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The Publishers, in submitting the Thirty-eighth Edition of the Glasgoav Directory,
deem it to be their first duty gratefully to acknowledge the public support and con-
fidence hitherto received by them, to retain which no effort on their part will be
spared to render the vokime worthy of the growing importance of this great com-
mercial and manufacturing city.
Some time ago the Publishers intimated their intention of having a new Plan of
Glasgow ; that intention has this year been carried into effect. The new Plan embraces
a much larger area than the one which it supersedes. It includes towards the west
the Towns of Partick and Govan, the Suburbs of Dowanhill, Hillhead, and all the
Terraces on the Great Western Road ; towards the north, East-park, Possil House,
and Spring-burn ; on the east, the Village of Camlachie ; and towards the south the
area has also been considerably extended, every Street, Square, Terrace, and Crescent,
&c., within its bounds, have been laid down with great accuracy, while the execution
of the engraving is chaste and effective.
The extensive buildings Avhich have been erected in the locality of the Queen's
Park, now forming various Streets and Terraces, have, from their importance, induced
the Publishers to include them in the general Street Directory; each will be found in
its proper place in future, in this section of the volume.
The usual number of new Names, together with new Street Lists, and other matter,
have increased the size of this year's Directory over that of last year by about twenty
closely printed pages of letterpress ; and the Publishers trust that the great additional
expense incurred on this occasion will be met by a corresponding increase of sub-
scribers, for which provision has been made by printing several hundred additional
copies. The public are requested to bear in mind that each Directory is accompanied
with a copy of the new Plan, which cannot be sold separately under Is. 6d. each
impression ; so that in point of fact the Directory is cheaper now than ever it has
been, taking into account the increased cost of production: but it will entirely depend
on the sale of the Directory whether the present very moderate charge can be main-
tained, seeing that the annual expenses are steadily increasing.
Post Office, Glasgow, Isi June, 1S65.

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