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M'Cash, William, at Camj>hell ^ Go's, house 80 North Frederick street
M'CASLAND, John, Bloomvale, Clayknowes
M'CAW, William, tailor and clothier, 192 Argyll street
M'CLANACHAN, WiUiam, victualler, 65 King street, Calton
M'CLELLAND & M'Kenzie, accountants and sharebrokers, 128 Ingram street
M'Clelland, James, of J. M'Clelland 8f M'Kenzie, house St. George's road
M'Clelland, James, proyision and spirit merchant, 27 Commercial road
M'CLUE, Mrs William, grocer and spirit dealer, 8 Green street, Calton
M'CLURE, Jas., &, Son, caiTers, gilders, and printsellers to her Majesty, 6 Royal
Bank place, house 49 Dunlop street
M'Clure, John, of Drew ^ M Clure, house 4 Falkland place
M'Clure, J. H., of Moody ^ M'Clure, house 108 West Regent street
M'Clure, Robert, merchant and drysalter, house 1 Somerset place
M'CLUSKEY, Felix, grocer, 33 Clyde street, Anderston
M'Cluskey, Hannah, victualler, 145 Main street, Gorbals
M'CLTMONT, John, grocer and victualler, 181 Castle street, house Ronald street
M'Clymont, John, 30 Charlotte street
M'COARD, William, cotton-waste dealer, 18 North Albion street
M'COLGAN, Michael, broker, 273 Buchanan street
M'COLL, Archibald, spirit dealer, 116 Old wynd
M'Coll, Archibald, merchant, 3 Antigua place, house 9 Dundas street, Kingston
M'ColI, Daniel, grocer, 22 Renfrew street
M'Coll, Donald, spirit dealer, 74 Stockwell street
M'Coll, Dugald, spirit dealer, 40 Pollokshaws road
M'CoU, Dugald, tailor and clothier, 285 Argyll street
M'Coll, Dugald, late jail-governoi-, Petershill
M'Coll, Gavin, & Co., grocers and spirit dealers, 91 Canning street
M'Coll, Hugh, & Son, clothiers, 32 Glassford street, house 80 North Frederick st,
M'Coll, James, contractor, 41 Drj'gate
M'Coll, John, coal agent, 6 Oswald street
M'Coll, Malcolm, & Co., singeing work, 32 Montrose street
M'COUL, Thomas, smith, 78 Renfield street
M' COMBE, A. G., at Marshall, Hill, ^ HilVs, 60 Abbotsford place
M' Combe, John, spirit dealer, 407 J Argyll street
M'CONOCHIE, Allan A., advocate, professor of laws, College
M'Conechy, Archibald, baker, 21 Catherine street, Anderston
M'Connochie, David, superintendent, river Clyde, 16 Robertson street
M'Conechy, Duncan, & Co., noddy and minibus hirers, 11 South Portland street
M'Conechy, James, editor of Glasgow Courier, house St. Mungo street
M'Conechie, J. & B., confectioners, 116 West Nile street
M'Concchie, John, French-horn tavern, and city oyster house, 88 Trongate street
M'Conechy & M'Killop, coach builders, 21 Wellington street
M'Conechy, Mrs Margaret, eating house, 86 Bell street
M'CONNELL, Archibald, & Co., 15 Jamaica street
M'Connell, Archibald, of Thomson^ M'Connell, house 3 Newton jilace
M'Connell, Bernard, pawnbroker, 27 King street
M'Connell, James, bleacher of webs, cope and thread, 69 Ingram street, works Bells*
haugh and Hezeldean
M'Connal, James, shawl merchant, 16 Clyde terrace
M'Connell, Robert, & Co., iron-founders and smiths, 108 and 112 Port-Dundas road
M'Connell, Robert, lock and hinge maker, bell-hanger, andgasfitter, 112 Port-Dun-
das road
M'Connell, T. & W., starchers, 13 Little street, Calton
M'Connell, Miss, lodgings, 73 West Nile street
M'CORKINDALE, Duncan, bootmaker, 400 Argyll street
M'Corkindale, D., merchant, 7 Kinning place
M'Corkindale, Hugh, auctioneer and appraiser, 165 and 167 Saltmai'ket street
M'Corkindale, John, boot and shoe maker, 148 Sauchiehall street
M'CORKLE, Archibald, carter, 51 Clyde street, Port-Dundas
M'Corkle, Daniel, & Co., rope and sail manufacturers, and general stoi'e for grain,
cotton, and guano, Lancefield, office 150 Broomielaw
M'Corkle, D., of D. M'Corkle ^ Co., house 12 Commerce street
M'Cormick, Colin, spirit dealer, 45 Maitland street

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