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Gibson, James (of Gibson & Walker), house, 21
Minerva street.
Gibson, James, dairyman, 70 Ardgowan street.
Gibson, James, flesher, 256 George street; ho. 122
North Frederick street.
Gibson, James H. (at Thomas Murray & Son's, 31
Buchanan street), house, 161 Houston street.
Gibson, John, cabinet maker and upholsterer, 68
Union street; house, 26 South Portland street.
Gibson, John, mill manager, 91 Centre street ; ho.
55 Clarence street, Kingston.
Gibson, John, wine and spirit merchant, 49 London
street and 10 St. Andrew's lane; house, 81
London street.
Gibson, John, 7a Eglinton street.
Gibson, John (of W. & J. Gibson), house, 165
Sauchiehall street.
Gibson, John, potato merchant, 1 Eglinton lane and
N.B. Railway, Queen Street Station ; house, 117
Eglinton street.
Gibson, John (at Robert Beith's), 9 Howard street ;
house, Lilybank road.
Gibson, John (of J. & W. Gibson), 112 Barrack st.
Gibson, J. & W., contractors, quarriers, and cause-
wayers, 112 Barrack street.
Gibson, Joseph, & Co., packing box, trunk, zinc, tin
case, and paper box manufacturers, plumbers, gas-
fitters, agents for patent ventilators, heating ap-
paratus, iron tar.ks, cisterns, cattle troughs, &c,
general metal and limber merchants, 13 Dundasst.
Gibson, Laughlan, house and sign painters, 29
Cranston street ; house, 27 do.
Gibson & Matbie, white lead, paint, and varnish
merchants, 52 York street.
Gibson & Paton, potato merchants, Queen street
Railway Station.
Gibson, Dr. Matthew H., surgeon, 10 Adelphi st. ;
house, 95 Upper Crown street, and Rosehill, by
Milliken park.
Gibson, Peter, clothier and shirtmaker, 94
Gibson, Peter (of Gibson & Matbie), house, 23
Devon street.
Gibson, Robert, nursery seedsman and florist, 29
Glassford street ; house, Langside.
Gibson, Robert, dairyman, 199 Stobcross street.
Gibson, Robert (at M'Criudell, Schaw, & Co.'s), ho.
6 Ure place.
Gibson, Robert, tailor and clothier, 310 Eglinton st.
Gibson, Robert, teller, Bank of Scotland ; house,
Primrose place, Paisley road.
Gibson, Rev. Robert M., minister of the Gospel,
East U.P. church, Partick ; ho. 4 Maule terrace.
Gibson & Stewart, storekeepers, 27 Ann St., city.
Gibson, T. B. (of Gibson Brothers & Co.), house, 3
Florentine place, Hillhead.
Gibson, Thomas, mason and builder, 5 Milan street.
Gibson, Walter, wine, spirit, brandy, and ale merchant,
195|-, 197, 199 Argyle street, and 11 Jamaica
street ; ho. Sydnam villa, Battlefield, Langside.
Gibson & Walker, millers and corn millers, 29 Hope
Gibson & Walker, drapers, 270 Main St., Anderstou.
Gibson, W. F. (of Gibson & Stewart).
Gibson, Wm., cashier, G. & P. Joint Railway, Goods
Department, 130 Eglinton street; house, 32
Cumberland street, south.
Gibson, W. & J., wholesale warehousemen, 120
Buchanan street.
Gibson, William (of George Gibson & Son), house, 1
Burnbank gardens.
Gibson, Wm., & Co., shuttle and shuttle-mounting
makers, wood turners, and weavers' utensil fur-
nishers, 106 Trongate and Sylvan works, Mile-end.
Gibson, William, cork manufacturer, 31, 32 East
Clyde street ; house, Park view, Crossbill.
Gibson, William, grocer and provision merchant, 150
Kelvinhaugh street ; house, 9 Park street.
Gibson, William (of J. & W. Gibson), house, 112
Barrack street.
Gibson, William, grocer and provision merchant, 11
Clyde street, Calton.
Gibson, Mrs. A., baker, 21 Park lane, Mile-end ;
house, 23 do.
Gibson, Mrs., midwife and ladies' nurse, 128 Dum-
barton road.
Gibson, Mrs , 1 Hamilton P.irk quadrant.
Gibson, Mrs. Charles, 3 Tulliallan pi., Paisley rd.
Gibson, Mrs. Jessie, 15 Apsley place, south.
Gibson, Mrs. William, 4 Burnbank terrace.
Gibson, Miss, furnishings, 168 Argyle street ; house,
3 Victoria street.
Gibson, Miss Jane, matron, City of Glasgow Fever
Hospital, Parliamentary road.
Gibson, Misses, seminary for young ladies, 1 Ches-
ham place, Kent road.
Giffard's Patent Injectors ; Hendry Bros., agents,
8 Dixon street.
GIFFEN, Alex., jun., wine merchant, 189 West
George street ; house, 1 Eton terrace, Hillhead.
Giffen, Alex., merchant, 189 West George street ; ho.
I Eton terrace, Hillhead.
Giffen, A., dealer in horses, 18 Cleveland street; ho.
114 North street.
Giffen, James (at George Brown & Co.'s), 172 West
George street.
Giffen, John, watchmaker and jeweller, 129 New
City road; house, 31 Scotia street.
GIFFORD, T., tailor and clothier, 13 Oxford st.
Gifford, Miss G. Gillbee, wine and spirit merchant,
39 Glassford street; ho. 17 Portland st., North.
GILBERT, Alex, (at Howat, Brown, & Co.'s), ho.
381 Whitehall terrace, Duke street.
Gilbert, John, weighing-machine maker, 29 Tu-
reen street.
GILBERTSON, W., & Co., tin plate makers,
Swansea; George Strathern & Co., agents, 98
West Regent street. ,
GILCHRIST, A., brassfounder, ironmonger, gas
burner maker, and gasfitter, 16 Eglinton street ;
house, 15 do.
Gilchrist, Archibald (of Barclay, Curie, & Co.), ho.
II Sandy ford place.
Gilchrist & Cameron, ostrich feather dressers, 35 J
Argyle arcade.
Gilchrist, Daniel (at John Buttery & Co.'s), house,
4 Bloomfield place, Hillhead.
Gilchrist, Duncan, provision merchant, 13 Morrison
street ; house, 15 do.
Gilchrist & Fyfe, photographers, 262 Sauchiehall st.
Gilchrist, Gavin A. (of A. L. Knox & Co.), house,
12 India street.
Gilchrist & Goldie, brick and tile makers, Sandy-
acres, Langside road, and Crow road, Partick;
office, Crow road, Partick.
Gilchrist, Jas., flesher, 738 Gallowgate ; ho. 742 do.
Gilchrist, James, consulting engineer, 140 W. Camp-
bell street.

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