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Brandon, Duke of. See Hamilton, Duke of.
Breadalbane, Earl of; b. 1824, s. 1862, m.
1850. Seats, Taymouth Castle, Perthshire ; Ard-
maddy Castle, Argyleshire; Langton House, Ber-
wickshire. Residence in London, 21 Park Lane.
The right of succession to the Scottish title is in
dispute between John Alexander Gavin Campbell,
Esq., of Glenfalloch, grandson of the second son of
William Campbell, Esq., of Glenfalloch; Charles-
William Campbell, Esq., of Boreland, grandson of
the sixth son of the same William Campbell, Esq.,
of Glenfalloch ; and Mr. William Campbell, Fort-
William, claiming to be descended from Duncan,
Lord Ormelie, eldest son of John, first Earl of
1805, s. 1819, m. 1829. Seats, Dalkeith Palace
and Caroline Park, Edinburghshire ; Bowhill, Sel-
kirkshire ; Drumlanrig Castle and Langholm Lodge,
Dumfriesshire: Branxbolme, Roxburghshire; Bough-
ton House, Northamptonshire; Richmond, Surrey;
Ditton Park, Buckinghamshire ; Beaulieu, Hamp-
shire. Residence in London, Montagu House,
Buciian, Earl of; b. 1815, s. 1857, m. 1849.
Seats, Kirkhill and Amondell, Linlithgowshire;
Dryburgh Abbey, Berwickshire.
Bute, Marquis of. See Dumfries and Bute,
Earl of.
Caithness, Earl of; b. 1821, s. 1855, m. 1847.
Seats, Barrogill Castle and Testor House, Caithness-
shire. Residence in Edinburgh, 17 Rutland Square.
Carnwath, Earl of; b. 1797, s. 1839, m. 1834.
Resid. in London, 39 Gloucester Place, Portman Sq.
Cassillis, Earl of; b. 1816, s. 1846, m. 1846.
Seats, Culzean Castle, Cassillis House, and Newark
Castle, Ayrshire. Residence in London, Christie's
Hotel, 57 St. James' Street.
Cathcart, Baron; b. 1783, s. 1843, m. 1818.
Seats, Cathcart House and Cartside Cottage, Ren-
frewshire. Resid. in London, United Service Club.
Colville of Culross, Baron ; b. 1818, s. 1849,
m. 1853. Residence in London, 29 Portland Place.
Cranstoun, Baron; b. 1809, s. 1818. Seats,
Benholme Castle, Kincardineshire ; Sandridge Park
and Bagton Manor, Devonshire. Residence in Lon-
don, A 2 Albany.
Crawford and Balcarres, Earl of; b. 1784,
s. 1825, m; 1811. Seats, Dunecht House, Echt,
Aberdeenshire ; Haigh Hall, Lancashire. Residence
in London, 21 Berkeley Square.
Dalhousie, Earl of; b. 1801, s. 1860, m. 1831.
Seats, Dalhousie Castle, Edinburghshire ; Brechin
Castle, Panmure House, and Invermark Lodge, For-
Dumfries and Bute, Earl of; b. 1847, s. 1848.
Seats, Mount Stewart, Isle of Bute, Buteshire ;
Dumfries House, Ayrshire ; Cardiff Castle, Glamor-
Dunblane, Viscount of; b. 1802, s, 1859, m.
1824. Seats, Hornby Castle, Callerick; Kiveton
Park, Yorkshire ; Godolphin Park, Cornwall. Re-
sidence in London, Clarendon Hotel.
Dundonald, Earl of; b. 1814, s. 1860, m. 1847.
Seat, Weston Grove, near Southampton.
Dunmore, Earl of; b. 1841, s. 1845. Seats,
Dunmore Park, Stirlingshire; Avonsuidb, Harris,
Dysart, Earl of; b. 1794, 3. 1840, m. 1819.
Seats, Ham House, Surrey ; Helmingham, Suffolk ;
Buckminster, Leicestershire.
