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Adderley, Charles B.
Addington, H. U.
Baring, Sir F. T.
Beresford, "William
Bouverie, Hon. E. P.
Bruce, Henry A.
Bruce, Sir J. L. K.
Buchanan, Sir Andrew
Bulwer, Sir Henry Lytton
Cardwell, Edward
Clerk, Sir George, Bart.
Cockburn, Sir A., Bart.
Coleridge, Sir J. T.
Colville, Sir J. W.
Cony, Hon. H. L.
Cowper, Hon. W. F.
Craig, Sir Win. Gibson,
Denison, J. Evelyn
Disraeli, Benjamin
Dundas, Sir David
Erie, Sir William
Estcourt, T. H. S. S.
Forester, Hon. G. C. W.
Fortescue, C. S.
Fremantle, Sir T., Bart.
Gibson, Thomas M.
Gladstone, William E.
Goschen, George J.
Grey, Sir George, Bart.
Hamilton, R. C. N.
Hayter, Sir Wm. Good-
enough, Bart.
Head, Sir Ed. Walker,
Headlam, Thomas E.
Henley, Joseph W.
Herbert, H. Arthur
Horsman, Edward
Hutt, Sir William
Inglis, John
Jolliffe, SirW. G. H. Bart.
Lawrence, Sir Jn., Bart.
Lowe, Robert
Lushington, S. R.
Lushington, Stephen
Lytton, Sir E. B., Bart.
Mackenzie, Holt
Massey, William N.
Monsell, William
M'Neill, Duncan
M'Neill, Sir John
Mowbray, John R.
O'Ferrall, Richard M.
Pakenham, Sir Richard
Pakington, Sir John S.,
Parker, John
Peel, Frederick
Peel, Jonathan
Peel, Sir Laurence
Peel, Sir Robert, Bart.
Pollock, Sir Frederick
Romilly, Sir John
Ryan, Sir Edward
Seymour. Sir G. H.
Sullivan, Laurence
Trollope, Sir J., Bart.
Turner, Sir Geo. James
Villiers, Hon. C. P.
Walpole, Spencer H.
Wilde, Sir James P.
Wigram, Sir James
Williams, Sir Ed. V.
Wood, Sir Charles, Bart.
Wortley, Hon. J. A. S.
Young, Sir J., Bart.
Clerk in Ordinary. — A.
Joint Hereditary Great Chamberlain of England — Lord Willoughby de Eresby and Marquis Cholmondeley.
[The first named Peer holds the office during the present reign.]
Lords Commissioners — Earl Russell, Right Hon. W.
E. Gladstone, E. H. K. Hugessen, Luke White,
Wm. Patrick Adam.
Secretaries — Hon. H. B. Brand, Hugh C. E. Childers.
Assistant Secretary — G. A. Hamilton.
Principal Clerks — S. Shelley, W. Law, C.W. Stronge,
J. H. Cole.
Clerk of Parliamentary Accounts — R. W. Wilbraham.
Auditor of Civil List — W. G. Anderson.
Solicitor — H. R. Reynolds.
Chancellor — Right Hon. W. E. Gladstone.
Comptroller-General, and Chairman of the Commis-
sion for Auditing Public Accounts — Sir William
Dunbar, Bart.
Assistant — George Septimus Frederick.
Chief Clerk— H. W. Chiskolm.
Commissioners — Rich. V. Davis, W. L. Maberly,
Chas. Zachary Macaulay.
Secretary — Charles Lister Ryan.
Superintendent of Office of Weights and Measures —
John Bowen.
Home Department.
Principal Secretary — Sir George Grey.
Under Secretaries — Lord Dufferin, H. Waddington.
Chief Clerk— C. R. Fitz -Gerald.
Lord Advocate of Scotland (Office in London, 1 New
Street, Spring Gardens) — James Moncreiff.
Secretary to Lord Advocate — Stair A. Agnew.
Foreign Department.
Principal Secretary — Earl of Clarendon.
Under Secretaries — Austen H. Layard, Edmond
Assistant Under Secretary — J. Murray.
Chief Clerk — G. Lenox-Conyngham.
Librarian — Edward Hertslet.
Colonial Department.
Principal Secretary — Right Hon. E. Cardwell.
Under Secretaries — Sir Frederick L. Rogers, William
Edward Forster.
Assistant Under Secretary — T. F. Eiliot.
Chief Clerk— Gordon Gairdner.
Librarian and Keeper of the Records — W. Halks-
War Department.
Principal Secretary — Marquis of Hartington.
Under Secretarj' — Sir E. Lugard.
Assistant Under Secretary — Capt. D. Galton.
India Department.
Principal Secretary — Earl De Grey and of Ripon.
Under Secretaries — Jas. Stansfeld, H. Merivale.
Assistant Under Secretary — Jas. C. Melvill.
Council — Lieut. -General Sir R. J. H. Vivian (vice-
president), C. Mills, Sir J. W. Hogg, Bart, E.
Macnaughten, R. D. Mangles, W. J. Eastwick,
Henry T. Prinsep, Major-Gen. W. Erskine Baker,
Sir Fred. Currie, Bart, Sir George Russell Clerk,
SirH. Montgomery, Bart., Sir P. T. Cautley, John
P. Willoughby, W. Arbuthnot, Sir T. E. Perry.
Public Record Office.
Keeper of Records — Master of the Rolls.
Deputy Keeper — T. Duffus Hardy.
Secretary — Charles Roberts.
President— Right Hon. T. M. Gibson.
Vice-President — Right Hon. G. J. Goshen.
Joint- Secretaries — Sir J. E. Tennent, T. H. Farrer.
Legal Assistant — W. D. Fane.
Professional Members of Marine Department — Capt.
W. H. Walker, Capt. G. A. Bedford.
Inspectors Railway Department — Capt. Tyler, Col.
Yolland, Capt. F. H. Rich.
Chief of Statistical Department, and Comptroller of
Corn Returns — A. Fonblanque.
Chief of Meteorological Department — * * *

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