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Boustead, Robert (of Boustead & Dunbar), house,
Bellbrick House, Armour st., and Duuoon.
BOW, Archibald, manufacturer of druggets and
wool shirtings, 16 Ingram street.
Bow & Co., coal masters (smithy coal and coke), 53
Mid-wharf, Port-Dundas ; works, Lenzie colliery,
Bow, J. A , accountant, agent for Standard Life As-
surance Co., Caledonian Plate Glass Insurance Co..
Scottish Provincial Assurance Co., Royal Bank,
354 Dumbarton road ; house, 356 do., Particle.
Bow, William, tobacconist, 87 High street ; house,
10 Gloucester street.
Bow, Mrs., druggist, 141 Garngad road.
BOWDIDGE, 'I'homas, officer of inland revenue, 22
St. Andrew's lane; house, 316 Crown street.
BOWE, Miss, 24 Cumberland street, west.
BOWER, John, engraver, 119 New City road.
Bower, Joseph, fancy paper and drapers' box maker,
81 Virginia street ; house, 170 Trongate.
Bower, Oliver, hardware and stationery, 30 Well st.
BOWERS, Aitken, & Co., fine art publishers, 7 St.
Vincent place.
Bowers, John (of Bowers, Aitken, & Co.), house,
GifFord house, Rutherglen.
BOWES, xVlex., boot and shoe manufacturer, 34
London lane, off St. Andrew's street.
Bowes, James (at Lloyd's, 36 Oswald street), house,
20 Dumbarton road.
Bowes, Robert, family grocer and wine merchant, 79
Elderslie street ; house, 3 Dover street.
BOWIE, Allan S., agent for North British and Jler-
cantilc Insurance Co., 35 Buchanan street ; house,
Bowie, Allan, picture frame-maker, 54 Charlotte lano.
Bowie, Andrew, engineer, 5 India street.
Bowie, Archibald, wright and builder, 372 Scotland
street ; house, 2 Roslyn terrace, by Crossliill.
Bowie, C. T., & Co., house painters, decorators,
gilders, and dealers in paper-hangings, 26 Both-
well street.
Bowie, C. T. (of C. T. Bowie & Co.), house, 23
Berkeley terrace.
Bowie, George, tailor and clothier, 510 Gallowgate.
Bowie, James, wine and spirit merchant, 362
London road.
Bowie, Jas., wine and spirit mercht., 220 Buchanan
street and 209 Great Eastern road ; house, Holland
Bush, Hamilton.
Bowie, James, spirit merchant, 263 High street ;
house, 20 East Crawford street.
Bowie, James (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s), house,
2 Middleton terrace, Paisley road.
Bowie, .James, measurer, 6 Springfield lane ; house,
68 Pollok street.
Bowie, John, commission agent, 2 Branford pi.
Bowie, John, jun. (of W. & J. Bowie), house, Strath-
clyde street, Dalmarnock.
Bowie, Peter, commercial traveller (at Campbell &
Henny's), house, 34 Claremont street.
Bowie, Robert, currier, 42 Craignestock st. ; house,
41 Nicholas street.
Bowie, Robert, nurseryman, seedsman, and guano
merchant, 22 Maxwell street ; house, 16 Wallace
Grove place. Paisley road.
Bowie, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 35 Clyde
street, Anderston ; house, 4 Shaftesbury street.
Bowie, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 140 High
street ; house, 9 Canon street.
Bowie, Thomas, teacher of music, 10 Avon street.
Bowie, William, confectioner, 253 Stirling road.
Bowie, AVilliam, butcher, 311 Dalmarnock road.
Bowie, William H. (at Dykes & M'Lagan's), house,
Union bank, Coatbridge.
Bowie, W. & J , dyers, 159 Gallowgate, 12 Main St.,
Bridgeton, 93 South Cumbeiland street, 185 New
City road, 155 Gloucester street, 205 Duke street,
438 St. Vincent street, 030 Gallowgate, and 192
Lendon road ; works, Clyde Dye Works, Dalmar-
nock ; house, Strathclyde street, do.
Bowie, Miss, dressmaker, 10 Park pi., Paisley road.
BOWKER, Joseph, spirit dealer, 173 Renfield st. ;
house, 99 Cowcaddens.
Bowling and Shooting Saloon, 22 New City road.
BOWJIAN, Andrew, photographic artist, 74 Jamaica
sti-eet ; house, 33 George street. Mile-end.
Bowman, David, wine and spirit merchant, 117
Main street, Gorbals ; house, 6 Cavendish st.
Bowman, David, painter and paper-hanger, 11b
Nicholson st. ; ho. I Kier terrace, Pollokshields.
Bowman, James, photographic artist, 65 Jamaica st.
Bowman, M. & M., grocers, 184 New Dalmarnock rd.
Bowman, Peter, wholesale and retail news agent and
stationer, 76 Sauchiehali street and 255 Hope st. :
house, 102 Sauchiehali street.
Bowman, Thomas (of T. Bowman & Co.), residence,
Bellvue, Hamilton.
Bowman, Thomas, & Co., sewed muslin manufacts.,
1 Prince's square.
Bowman, William, wood merchant, 16 Sloore street;
house, 9 Bellgrove street.
Bowman, Wm., pianoforte manufacturer and music
seller, 166 Hope street ; house, 475 Gallowgate.
Bowman, William, butcher, 89 Main street, Gorbals ;
house, 119 do.
BowMOKE Distillery, Islay ; W. & J. Muter, 36
Oswald street.
BOWSER, Howard (of D. Y. Stewart & Co.), Louse,
22 Canning place.
Bowser, Wm., & Son, engineers, millwrights,
derrick, and other crane makers, ship's hearth
manufacturers to H.M. Navy, Great Welling-
ton street, Paisley road. — See Advt. in Appendix.
Bowser, W. G. (of W. Bowser & Son), house, 492
Paisley road.
Bowser, William (of W. Bowser & Son), house, 6
Kingston place, St. James' street.
BOYACK, Alexander, photographic depot, 18 Ho-
ward street ; house, Freeland Bank, Partick.
BOYD, Adam, wright and timber merchant, 35
Douglas street ; house, 9 Walworth terrace.
Boyd, Adam, quilted and fancy skirt manufacturer, 95
Hutcheson st. ; house, 48 Holmhead street.
Boyd, David P. (of Bryson, Hilton, & Co.), house, 49
South Apsley place.
Boyd, David Milne, writer, 149 West George street ;
house, 7 Callander place, Gathcart road.
Boyd, David T., calico, linen, and woollen merchant,
19 Wellington st. ; ho. 112 Peel ter., Garnethill.
Boyd, Edmond, master of method. Free Church
Training College ; ho. 3 Hamilton place, Partick.
Boyd, Edward, outfitter and jeweller, 227 High st.
and 39 Nicholas street; house, 41 do.
Boyd, George, ironmonger, 248 Buchanan street ;
house, 11 Windsor terrace.
Boyd, G. & J., drysalters, 97 Union street.
Boyd, George V. (of G. & J. Boyd), house, Oakthaw,

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