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138 Bell, Mrs M'Lauclilan, of Craigen-
1 36 Glassite Meeting-house
134 M'Lay, John, fleslier
Brown, M., straw-hat maker
Peacock, H., porter to E. ^ G. Bank
Wyld, Rodger, manufixcturer
122 Gillies, John, upholsterer
120 Leitch, Archibald, tailor
118 ^IiWgy'?, Stay manufactory
Watters, A., merchant
Turner, J., Esq.
Dunn, John, flesher
Anderson, Miss
116 Albion Buildings
Roy, Archibald, ealendcrcr
Macdonald, William, manufacturer
Crawford, Miss
Barland, Misses, teachers
114 Walker, Martin, bootmaker
no Van, James, clothier
1 08 Wright, Hugh, tea merchant
106 Laird, John, perfumer
104 Glen, Mrs W., milliner
102 Muir, James, baker
100 Duncan, Mrs, tea dealer
Purves, W., & Co., slato-peneil ma-
Purves, John
Leek, Alexander
Riddell &, Watson, manufacturers
Bromley, John
96 Scott, Robert, spirit merchant
94 Weir, James, spirit dealer
88 Black, Mrs, green-grocer
86 Blsset, Thomas, dairyman
82 Clow, Mrs James
Fairlie, Miss A., straw-hat maker
Power, Mrs, lodgings
Gillespie, John, beadle
Ballantync's, James, lodgings
Kay, Alexander
M'Donald, Mrs, lodgings
Ross, John, M.D.
Y8 Craig, William, surgeon
74 M'Gregor, Thomas, hat manufac.
Orr, Miss, lodgings
Roberton, George, printer
72 M'Leod, D., & Co., renovators
68 Kyle, W., haircuttcr
64 Ranken, Thomas, painter
62 Graham's Buildings
Misses Lylo
Kyle, Win., hairdresser
M'Lellan, Mrs
Pollock, William, merchant
Tait, John, grain merchant
60 Tait, John, baker
66 Hepburn, Robert, bootmaker
64 Moir, John, spirit merchant
48 Kerr, Robert, tailor and clothier
44 M'Kay, D., slater
Lauder, Miss Martha, inilliTior
44 Montgomery, Mrs, lodgings
40 Goodwin, Robt., house-factor
34 Adam, Mrs, furnishing shop
32 Kennedy, Janet, hosier
28 Crawford, M. J. & Co., dyers
26 CarsweU's Court
Watson, A., plumber
Palmer, James
M'Vcan, D., bookseller
Carswcll, James, builder
Carswell, W., jun., wright
Adam, A., surgeon
Fleming, Mrs, lodgings
M'Farlane, Purlane, merchant
20 Watson, Wm., baker
18 Gentles, James, pastry baker
16 Service, Robert, Ayrshire milk 6ho[)
1 2 M'Tear, J., surgeon
10 Galloway's Court
Galloway, John, builder
Brown, James, merchant
M'Leary, Mrs, lodgings
Morrison, Walter
Ross, John
M'Nair, Mrs, lodgings
Hutchison, H.
Miller, James
8 Paul, J. & A., candlemakers
4 M'Letchie, Charles Thom, wine and
spirit merchant
George Street — Mile-end.
1 M'Donald, Geo., & Co., spirit dealers
1 1 Stewart, George, grocer
13 Stewart, Charles, dyer
37 Knox, Andrew, spirit dealer
39 Todd, James, victualler
24 Risk, Moses, & Co., distillers
16 Excise Office
14 Clark, Henry, surgeon
8 Clark, Joiin, jun., & Co., manufa.
Geokoe Street (West).
1 Murray, Walter, grocer
3 Stevenson, Alexander, grocer
5 Dewar, Wm,, wine merchant
9 Steele, James, spirit dealer
11 Dodds, John, shawl fringer
Scott, Charles, & Co., manufacts.
13 Meikle, Geo., Victoria tavern
Heys, Z., & Son, calico printers
15 Anderson, Andrew, M.D.
Black & Salmon, architects
19 Pcrston, Moir, & Co., muslin maniif«.
Muir, Brown, & Co., manufocturors
Adamson, Frederick, & Co., manufs.
Adamson, O. G., & Co , com. agents
23 Orme, M' Arthur, & Co., packers
Adamson, Frederick, & Co., manufs.
29 Smyth, Alex., & Co., commisaiou
33 Crawfurd, George, writer
Monkland Iron and Steel Co.

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