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William Millar, "|
William Miller, j
Alexander Osborne,
Archibald Gray Macdonald, I g^
William Brown, {
James Watson, j
James Salmon, |
John Burt, J
William M'Ewen, Dean of Guild.
Thomas Warren, Deacon-Convener.
James Brown, Treasurer.
John Mitchell, Master of Works.
Thomas Adam Mathieson, Bailie of the River
and Frith of Clyde.
William M'Onie, Depute do.
Alexander Harvey, Bailie of Provan.
Angus Turner,
Alexander Monro, S.S.C.,
William West Watson, City Chamberlain.
James Nicol, Accountant, Chamberlain's Office.
William Gibb, Cashier, Chamberlain's Office.
John Carrick, City Architect and Superintendent of
John Lang, Procurator-Fiscal.
Robert Macfarlane, Joint Fiscal in River Bailie
Alexander Young, George Black, Gordon Smith,
and Peter Taylor Young, Assessors and Clerks of
Police Courts.
James Muirhead, Assessor and Clerk to the River
Bailie Court.
James Donaldson, Assessor under the Lands Valua-
tion Act, and Assessor under the Registration of
Voters Act.
Peter Ferguson, Warden of Burying Grounds.
James Brown, Council Officer.
James Killin, Chamber Keeper.
First Ward. — John MTntyre, 74 Main Street,
Bridgeton ; Malcolm M'Ewen, 21 Aird Place ;
William Rae Arthur, 29 West George Street.
Second Ward. — John Burt, 143 Great Hamilton
Street; James Moir, 174 Gallowgate; John Moucur,
23, 25 Soho Street.
Third Ward.— William Millar, 1 Gallowgate;
Thomas Duncan, 146 Trongate; Thomas Adam
Mathieson, 13 East Campbell Street.
Fourth Ward. — William Brown, 24 Dunlop
Street; Matthew Dick; Archibald Neilson, 80 Great
Hamilton Street.
Fifth Ward. — James Couper, Kyle Street, off
Dobbie's Loan; William Collins, 139 Stirling's Road;
Walter Bannerman, 30 Gordon Street.
Sixth Ward. — Alexander Osborne, 45 Candleriggs;
Alexander M'Laren, 11, 13 Candleriggs; Samuel
M'Culloch, 16, 22 Hutcheson Street.
Seventh Ward. — Alexander Collie; Richard
Greenshields Ross, 21 Greenhead Street ; Robert
Lochore, tertius.
Eighth Ward. — Robert Donald Roberton, 91
Buchanan Street; James Watson, 12 St. Vincent
Place; James Brown, 21 St. Enoch Square.
Ninth Ward.— William Miller, 157 West George
Street; John Chalmers, 27 St. George's Road;
William Taylor, 15 Hope Street.
Tenth Ward. — James Morrison, 102 Renfield
Street ; Peter Dallas, 17 Cochran Street ; James
Torrens, 100 West George Street.
Eleventh Ward. — Allan Houston MacLellan ;
William Walls, 62 North Frederick Street ; James
Salmon, 141 West George Street.
Twelfth Ward. — Archibald Gray Macdonald, 20
St. Vincent Place: William Whyte; James Bain,
87 Union Street.
Thirteenth Ward. — John Ure, 68 Washington
Street ; John Young, 38 Dumbarton Road ; James
Hamilton, Stobcross.
Fourteenth Ward. — John Hutchison, G9 Great
Clyde Street; Hugh Lamberton, 6 Commercial
Road ; John Craig.
Fifteenth Ward.— John Mitchell, 54 Great Clyde
Street; William Scott; Robert Neill, 81 Hospital
Sixteenth Ward. — William M'Onie, 1 Scotland
Street; Robert Simpson, 1 Jamaica Street; John
Taylor, Junior, 28 Cochran Street.
Dean of Guild. — William M'Ewen, 17 St. Vincent
Deacon-Convener. — Thomas Warren, 53 Canal
Committee on Finance, Accounts, Law Proceedings,
and Heritable Property, cfc. — The Lord Provost,
Bailie Millar, Bailie William Miller, Bailie Macdonald,
Bailie Brown, the Dean of Guild, J. Bain, J. Brown,
A. Collie, A. H. MacLellan, T. A. Mathieson, R. D.
Roberton, W. Taylor, W. Whyte ; J. Brown, con-
vener; the Dean of Guild, sub-convener. Five a
Committee on the Bazaar and City Ball, Clocks,
Bells, tfc. — The Lord Provost, Bailie Millar, Bailie
Osborne, the Deacon-Convener, J. Craig, T. Duncan,
J. Hutchison, H. Lamberton, S. M'Culloch, M.
M'Ewen, T. A. Mathieson, J. Morrison; Bailie
Osborne, convener ; Bailie Millar, sub-convener.
Five a quorum.
Sub-Committee on Bazaar, City Hall, #c. — Bailie
Osborne, Bailie Millar, J. Hutchison, H. Lamberton,
S. M'Culloch. Three a quorum.
Committee on Churches and Churchyards. — The
Lord Provost, Bailie Brown, Bailie Watson, Bailie
Salmon, Bailie Burt, the Dean of Guild, M. Dick,
S. M'Culloch, M. M'Ewen, W. M'Onie, J. Mitchell,
R. Simpson, W. Taylor ; W. Taylor, convener ;
Bailie Burt, sub-convener. Five a quorum.
Committee on the High School and Education. —
The Lord Provost, Bailie William Miller, Bailie
Salmon, the Dean of Guild, W. Bannerman, W.
Collins, J. Hamilton, R. Lochore, R. Neill, A.
Neilson, R. G. Ross, W. Walls; Bailie Salmon,
convener; Bailie W. Miller, sub-convener. Five a
Committee to Sign Charters. — The Lord Provost,
the Bailies, the Dean of Guild, the Deacon-Convener.
Three a quorum.

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