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51 Magistrates, Sfc.
Lord Peotost.
The Honourable Alexander Hastie.
David Mackinlay, Robert Stewart, Robert Bryson, Andrew Liddell, Andrew Orr,
John Honeyman, Robert Smith, Patrick MacNaught.
James Bogle, Dean of Guild; John MacCallum, Deacon Convener, Concillors ex
Treasurer, William Bankier. Master of Works, John Small. Bailie of the
River Clyde, John Robertson. Depute ditto, Robert Wylie. Bailie of Provan,
John Ure.
District 1. Alex. Kellar, John Clark, jun., Duncan M'Phail.
— 2. John Cassils, George Mitchell, Alexander Hastie.
— 3. John Fleming, Peter M'Ara, Hugh Tennent.
— 4. George Ord, Robert Smith, William Campbell.
— 5. Robert Bryson, Robert Fleming, David Smith.
— 6. David Mackinlay, Andrew Orr, James Anderson.
— Y. James Drummond, James Lumsden, John Stirling.
— 8. John Forrester, John Leadbetter, James Scott.
— 9. John Small, William MacLean, William Bankier.
— 10. Thos. Callender, William Allan, Robert Stewart.
— ■ 11. John Robertson, James Playfair, John MacDowall.
• — 12. John Gilmour, Alexander Brown, Andrew Liddell.
— 13. Robert Wylie, David Dreghorn, David Chapman.
— 14. Patrick MacNaught, Angus MacAlpine, Wm. Robertson.
— 15. Archd. Edminston, John Mitchell, William Dixon.
— 16. Robert M' Gavin, William Brodie, John Honeyman.
City Chamberlain and Superintendent of Works, John Strang. Town Clerks,
James Reddie, William Davie, Angus Turner, and Ai-thur Forbes. Procurator Fis-
cal, John M'Whirter, interim Collectors: — Cess, T. P. Sharpe. Poor Rates, John
Chief Superintendent, William Henry Pearce. Assistants:— .Central District,
Archibald Wilson. Southern do., James Richardson. Eastern do., James Smart.
Western do., George M'Kay. Collectors: — Central District, Archibald M'Indoe ;
Clerk, Edward G. Maxwell. Southern do., John Henderson. Eastern do., William
Peat. Western do., John Cormie. Clerk, John Burnet. Assistant, William Thom-
son. Surgeons: — Dr J. Easton, Central District. Southern do., James Stewart,
Eastern do., William Young, M.D. Western do., Joseph Fleming. Surveyors,
Central District, A. M'D. Houston and James Donaldson. Southern do., N.
M'Dougall. Eastern do., James Smart. Western do., George M'Kay. Superin-
tendent of Fire Engines, Wm. Robertson. Assistant for Southern District, Charles
Forsyth. Lieutenants: — Daniel Cameron, Robert Macfarlano, and James O'Neil.
Inspector of Criminal Officers, Hugh M'Kay. Sub-Inspector, Henry Reid. House
Constable, John Boyd. Superintendent of Lamps, James Millar. Inspector of
Scavengers, John King. Superintendent of Streets and Buildings, John Carrick.
Clerk, Robert Millar.
Parish of Glasgow.
Elected by the Rate Payers — David Gilmour, James Cairns, William Smeal,
James Moir, Hugh Henderson, Robert Goodwin, James Graham, Allan Clarke,
William Caird, John Caird, Patrick Black, William Cochrane, Robert Webster,
George Ross, Michael Jeffrey, Archibald M'Lellan, Andrew Millen, David Tuille.
Robert Lochore, tertius, Alexander Smith, John Macindoe, Allan Cuthbertson,
Andrew Rutherglen, William Wilson, John Russell. From the Town Council. —
Bailies Mackinlay, Liddell, MacNaught, and Councillor Playfair. From the Kirk
Session — Principal Macfarlan, David Maclure, Dr. Angus, and William Stewart.

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