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Hybepark Ropework, 29 and 31 Anderston quay, office 41 and 43 Stockwell street.
Jolin Stewart & Co.
Htdropathic Society. George M'Leod, libranan, 30 Cochi'an street
ILLINGSWORTH, J. F., pastry baker, 464 Argyll street
Imperial Fire and Life Insurance Companies. Gilbert K. Bogle, 88 St. Vincent
street ; Gilldson & Crawford, 27 Gordon street ; and Kelly & Co., 52 Virginia
street, agents
IMRIE, Alexander, spirit merchant, 77 Crown street
Imrie, Andrew, shoemaker, 125 Main street, Anderston
Imrie, William, grocer and spirit dealer, 22 Brown sti-eet
Imrie, WiUiam, office of Excise, 9 Nicholson street
Income-Tax Office for the Lower Ward of Lanarkshire. Adam Monteith, 73 St.
Vincent street
Infirmary, Royal, Castle, st., Townhead. Rob. Lamont, secretary, 29 St. Vincent st.
INGLETON, W., brush and basket warehouse, 49 St Vincent st., ho. New City rd.
INGLIS, A. & J., engineers and boiler-makers, Whitehall works, Warroch street,
Inglis, Andrew, hat-maker, 14 Buchanan street
Inglis, Anthony, of A. §■ J. Inglis, house Clyde Park place
Inglis, Charles, commission merchant, 72 and 67 Virginia street, house 47 Scott st.
Ingles, D. & H., calico-printers, 78 Miller street
Ingles, D., jun., of D.^ H. Ingles, house 156 West George street
Inglis, Henry, 96 Eglinton street
Inglis, James, oi Rowan, Inglis, ^ Co., house 16 Salisbury street
Inglis, James, funeral undertaker, 97 Brown street
Inglis, James, writer, 4 Killermont street
Inglis, John, of A. ^ J. Inglis, house 80 Main street, Anderston
Inglis, Peter, teetotal coffee-house, 109 Trongate
Inglis, Robert, merchant, 49 Oxford street
Inglis, Thomas, M.D., 178 East George street
Inglis, Thomas, spirit dealer, 253 New City road
Inglis, Thomas, gi'ocer, 20 Adelphi street
Inglis & Wakefield, calico-printers. National Bank buUdings, Queen street
Inglis, Mrs Thomas, furnishings, 15 Cheapside street, Anderston
INGRAM, Charles, gunmaker, 96 Union street
Ingram, Rev. George S., Congregational church, Hanover street, house 10 South
Portland street
INNERARITT, Alexander, & Co., merchants, 310 St. Vincent street
Innerarity, Alexander, of A. Innerarity §/■ Co., 310 St. Vincent street
INNES, Alexander, provision merchant, 72 Gallowgate
Innes, John, pattern-drawer and print-cutter, 24 Wilson street
Innes, William, spirit merchant, 93 and 97 Saltmarket street
Inspecting Field Officer's Office, 164 Hope street
Inspector of the Poor for Barony, office North Albion street
Inspector of the Poor for Glasgow, Town's Hospital
Inspector of the Poor for Gorbals, 80 Thistle street
Inspector of Weights and Measures for Barony of Gorbals, office 70 Thistle street
Insurance Co. of Scotland. Geo. Ord, 103 St. Vincent street
Inverness, Fort- WiUiam, and Oban Steam-Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street
Inverness Steam-Packet Office, 65 Jamaica street. Dugald M'Intyre, agent
Inverart, Rothesay, and Dunoon Steam- Packet Office, 9 Buchanan street
IRELAND, James, Western bank of Scotland
IRVINE &Bryce, manufacturing chemists, 128 Bishop street, Port-Dundas
Irvine, Christopher, & Son, smiths and wi-jghts, 151 Castle street
Irvine, James, umbi-ella-maker, 3 New Bridge street
Irvine, John, sen., builder, 190 Hope street
Irvin, Samuel, of W. ^- S. Irvin, house 10 Royal crescent
Irvin, William & Samuel, merchants, 19 South Hanover street
Irvine, William, wine and spirit merchant, 26 and 28 Kirk street, Townhead
Irvine, William, pastry-baker and confectioner, 209 Gallowgate street
Irvine, Mrs John, oi Renfrew street

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