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Paterson, Robt., Netherfield house, Duke
Provanhill Coal Co., 1 18 Union street
Reid, D. & J., 115 St. Vincent street
Reid, J,. & P. Robertson, 36 A. arcade
Robertson & Eddie, ffippsbyre Colliery
OflSce, 32 St. Enoch square
Robertson, George, Shield-bridge
Rochsoles Coal Co. Letters left at R.
& T. Young's, 19 and 27 Gallowgate st.
Rosebank Co., 26 Robertson street
Roxburgh & Faulds, Railway depot,
Townhead; office 65 Jamaica street
Shotts Co., 18 St. Enoch square. Alex.
M'Kinlay, agent
Simpson, R. H., 16 Queen street
Skatrigg's Coal Co., 37 Ropework lane
Spittal Colliery Office, 33 Union street
Springhill Coal Office, 89 St. Vincent st.
Standrigg Smithy -coal Office, 87 Union
Stevenson Coal Co., 9 Buchanan street
Stewart, R., Monkland Canal basin, and
37 West George street
Waddell & Wilson, 87 Union street
Watson, John, Netherwood and Newart-
hill collieries, 49 West George street
Walker, M.D., Garnkirk Railway depot
Watson, John, jun., 32 St. Enoch square
Whyte, John, Whitehill collieiT^, 17 Glass-
ford street
Woodhall CoUiery, Monkland Canal basin;
office 33 Buchanan street, J. Lament,
Buntine, Roht., (and Clerk of Merchants'
house,) 70 Hutcheson street
Henderson, J., {Gorbals police,) house
Rose-hill, Pollokshaws road
Herbertson, T. H., {of Canal dues,) Port-
Humphreys, W. (of Excise,) Dunlop st.
Kay, Wm., Gas Office, 42 A^rginia street
Kennedy, G., (of County cess,) 41 West
George street
M'Dougall, N., (statute labour, Gorbals,)
12 Oxford lane
M'Indoe, Archd., (of police,) 21 Rich-
mond street
Miller, J., (of City poor rates,) 4 Police
Muir, Wm., Tonnage office, 14 Robertson
Murdoch, R,., (Barony parish,) 11 West
Nile street
Robertson, Wm., (of Barony poor rates,)
52 West Nile street
Sharp, Thomas P., (County tax,) 66
Miller street
Angus, Peter, 7 Argyll street
Bell, Andrew, 66 Trongate
Bo we, Peter, 10 Bridge street
Buchanan, John, 3 Clyde place
Clark, Mrs, 23 Jamaica street
Fleet, James, 28 Jamaica street
Fleming's, 72 Broomielaw street
Gardner, Mrs, 5 Union street
Garrick's, 24 Stockwell street
Inglis, Peter, 109 Trongate
Laming, Wm. F., 108 Argyll street
M'Callum, M., 26 Glassford street
Nicoll, Mrs, 179 Argyll street
Shearer, Mrs, 37 Jamaica street
Steel, Gavin, 90 Argyll street
Whyte, John, 132 Trongate
Wood, William, 62 Great Clyde street
Wright, G., 145 Trongate
Wright, Malcolm, 87 Glassford street
Duncan, W., 49 Gallowgate
Minto, David, 66 Old wynd
See Oil and Colourmen.
Armstrong, James, 35 Trongate
Blackball & Scott, 63 Argyll arcade
Carlile, James, I London street
Bell, Isaac, 16 York street
Dick, William, 64 Jamaica street
Fyfe, John, 1 Clyde place, 2 Bridge st.,
and 152 Broomielaw street
Gunn, William, 220 Broomielaw street
Adam, J., & Co., 68 St. Vincent street
Adam, William, 17 Prince's square
Adamson, O. G., & Co., 19 W. George st.
Aikman, Peter, & Thomson, 64 Buchan-
an street
Aitken, Alexander, 53 Candleriggs street
Aitken, Edward, 36 Brown street
Aitken & Speirs, 97 Union sti-eet
Aitken, William, 73 Maitland street
Aitkenhead, Alexander, 134 Bridgegate
Alexander & Thomson, 4 S. Hanover st.
Anderson, James, 62 Queen street
Anderson, Robert, 49 West Nile street
Arnott & Co., 65 Jamaica street
Arthur, John, 7 Exchange place
Auchterlonie, Alexander, 1 Royal Ex-
change court
Baird, Robert, 24 Wilson street
Balfour, William, &, Co., 20 Springfield
court, Buchanan street
Bankier, W. D., «fe Co., 9 Prince's square
Banks, James, <fc Co., 21 Renfrew street
Bannatyne & Ferguson, 46 Renfield st.
Barrie, John, 39 Turner's court

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