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M'Kie, James, grocer, 62 Tureen street
M'Kie, John, jun., of Gatehouse Cotton Co., house 183 Athole place
Mackey, John, 11 1 Murray place. New City road
Mackie, John, coal agent, 27 Cheapside street
Mackie, Matthew, dairyman, 60 Hospital street
Mackie, Peter, grocer and house factor, 52 South Coburg street
Mackie, Robert, grain dealer, 21 Sanchiehall street
Mackie, W. S., turner and bench-screw maker, 48 Stockwell street
Mackie «& M'Laren, Misses, millisers and dressmakers, 94 West Nile street
Mackie, Mrs., 12 Albany place, Sauchiehall street
M'Kie, Mrs., lodgings, 20 Mains' street
M'Kie, Mi-3. John, lodgings, 292 Argyll street
M'KILLOP, Captain Archibald, 426 Argyll street
M'Killop, Donald, 62 Miller street
M'Killop, James, glass merchant, 64 Argyll street, house 44 Norfolk street
M'lvillop, Neil, boot and shoe maker, 62 Eglinton street
M'KIMM, Alexander, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Parson street
M'Kim, Daniel, spirit dealer, 19 Mitchell street
M'Kim, James, Ayrshire Railway office, 19 Melville place, ho. 109 Rottenrow st.
M'Kim, John, M.D., physician, 109 Rottenrow street
M'KIMMIE, Robert, flesher, 59 Nelson street, Tradeston
M'Kimmie, William, flesher, 30 Clyde place
M'KINLAT, Adam, tailor, 88 John street
M'Kinlay, Alexander, agent for Shotts Iron Company, 18 St. Enoch square, house
Meadowbank, Partick
M'Kinlay, Aulay, hosier, 256 High street
Mackinlay, David, Oswaldbank. Letters left at W. M'Kinlay's, 113 Brunswick st.
M'Kinlay, George, draper, clothier, and outfitter, 433 Argyll St., and 8 Stobeross st.
M'Kinlay, George, draper, 215 and 217 Gallowgate
M'Kinlay, James, bleacher, Glenmill, office 37 Glassfoi'd street
M'Kinlay, James, horse dealer, stables, 5 St. Mungo street, house 206 Gallowgate
MacKinlay, Rev. James, 5 Annfield place, Duke street
M'Kinlay, J. & A., furniture dealers, 110 London street
M'Kinlay, J. & A., wine and spirit merchants, 119 London street
MacKinlay, John, manager, Broomward mill, residence Broomward Cottage, Calto'a
M'Kinlay, John, of R. Robertson §■ Co., house 242 George street
M'Kindlay, Neil, at C. Tennent §• Co.'s, St. Rollox
M'Kindlay, Patrick, classical master. High school, house 242 George street
M'Kinlay & Slimon, grocers and provision merchants, 156 Cowcaddens street
M'Kinlay, Thomas, boot and shoe maker, 10 Norfolk street
M'Kinlay, Thomas M., at Adam Brothers, house 36 Commerce street
M'Kinlay, W. B., general agent and ship broker, 92 Broomielaw
M'Kinlay, William, merchant, 113 Brunswick street, house 16 Canning place
M'Kinlay, William, gi-ocer and spirit dealer, 13 Bishop street, Anderston
M'Kinlay, Mrs. Daniel, cooperage, 47 King street, house 47 St. Andrew's square
M'Kinlay, Mrs J., 26 Robertson street
M'Kinlay, Mrs, midwife, 9 College street
^M'Kinlay, Miss Jane, grocer, 48 Great Hamilton street
M'KINNAT, William, butter and egg merchant, 96 Cowcaddens street
M'KINNELL, Alex,, tailor and clothier, S Govan street
M'Kiunell, Thos., boot and shoe maker, 77 Thistle street
M'KINNON, Angus, Caledonian and Ayrshire tavern, 228 Broomielaw
M'Kinnon, Charles, wine and spirit dealer, 42 Main street, 91 Stobeross street,
and 20 Andei'ston quay, house 80 Stobeross street
M'Kinnon, Donald, teacher, 62 Rottenrow street
M'Kinnon, Hugh, spirit dealer, 83 Main street, Gorbals
M'Kinnon, Hugh, bootmaker, 43 Oxford street
M'Kinnon, John, merchant, 424 Parliamentary road
M'Kinnon, Malcolm, spii-it dealer, 20 Anderston quay
M'Kinnon, Neil, steam tug agent, 196 Broomielaw
M'Kinnon, Neil, spirit dealer, 21 Jackson street
M'Kinnon, Peter, draper, 11 Stobeross street, house 61 Cheapside street
M'Kinnon, Peter, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 93 Carrick street, house 97 do.

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