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M'Kenna, John, artist and writer-"
255 George street
Mackenzie, Wm. 45, 47 Howard
M'Naughton & Co. 63 Buch. st
M'Tear, A. & W. 67 Buchanan st
Marr, James, 230 Argyle st
Marshall, Robert, 6 Croy place, off
Maxwell st
Martin, Wm. M. 42 Argyle st
Miller, J. D. 104a Argyle st
Miller, John, & Co. 1 Hanover st
and 122 Ingram st
Mills, Wm. 55 Glassford st
Mitchell, Jas. & Co. 19 Gordon st
Morrison, Archd. 15 Hutcheson st
Muirhead, R. writer, 9 Gordon st
Murdoch, Thomas, & Co. 34 Hut-
cheson st
Murdoch, W. & J. 55 Glassford st
and 81 Wilson st
Murray, Angus, 40 North Fred-
erick st.
Murray, A. K. & Co. 243 Parlia-
mentary rd
Oatts, John, 61 No. Hanover st
Park, Jas. C. 8 Cambridge st
Paterson, John, 31 Argyle st
Paul, Jas. B. draughtsman, 28 Bu-
chanan st. — See Advertisement.
Peck, James, 82 West Nile st
Pritty, Francis, & Son, 36 Argyle
Renfrew, J. & D. 20 Dixon st
Riley, Alex, joiner, 34 Turner's ct
Robertson, J. & W. 3 Bath st
Ross, H. G. 94 No. Frederick st
Scott, Walter, 7 Argyle st
Seaton, John, & Co. 14 Maxw. st
Shearer, And. 31 Argyle st
Smeal, James, 28 St. Enoch sq
Smellie, Wm. 45 Gordon st
Smith, Thos. 257 Argyle st
Smith, Wm. A. 57 West Nile st
Somerville, Rob. 21 Argyle st
Steel, A. & Co. 79 Mitchell st
Steven, Robt. M. & Son, 21 Mon-
trose st
Stewart, C. & Co. 119 Virginia pi.
and 111 Ingram st
Stewart, John, 145 Argyle st
Stewart, Robert, 59 Hope st
Stewart, Wm. & Co, 255 Geo. st
Strathern & Stirrat, 33 Renfi. st
Thomson, W R. M. & Co. 20 Bu-
chanan st
Tinslay, James, 19 Ronald st
Tweed, John, 11 St. Enoch sq. —
See Advertisement in Appendix.
Walker, Hugh, 190 Trongate
Watson, Gavin, 88 Glassford st
Watson, George, 58 Ingram st
Weatherston, Robt. 98 W. Nile st
Wilson, David, 14 Maxwell st
Wilson, Guthrie, & Co. 57 Ren-
field st
Wilson, H. & Co. 75 Glassford st
Wright, John, 67 Oswald st
Young, T. H. 128 Union st
Finlay, James, 69 Hope st
Foster, James, 161 St. George's rd
Frew, A. & A. 103 St. George's rd.
218 Holyrood ter. ; stables, 9
Crossbank build. New City rd
Gilligan, James, 60, 67 North Han-
over st
Haddow, D. G3 So. Coburg st. and
4 North Coburg st
Henry, John, 130 Renfrew st
Lawson, Henry, & Son, 7, 9, and
11 Newton st. Charing cross,
22 Main st. Anderston, 134 W.
Campbell st. 32 Eglinton st. 142
Queen st. 13 Abercromby st.
Calton ; stables, Charing cross
horse bazaar, Berkeley st. and
Eagle Inn Stables, Maxwell st
Lynch, James, 156 Saltmarket, 17
Greendyke st. & 24 Low Green st
M'Morran, W. & J. 192 North st.
165 W. Graham st. St. Geo. rd.
and North Claremont st. and
Park st. Woodlands bridge;
stables, 165 W. Graham st. St.
George's road
Menzies, A. 124 Argyle st. 52
North st. 183 Eglinton st. West
End Horse Bazaar, North st.
17 Risk st. off Gt. Hamilton st.
and 97 Kennedy st. St. Rollox
Miles, James, 6 Pollokshaws rd
Price, Joseph, 30 Granville st
Royal Victoria Horse Bazaar ; Jas.
