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Fleming, Patrick, National Bank of Scotland ; house,
8 Corunna street, Sandyford.
Fleming, Patrick (of Fleming & Millar), residence, 8
India St., and Barlassie, Ayrshire.
Fleming, Peter, 38 Camden street.
Fleming, P. & R., & Co., ironmongers, iron mer-
chants, smiths, gaafitters, bellhangers, wire fences
and gate manufacturers, and agricultural imple-
ment warehouse, 29 Argyle street; iron warehouse,
18 Stockwell street. Branch establishment, 1
Dowanhill place, Partick.
Fleming, R. W., measurer, 5 Eglinton place.
Fleming, Robert, spirit merchant, 93 Kirk street,
Calton; house, 91 do.
Fleming, Samuel, bookbinder, 74 Argyle street ; ho.
63 Norfolk street,
Fleming, T. C. (of Mann, Byars, & Co.), house,
Maria villa, Langside.
Fleming, Thomas (of Miller & Fleming, Kelvin
Forge), house, 66 St. Vincent crescent.
Fleming, Watson, & Nairn, merchants and turkey
red dyers, 70 Gordon street; works Adelphi Dye-
works, Govan street, Hutchesontown:
Fleming, W. & J., & Co., merchants, 1 Ingram st.
Fleming, W. & J., & Co., merchants, 5 Ingram St.
Fleming, W. & J., & Co., " Baltic and Clyde Linen
Works," now amalgamated with the Glasgow Jute
Company (Limited).
Fleming, William, compass and nautical instrument
maker, 27 James Watt street; ho. 6 Brown st.
Fleming, Wm., pork butcher, 158 Gallowgate, 86
Stockwell street, 33 George street, 353 Argyle
street, 28 Parliamentary road, 21 King street, city,
aDd 234 Duke street; house, Bellevue cottage,
Fleming, William, writer, 58 West Regent street ;
house, 56 Cambridge street.
Fleming, William, grain dealer, 146 Hospital street.
Fleming, William, umbrella maker, 17 Castle st.
Fleming, William, provision merchant, 11 North
Albion street; house, 10 J do.
Fleming, Wm., writer, notary public, and commis-
sioner for taking English affidavits, 68 St. Vincent
street; house, Bedford place, 162 Renfrew street.
Fleming, William (of Glasgow Jute Co.), house,
Lenzie tower, Lenzie.
Fleming, Mrs. Archibald, 50 Kelvingrove street.
Fleming, Mrs. J., temperance hotel, 56 Jamaica st.
Fleming, Mrs. J. A., 32 Cumberland street.
Fleming, Mrs. Malcolm, hosier and draper, 8 Adelphi
street; house, 9 do.
Fleming, Mrs. Robert, 8 India street.
Fleming, Mrs. William, 133 North street.
Fleming, Miss J., milliner, 324 St. Vincent street ;
house, 133 North street.
Fleming, Miss, 4 Windsor terrace, west.
Fleming, Misses, Bedford place, 162 Renfrew street.
Fleming, Miss, 296 Renfrew street.
Fleming, Elizabeth, pawnbroker, 164 Main street
and 7 Bell street, Bridgeton; ho. 65 Shields rd.
FLETCHER, Andrew Scott, writer; ho. 10 Hilton
terrace, Albert road.
Fletcher, A., & Co., sewed muslin warehousemen, 2
North court, 22 Royal Exchange square.
Fletcher, Christopher, 204 Kelvinhaugh street.
Fletcher, Duncan (of John Phillips & Co.'s), house,
552 St. Vincent street.
Fletcher, Duncan, teacher, 30 Cleveland street.
Fletcher, James, wood merchant, 30 Craignestock st.
Fletcher, John, 200 Kelvinhaugh street.
Fletcher, John A., Royal Bank of Scotland ; house,
3 Minerva place.
Fletcher, Nathaniel, ship broker, north area, Royal
Exchange ; ho. Hopehill house, off Woodside rd.
Fletcher, Patrick, bookseller, 84 Stockwell ; house,
78 do.
Fletcher, Thomas, painter and decorator, 37 Bath St.
Fletcher, William (at M'Corquodale & Co.'s), house,
6 Cecil place, Paisley road.
Fletcher, Miss Jessie, milliner, 139 Sauchiehall st. ;
house, 12 Dalhousie street.
FLETT, David (at Okell, Selkirk, & Co.'s), 13
Roslea drive, Dennistoun.
FLINT & Co., British and Foreign Commercial En-
gineering Offices ; Scottish branch, 33 Renfield
street ; Barr & Carstairs, managers.
Flint, D. & J., provision merchants, 61 George st. ;
house, 116 do.
Flint, John, teacher of writing and arithmetic, 27
St. George's road ; ho. 8 Glasgow St., Hillhead.
Flint, Alicia, teacher of French, 20 West Cumber-
land street.
FLOCKHART, James, fruit and vegetable merchant,
9 Abercromby street, 71 Stevenson street, and
Bazaar; house, 26 James street, Calton.
Flockhart, William (at J. Davidson's, 69 Buchanan
street), house, 66 Dumbarton road.
Florence Sewing-machine Co., 83 Union street ;
Sam. Lee Bapty, manager.
FLOWER & Sons, brewers, Stratford-on-Avou ;
agent, Thomas Hunter, 16 Cochran street.
FLOYD, Pat., boot and shoemaker, 10 St. James' st.
FLYNN, John, spirit merchant, 62 Old wynd.
Flynn, Thomas, waste merchant, 35 Kirk street,
FOGG, T. B., English manufacturers' agent, 33
Virginia street.
FOGO, D. F. L., accountant, 190 West George
street ; house, Row, near Helensburgh.
Fogo, D., & W. Laurie, insurance and commission
agents, 190 West George street; house, Row, by
Foggo, George (at Caledonian Railway, St. Rollox),
house, 19 Rosehall street.
Fogo, John L., architect and valuator, 133 West
George street ; house, Row, Helensburgh.
Foggo, William, ham, butter, and egg merchant, 74
Parliamentary road.
FOOTE, Anstruther, confectioner, 241 High street;
house, 209 do.
Foote, James, draper, 133 St. George's road; house,
120 Shamrock street.
Foote, Robert (of Foote & Sharpe), house, Loch-
faulds, Beith.
Foote & Sharpe, wholesale grocers, 11a Nicholson
Foote, William, general draper, warehouseman, and
outfitter, 187, 199 Trongate, and 1, 3 Stockwell
street; house, 11 Holyrood crescent.
Foote, William (at M'Corquodale & Co.'s), house,
198 Crown street.
Foote, Mary C, tobacconist and smallwares, 386
Duke street.
FORBES, Alexander, draper and outfitter, 203 Up-
per Main street, Gorbals, and 29 Crown street ;
house, 163 Crown street.
Forbes, Arthur (of Moir & Forbes), house, 12 Derby-

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