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Waiker, W. & P., 99 Gallowgate
Watt, J., & Son, Saracen's lane
White, J., & Co., 113 Great Hamilton st.
Wright, Thomas, 10 Muslin street
See Tm- Plate Workers,
Altchison, John, & Co., Edinburgh ale,
242 Argyll street, 158 High street, 53
Cowcaddens street, 81 Glassford street,
27 Oxford street, and (57 Saltmarket
street, James Pagan, manager
Baird, II., & Co., to Her Majesty, Old
basin, and 28 Gordon street
Clyde Brewery, Commercial road
Falkirk Ale Stores, 53 Hope street
Fowler, John, Prestonpans brewery.
Agents, Cowan & Co., 51 St. Vincent
Main-Point Brewery Stores, 27 and 47
Blackf'riars street. James Scott Mac-
Donald and George M'Donald, Agents
M'Naughtan, Duncan, 20 Commercial rd.
Roy, Alex.nnder, & Co., 27 Muirhead st.,
and 7 Park place
Scott, W., Barrowfield brewery
Struthers, R., & Sons, 38 Canning street,
and 20 Gordon street
Tennent, J. & R., Wellpark
Adam, John, 206 Duke sti-eet
Adams, Henry, 45 Eglinton street
Allan & Mann, Port- Eglinton
Barr, Robert, 5 Bellgrove street
Borland & Sommerville, Graham square
Bow, A. & T., West street, Tradeston
Brunton, Charles, and oven-builder, 3
Pitt street
Corbett, Robert, 37 Stevenson street
Coulter, J., 52 Tiletield street
Davidson, Alexander, 133 Hospital street
Ferguson, Miller, <fe Co., Railway depot.
Orders left at J. Fergtison's, 125 Bu-
chanan street
Gardner, Thos., 34 Cook st., Tradeston
Gai'nkirk Works, Railway depot. Office
Cleland Testimonial
Glenboig Store, Garnkirk Railway depot.
Orders left at 100 Trongate
Goldie & Bow, 78 Rutlierglen loan
Gray, Wm.,.& Co., 124 Port-Dundas rd.
Johnstone, John, Gallowgate road
Johnstone, Robert, 15 Canning street
Lyon, Lavi'son, & Co., Mountainblue
M'Diarmid & Co., Camlachie
M'Intyre, D. C, 68 Maitland street
M'Naught, Thomas, 151 Eglinton street
Murray, Hugh, 6 East Campbell street
Robertson, George, and patent tileniaker,
Shields' bridge, Paisley canal
Shields' Works, West street. Letters
left at 88 Maxwell street
Smith, Peter, Crossbill. Letters left at
144 Trongate
Thomson, John, Glenboig store, Garn-
kirk Railway depot. Orders left at
A. & J. Nisbet's, 100 Trongate
Wilson, W., and pottery, 706 Gallowgato
Alexander, James, 12 Candleriggs st.
Anderson, A., 146 Cowcaddens street
Blackball & Scott, 63 Arcade
Bowie, David, St. Andrew's lane, Gal-
lowgate, and 161 Buchanan street
Couper, T., 129 Main street, Gorbals
Dow, A., ivatch and plate. Orders left at
96 Argyll street
Ferguson, John, 29 Gallowgate, and 17
Candleriggs street
Ingleton, W., 49 St. Vincent street
Jack, Mrs Peter, 326 Argyll street
JeiFrey, Miss, 216 Argyll street
Lockhart, W., 3 Hill street, Anderston
M'Donald, Peter, 142 Trongate
M'Kenzie, Duncan, 67 Trongate
Morier, W., 145 Argyll street
Ormiston, Mrs M., 7 Wellington arcade
Paton, Miss C, 21 High, street
Pollock, Robert, 19 Turner's court
Robertson & M'Dougall, Jail square
Robertson, John, 39 and 40 Arcade
Ruddach, Mrs J., 5 & 9 Candleriggs st.
Salmon, John, and weaving-utensil, 8
Wilson street
White, H., 13 Candleriggs street
See Masons and Builders.
Jamieson <fc Dewar, 62 Queen street
Rankin, Alex., 33 Candleriggs street
Hughes, Mrs Edward, 53 Crown sii;eet
See also Wrights and Cabinetmakers, and.
Anderson, T. R., 227 George street
Archer, Charles, 81 Buchanan street
Boyd, W., & Son, 14 Buchanan street
Brown, Archibald, 54 Renfield street
Brown, William, 239 Argyll street
Brown, William, 79 Green-dyke street
Bruce, William, 101 Holme street
Buchanan & Son, 25 Poi-tugal street
Campbell, John, 61 Great Hamilton st.
Campbell, Joseph, 64 London street
Crawford, George, 91 Brown street
Crawford, Robert, 105 John street
Cumming, John, 73 West Campbell st.

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