Eglinton, Earl of; b. 1841, s. 1861. Seats,
Eglinton Castle, Skelmorlie Castle, The Pavilion,
Ardrossan, Ayrshire; Cleughearn, Lanarkshire.
Residence in London, 10 St. James' Square.
Elgin and Kincardine, Earl of; b. 1849, s.
1863. Seat, Broomhall, Fifeshire.
Elibank, Baron ; b. 1804, s. 1830, m. 1838.
Seats, Ballencrieff, Haddingtonshire ; Darnhill,
Peeblesshire ; Pittheavlis, Perthshire ; Elibank Cot-
tage, Selkirkshire.
Elphinstone, Baron; b. 1828, s. 1861. Seat,
Carberry House, Edinburghshire.
Errol, Earl of; b. 1823, s. 1846, m. 1848.
Seat, Slaines Castle, Aberdeenshire. Residence in
London, 5 Grafton Street.
Fairfax, Baron; b. 1830, s. 1846. His Lord-
ship resides at Woodburne, Maryland, United States.
Falkland, Viscount of; b. 1803, s. 1809, m.
1830. Seat, Scullerskelfe, Stokesley, Yorkshire.
Forbes, Baron; b. 1798, s. 1843, m. 1825.
Seat, Castle Forbes, Aberdeenshire.
Forrester, Baron ; b. 1809, s. 1845, m. 1844.
Seat, Gorhambury, near St. Alban's, Herts. Resi-
dence in London, 40 Grosvenor Square.
Galloway, Earl of; b. 1800, s. 1834, m. 1833.
Seats, Galloway House, Wigtonshire ; Cumloden,
Kirkcudbrightshire. Residence in London, 40 Gros-
venor Square.
Glasgow, Earl of; b. 1792, s. 1843, m. 1821.
Seats, Kelburne House, Ayrshire ; The Priory, Cum-
brae, Buteshire; Hawkshead, Renfrewshire; Craw-
ford Priory, Fifeshire ; Etal, Northumberland.
Residence in London, Grillon's Hotel.
Gray, Baron; b. 1798, s. 1842, m. 1833. Seats,
Kinfauns Castle, Perthshire ; Gray, Forfarshire.
Residence in London, 120 Park St., Grosvenor Sq.
Haddington, Earl of; b. 1802, s. 1858, m.
1824. Seats, Tyningham House, Haddingtonshire ;
Mellerstein and Lennel House, Berwickshire.
Hamilton, Duke of; b. 1845, s. 1863. Seats,
Hamilton Palace, Lanarkshire; Kinniel House, Lin-
lithgowshire; Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran, Bute-
shire ; Easton Park, Suffolk. Residence in London,
25 St. James' Place.
Hastings, Marquis of. See Loudon, Earl of.
Herries, Baron; b. 1804, s. 1858, m. 1835.
Seats, Everingham Park, Yorkshire ; Carlaverock
Castle, Dumfriesshire.
Home, Earl of; b. 1799, s. 1841, m. 1832. Seat,
The Hirsel, Berwickshire.
Hopetoun, Earl of; b. 1831, s. 1843. Seats,
Hopetoun House, Linlithgowshire; Ormiston Hall,
Haddingtonshire. Resid. in London, Long's Hotel.
Huntly, Marquis of; b. 1847, s. 1863. Seats,
Aboyne Castle, Aberdeenshire; Orton, Huntingdon.
Kellie, Earl of. See Mar and Kellie, Earl of.
Kincardine, Earl of. See Elgin and Kin-
cardine, Earl of.
Kinnaird, Baron ; b. 1807, s. 1826, m. 1837.
Seat, Rossie Priory, Perthshire. Residence in Lon-
don, 33 Lower Grosvenor Street.
Kinnoul, Earl of; b. 1785, s. 1804, m. 1824.
Seats, Dupplin Castle and Cromlix Cottage, Perth-
shire. Residence in London, 58 Green Street, Gros-
venor Square.
Kintore, Earl of; b. 1828, s. 1844, m. 1851.
Seats, Keith Hall, Aberdeenshire; Inglismaldie,

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