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29 l^oteig'n Posts.
Malta, by Soutljampton, payment optional, on the 2nd and 19th of each month,
2-15, a.m., Is. under \ oz., 2s. under 1 oz., or unpaid or paid' to destination, by
the British Packets (Closed Mail), from Marseilles, Is. 3d., ls.-8d'., 2s. lid., 3s.
4d., and 5s. 5d., under \, \, |, 1, and \\ oz. respectively, or by the French Pac-
kets from do. at is. id., is. 9d., 2s. lOd., 3s. 6d., and 5s., undei' \, \, \, 1, and
1:| oz. respectively. Newspapers, free by Southampton Packet ; 3d. each by the
British, and 2d. by the French Steamboats from Marseilles.
Marseilles. The French Mediterranean Packets sail from Marseilles on the 1st
11th, and 21st of each month, at 5, p. m.; andquit Alexandria on the 6th, 16th,
and 26th, at 4, p. m.
Martinique. See liidies. Foreign Wei5t.
Martlaxd, State of. See America, tJnited States of .•
Massachusetts; State of. See Aiiierica, United States of.
Mauritius, payment obligatory; by merchant vessels bound' to or touching there,
8d. under \ oz.. Is. 4d. under 1 oz., and if specially addressed via India, Is. 4d.
under \ oz.> by the Southampton Packets, and 2s. 2d', under \ oz., 2s. 7d. under
^ oz., by the Marseilles Mail. Papers 4d. by the former, and 5'd. by the latter
route ; Id. each by private ships.
Mediterranean. See Malta, Greece, or Ionian Islands.
Mecklenburg SchwerIn, or Mecklenburg Strelitz; payment optional ; via' Bel-
gium and Prussia, unless otherwise specially addressed; Is. 3d., Is. 8d., 2s. lid.,
3s. 4d., and 5s. 5d.; if via Holland, is. 3d., Is. 6d., 2s. 9d., 3s., 5s. 3d.; via Ham-
burgh and Prussia, Is. 3d., Is. 6d., 2s. 9d.,.3s.,^and 5s. 3d., under |, i, |, 1, and
IJ oz. respectively. See also "Noi'thern StSites of Europe."
Mexico, payment obligatory, via Southampton, on the first day of every month
only, 2-15, a. m., 2s. 3d. under | oz., 4s. 6d. under 1 oz., &c. Papers 2di each.
Michigan, State of. See America, United' States of.
Mississippi, State of. See America, United States of.
Missouri, State of. See America, United States of.
Modena See Italy,- Sou therft.-
Moldavia; unpaid or paid to destination,. daily via France, Is. 9d!, 3s. Id., 4s. I'Od.,
6s. 2d., and 8s. 4d., under ^,^ ^, |, 1, and 1-^ oz. respectively. Papers, 2d: each.
Molucca Isles. See Archipelago, Indian.
Monte Video, hj Brazil Packet, 3rd of each month, 1-15, pim.
Montreal, Canada. See America, North British.-
Montserrat. See Indies, West.
MbRAviA. See Austrian Dominions.
Morocco. See Barbary.
Naples. See Italy, Southern.
Nassau. See German States, served through the Office of Tour and Taxis.
Nassau, New Providence. The Bahamas.
Nevis. See Indies, British West.
New Brunswick. See America,-British North.-
Newfoundland. See America, British North.
New England. See America, - United States of.
New Granada, payment obligatory, 1 6th day of evety mbnth, 2-15, a;, m;, via South-
ampton, 2s. 3d. under ^ oz., 4s. 6d. under 1 oz.,-and soon. Newspapers, free.
New IlAMi^sniRE, State of. See America, United States of.
New Jersey, State of. See America, United States of.
New Providence. See Indies, British- West.
New South Wales, Colony of. See Sydney.
New York. State and Town of. See America, United States of!
J^EW Zealand, payment obligatory, "by Sydney Packet," the day before the last
day of each month, 1-15, p.m.. Is. under J oz., 2^. under 1 oz.- Newspapers, free.
By merchant vessels, 8d. under ^ oz., IS. 4d. under I'oz., &e. Papers, Id. each.
Northern States op Europe, forwarded, if so addressed, through France and the
Office of Tour and Taxis— consist of Brunswick, Denmark, Hanover, Mecklen-
burg Sehwerin, and Mecklenburg Strelitz, Oldenburg, Saxony, -Sweden, and Nor-
way, may be sent unpaid or paid to destination. Is. 8d. under J oz., 2s. lid. un-
der ^ oz., 4s. Yd. under | oz., 5s. lOd. under 1 oz., Ts. lid. under IJ oz., &e.
Newspapers, 2d. each. See under respective heads for different routes.
North America. See America, British North, and United States of.
pfoBWAY AND SwEDEN. See Swedcu and Northern' States of Europe.

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