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M'Fadyen, David, family grocer, 172 Paisley read.
M'Fadzean, David (at W. Gourlie & Son's), house, 4
South Apsley place.
M'Fadyen & Co., railway and general carriers, agents
for North British Railway Co. ; head office, 10
North Queen street; Melville court, 132 Trongate,
48 Robertson street, 13 Union street, 228 London
road, and Albert street, Townhead.
M'Fadyen. Donald, spirit dealer, 44 Trongate ; ho.
20 Candleriggs.
M'Fadyen, Rev. James, 30 Scotia street.
M'Fadyen, John, fishmonger, 57 Cumberland street,
Laurieston ; house, 37 Cathcart street.
M'Fadyen, Robert, flesher, 84 Stobcross street, An-
derston ; house, 82 do.
M'Fadyen, William D., upholsterer and cabinet-
maker, 56 Oxford street ; house, 11 Paisley road.
M'FARLANE, Alexander, jun., commission agent,
9 Gordon street ; house, 3 Queen's place, Great
Western road.
M'Farlane, Alexander, iron merchant, and agent for
Wm. Corbet & Co., Masbro' Works, Rotherham,
and W. & R. Mushet, ironfounders, Dalkeith, 97
Union street; house, 92 Abbotsford place.
M'Farlane, Alexander, bootmaker, 304 Duke street.
M'Farlane, Andw., superintendent of police, Northern
Police Office.
M'Farlane, Andrew, plumber and gasfitter, 40J Main
street, Bridgeton ; house, 52 do.
MacFarlane, Andrew, commission agent and waste
merchant, 7 Lanark street, east. — See Advertise-
ment in Appendix.
M'Farlane, Andrew, surgeon, 75 Nelson street, Trades-
ton ; house, 1 Maxweiton place, Kingston.
M'Farlane, Andrew, fruit merchant, 319 Sauehiehall
street and 62 Candleriggs ; house, 317 do.
M'Farlane, Archibald, wright, 38 West Graham st.;
house, 35 Rose street, Garnethill.
M'Farlane, Archibald, spirit dealer, 142 Nelson st.,
Tradeston ; house, 136 do.
Macfarlane, Colin, cooper, hoop and stave merchant,
Moore street, off Duke street ; house, Inchneuk
house, Golfhill.
M'Farlane, Daniel, coal agt, 101 Parliamentary rd.
M'Farlane, Daniel (at G. & J. Burns'), house, West
Bank house, Billhead.
M'Farlane, Daniel (of M. M'Farlane & Co.), house,
Antermoney house, Campsie.
M'Farlane, Daniel, wine and spirit merchant, Lady
lane, Paisley. Place of call, Wm. Wilkie's, 128
Ingram street ; house, 4 Crescent place.
Macfarlane, David (of D. Macfarlane & Co.), house,
47 Gladstone place, Kelvinhaugh street.
Macfarlane, David, & Co., tea and commission mer-
chants, 52 Howard street.
M'Farlane, David, flesher, 37 Oxford street ; house,
44 King street, Trade3ton.
M'Farlane, Donald, carrier. 9 St. Enoch square.
M'Farlane, Duncan (at M'Clure, Naismith, &
Brodie's), house, 156 Buccleuch street.
M'Farlane, Duncan (of Russell, M'Farlane, & Co.,
47 Qusen street.)
M'Farlane, George, sen., portioner, 65 West Regent
street and Garelochhead.
M'Farlane, George, jun., manufacturing chemist,
Springbank Chemical Works, Bellfield, Kirkintil-
loch ; house, 65 West Regent street.
M'Farlane, George, merchant, 124 Hope street;
house, 12 Dalhousie street.
M'Farlane, George, chartered accountant and stock
broker, 116 St. Vincent street ; house, 1 Havelock
terrace, Paisley road.
M'Farlane, George, warehouseman, 77 Hutcheson
street; house, 65 West Regent street.
Macfarlane, Hugh, 20 Oxford street.
M'Farlane, Hugh, & Co., tobacco and snuff manu-
facturers, 45 Stockwell street.
M'Farlane, Hugh, beadle, Free Duke Street Church ;
house, 40 Brown street.
M'Farlane, Hugh, photographist, 107 Buchanan st.
M'Farlane, James, fancy bread and biscuit baker,
22 Great Hamilton street, and 294 Duke street :
house, 18 Great Hamilton street.
M'Farlane, James, woollen and worsted yarn agent,
95 Hutcheson street; house, 9 Claremont street.
M'Farlane, James, Venetian blind maker, joiner, and
glazier, 364 North Woodside road; house, 360 do.
M'Farlane, James, victualler and spirit dealer, 27,
29 Little street, Calton; house, 31 do.
Macfarlane, James, grocer, 38 King street, city ;
house, 16 Monteith row.
M'Farlane, James, fruit dealer, 118 S. Albion st.
Macfarlane, James, 4 Crescent place.
M'Farlane, James, draper, 1 6 Stirling square ; ho.
20 Hill place, Stirling's road.
M'Farlane, James, spirit merchant, 166 Canning st.,
Calton; house, 57 Dalmarnock road.
M'Farlane, James, green grocer and fruiterer, 297
Sauehiehall street.
M'Farlane, James, reporter, Herald office ; house, 47
Grove street.
M'Farlane, James (of Wm. M'Gowan & Co.), house,
25 North Albion street.
M'Farlane, James C, sen. (of J. & J. M'Farlane),
house, 15 Hill street, Garnethill.
M'Farlane, James C, jun. (of J. & J. M'Farlane),
house, 212 St. George's road.
M'Farlane, John, cab proprietor, 161 London street ;
house, 37 London lane.
M'Farlane, John, French polisher, 21 Oxford street.
M'Farlane, John, boot and shoe maker, 108 Cum-
berland street ; house, 110 do.
M'Farlane, John, & Co., calenderers and silk finisher?,
44 Mitchell street.
M'Farlane, John, & Co., sailmakers, 22 Houston st.
M'Farlane, John H., Cowlairs house.
M'Farlane, John, provision merchant, 272 High st.
M'Farlane, John, & Co., watchmakers and jewellers,
52 Argyle street.
M'Farlane, J. (of M'Farlane & Smith), house, 81
Shamrock street.
M'Farlane, John (at G. Younger & Co.'s), house, 85
King street, Tradeston.
M'Farlane, John R., English and Scottish Marine
Insurance Co. (Limited), 131 Buchanan street.
M'Farlane, John, grocer, 469 St. Vincent street; ho.
26 Dumbarton road.
M'Farlane, John, coal agent, 1 Hill street. Orders
left at Mr. Forrester's, 7 Gordon street, and Mr.
Smith's, 155 Queen street.
M'Farlane, John (of the Glasgow Loan Fund Co.),
house, 18 Dover street.
M'Farlane, John, baker, 183 Gallowgate, and 83
Green street, Calton; house, 10 Binnie place.
M'Farlane, J. & J., calenderers, hot-pressers, and
packers, 60£ St. George's place.
M'Farlane, John, wine and spirit dealer, 250 Main
street, Bridgeton ; house, 1 Newhall terrace.

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