Walker, 29 Cambridge st
Scott, Croall, & Sons, 356 Parlia. rd
Walker, John E. 29 Cambridge st.
20 Rose st. 2 London st. Cross,
3 No. Queen st. 77 Buccleuch
st. 9 Park pi. Stockwell, and
Hamilton pi. Hillhead
Wylie & Lochhead, 58 Union st.
and at Whiteinch and Kent rd.
Bash & Co. 120 St. Vincent st.;
works, 100 Clyde st. Anderston
Bate, David, 133 St. Vincent st
Bryden, J. & Sons, 112 Buch. st.
Buchanan, Jas. 49 Gallowgate
Chubb & Son, 80 St. Vincent st
Foulds,John,& Co. 8 2 Nelson st. cy
Graham, D. & G. 214 Sauchie. st
Ingram, James, 22 Argyle st
M'Intyre,Archibald,8 Sauchiehl. st
Paterson, Wm. & Sons, 19 Ann
st. and 16 Springfield pi
Rushbury, Henry, 122 Renfrew st
Sinclair, C. 60 King st. Tradeston
Waddell, George, 37 Stirling st.
Yuille, David, 73 Kirk st. Calton
Dubs & Co. Glasgow Locomotive
Works, Little Govan
Hyde Park Locomotive Works,
Agnew, Miss, 26 Granville st
Aitken, Mrs. 114 Blythswood ter
Alexander, Mrs. 84 Gt. Hamil. st
Anderson, Mrs. J. 27 Sandyfordpl
Anderson, Mrs. 98 S. Portland st
Andrew, Mrs. 53 Holmhead st
Bailes, Miss, 133 Hospital st
Campbell, Mrs. 7 Scotia st
Campbell, Miss Ann, 100 Wood-
lands rd
Charles, Miss, 34 Dundas st
Clark, Mrs. 94 Paisley rd
Colquhoun, Mrs. 38 Berkley st
Craig, T. 20 Candleriggs
Davidson, Miss, 32 S. Cumberl. st
Donaldson, 38 Broomielaw
Donnelly, Mrs. 47 King st
Drummond, Miss, 327 Sauchie. st
Drummond, Mrs. 60 Bath st
Female Lodging-ho. 19 Carrickst
Forsyth, Isabella, 94 Dundas st
Gardner, Miss, 51 West Regent st
Gardner, Mrs. 327 Sauchiehall st
Gilchrist, Mrs. 84 High John st
Gray, Mrs. John, 102 Bath st
Hardie, Mrs. 327 Sauchiehall st
Home for Working Men and
Strangers, 28 MAlpine st
Hunter, Mrs. 10 George st
Jack, Mrs. T. 84 N. Hanover st
Jarvie, Mrs. 4 Wellington st
Lawrie, Mrs. 32 S. Cumberland st
.Leek, Mrs. 7 Cathedral st
Leitch, Mrs. 107 George st
Lindsay, Mrs. 36 Warwick st
Lindsay, Mrs. 335 Sauchiehall st
M'Call, MibS, 1 St. George's rd
M'Farlane, Miss, 4 Wellington st
M'Farlane, Miss, 86 Bath st
MTndoe, Peter, 96 Washington st
MTnnes, Mrs. 296 St. Vincent st
M'Kean, Mrs. 335 Sauchiehall st
M'Kenzie, Mrs. C. 92 South Port-
land st
M'Naughton, Mrs. 3 Abbotsford pi
Milliken, Miss, 135 Main st
Mitchell, Miss, 93 S. Portland st
Model Lodging House for Females,
19 Carrick st
Model Lodging House for Males,
28 MAlpine st
Moffat, Mrs. 4 Cambridge st
Mnir, Miss, 116 Waterloo st
Oliver, Miss, 4 St. George's rd
Paterson, Misses, 279 Bath st
Prout, Mrs. Wm. 4 Wellington st
Robertson, Mrs. J. S. 26 George st
Salmond, Mrs. 15 Renfrew st
Scott, Mrs. 80 South Portland st
Scott, Miss, 71 South Portland st
Sheddon, Mrs. 16 So. Portland st
Sinclair, Miss, 183 Sauchiehall st
Slimon, Mrs. 327 Sauchiehall st
Sloan, Mrs. 54 Renfrew st
Street, Mrs. 221 Sauchiehall st

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