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Renfield Free Church, corner of Elmbauk and
Bath street, Eev. Marcus Dods.
RENFREW, Andrew, & Co., thread and heddle
twine manufacturers and cotton-jarn twisters, 5
Montrose street.
Renfrew, Andrew, 239 George street.
Renfrew, James, photographic artist, 3 St. Enoch sq.
Renfrew, Robert, M.D., surgeon, 131 Cambridge St.;
house, 152 Renfrew street.
Renfrew, Robert, smith and machine maker, 88
John street ; house, 27 Taylor street.
RENHAM, John, manager, Frieud-in-Need Assur-
ance Co., 114 West Nile street ; house, do.
EENISON, John (of William Rouison & Son), ho.
3 Woodside place.
Renison, M'Nab, & Co., power-loom cloth manufac-
turers, Hozier street, Bridgeton.
Renison, Thomas (of Cree, Renison, & Co.), house,
3 Woodside place.
Eenison, William, jun. (of Renison, M'Nab, & Co.),
house, 3 Woodside place.
Renison, William, & Son, writers, and Fire, Life,
and Plate Glass insurance agts., 20 Buchanan st.
Renison, William (of William Renison & Son),
house, 3 Woodside place.
EENNIE, Alexander, spirit dealer, Three Tun
tavern, 161 Woodlands road.
Eennie, David, spirit merchant, 53 Canning street,
Calton ; house, 119 New Dalmarnock road.
Rennie, John, mason and builder, 94 Dumbarton rd.;
house, 407 St. Vincent street.
Eennie, John, victualler, 87 King street, Calton.
Rennie, John Gow, commission and ship agent, 54
Broomielaw ; house, 14 Derby terrace, Sandvford.
Rennie, Joseph, spirit merchant, 168 High street;
house, 46 Grajme street.
Eennie, Peter, auctioneer and valuator, 87 W. Geo.
street ; house, 17 Woodburn terrace, Sandyford.
Rennie, Robert, superintendent of model lodging-
house, 53 Greendyke street,
.Eennie, Captain E., Fifeshire Militia Artillery, 2
Lansdowne crescent.
Rennie, Robert (of Richmond, Struthers, & Co.), ho.
28 Garden place, Burnbank.
Eennie, Robert, comimission agent, 56 West Howard
street; house, 140 Cumberland street.
Eennie, T. (of 13arker & Eennie), ho. 21 Elmgrove
place, West Regent street.
Eennie, William, 83 Hill street, Garnethill.
Rennie, Mrs. Wm., 83 Hill street, Garnethill.
RENTON, George, teller. Union Bank of Scotland ;
residence, 40 Abbotsford place.
•Eenton, J. F., teacher of music (at E. Maver's),
house, 1 Newton place, Duke street.
Eenton, John, plasterer, 254 Eglinton street ; house,
Handel cottage. Crossbill.
Eenton, John, portioner, 105 Houston street. •
Eenton, Robert, writer, 4 Cleveland terrace.
EENWICK, tlugh (of Wm. Re.nwick & Co.), ho.
14 Royal terrace.
Eenwick, James, baker, 228 High street.
Eenwick & Miller, grocers and provision merchants,
95 Stobross st., and 1 Craighton terrace, Cowlairs.
Eenwick, Thomas, commission agent, 3 St. Enoch sq.;
house, Abbotsburn, near Paisley.
Eenwick, William, & Co., merchants and drysalters,
180, 182 Buchanan street.
Eenwick, Mrs. John, com. lodgings, 73 W. Nile st.
EESTRICK, James, grocer and vict., 195 Duke st.
RESTON, Geo., accountant. Union Bank ; house,
Cartside villa, Johnstone.
RETHvVISCH, C. (of Theodore Hertz), 149 West
George street.
REVIE, Archd., teacher of Spanish, 47 Renfrew st.
Revie, J., & Co., confectioners, 15, 17 N. City road;
house, 232 Hope street.
Revie, Robert, spirit merchant, 104 High st. and 4
Finnieston street ; house, 4 Bellgrove street.
REYBURN, James T., clerk, H.M. Customs; house,
106 St. George's road.
REYNOLDS, Anthon}', green grocer, 136 London st.
Reynolds, Charles H., hotel-keeper, 9 Dundas street.
Rej'nolds, John, butter and egg merchant, 187 and
402 Gallowgate.
RHODES, Milson, commercial traveller, 66 Buc-
cleuoh street.
RICE, Henry, accountant, Union Bank, 8 Wash-
ington St. ; resid. Fauldshead house, near Renfrew.
Rice, Wm. N., M.D., 91 Hospital street and 9 East
Houston street; house, 22 Cumberland street.
EICHARD, John (at H. L. Seligmann's), house, 64
Abbotsford place.
Richards, William, tobacconist, 51 Duke street.
RICHARDSON, Denniston, & Co., merchants, 53
Virginia street.
Richardson, Bruce (of Richardson, Denniston, & Co.),
house, Weniyss bay.
Richardson, David (of James Richardson & Co.),
residence, Hartfield house, by Craigrownie.
Richardson, Findlay, & Co., merchts., 64 George sq.
Richardson, George, printer to the University, 55
Glassford and 81 Wilson streets; ho. 5 India st.
Richardson, G,, & Son, hay and victual merchants,
6 King street, Tradeston ; house, 19 Centre street.
Richardson, James, engraver, 88 North Hanover st.
Richardson, James, & Co., merchants, 89 Wilson st.
Richardson, Jas., baker, 196 Eglinton st.; ho. 198 do.
Richardson, James (of Kerr & Richardson), house,
42 Pollok street.
Richardson, J, wright, 55 N. Woodside rd.; ho. 12 do.
Richardson, J. R., v/ine merchant, 63 Bath street.
Richardson, Eobt., merchant, 7 Exchange place;
house, Gateside, Paisle\'.
Richardson, Robert, chimne3''-sweeper and soot mer-
chant, 53 Dundas street.
Richardson, Thomas (of James Richardson & Co.),
house, Ralston, near Paisley.
Richardson, William H. (of James Conper &, Sons),
house, 123 Grafton terrace.
Richardson, William, wine and spirit merchant, 3
Cranston street; bouse, 1 do.
RICHMOND, Alexander, 9 Caledonia road.
Richmond, Andrew, designer, 136 Buchanan st.
Richmond, C, dairj'man, 109 Main St., Andenston.
Richmond, Geo., G.P.O. ; ho. 12 Paterson st., north.
Richmond, Hugh, tinplate worker and gasfitter, 92
Great Hamilton street.
Richmond, James, cabinetmaker and upholsterer,
88 Renfield street; house, 122 Wellington street.
Richmond, James, tinplate worker and gasfitter, 14
Great Hamilton street.
Richmond, James, 108 Eglinton street.
Richmond, James (at J. & S. Hoyle's), house, 107
King's Park place, Greenhead.
Richmond, James, dairyman and provision merchant,
54 Bridge street.
Richmond, James, house factor and insurance agent,
132 Bothwell street.

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