisley road.
MAISH & Co., paper collar manufacturers, 51 Bu-
chanan street.
MAITLAND, Alexander, baker, confectioner, and
restaurateur, 488 Paisley road ; house, 492 do.
Maitland, Charles (of R. Meiklejohn & Son, brewers,
and agents for City of Dublin Brewery Co.), stores,
1 Morrison's court, 108 Argyle street.

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