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Bridgeton Old Victualling Society, 66 Main street, Bridgeton
^ridgeton Operative Victualling Society, 106 Main street, Bridgeton
Bridgeton Public Library, 9 John street, Bridgeton
Bridgeton Public School, 64 Main street, Bridgeton
Bridgeton Union Victualling Society, 132 Main street, Bridgeton
Bridgeton Victualling Society, 109 Main street, Bridgeton
BRISTOW, John, bookseller and stationer, 50 Trongate
British American Land Co.'s office, 3 Royal Exchange coart, Geo. Gillespie agent
British Commercial Insurance Co. Hamilton, Brothers, & Co., 240 Broomielaw
quay, agents
British Iron Foundry, 598 Gallowgate
British Ironmongery, Hardware, Oil, and Colour Store, 63 Main street, and 4 Clyde
street, Anderston. D. Roger.
British Linen Company Bank, corner of Queen street and Ingram street. James
Robertson and Patrick Brodie, agents.
British Plate Glass Co. D. Melvin <fe Co., agents, 57 Buchanan street
British "Woollen Mart, 67 Argyll street
BRIXEY, Charles, tavern keeper, 224 Broomielaw street
BROADFOOT, James, broker, 7 Stirling street
Broadfoot, James, broker, 46 Bridgegate
Broadfoot, Robert, grocer, 162 Saltmarket street
Broadfoot, captain William, 180 Hope street
Broadfoot, Miss, 150 Hill street, Garnethill
BROADLY, James, general broker, 37 Clyde street, Anderston
Urondle J, John of Hobert Dalglish ^ Co., house 3 West Prince's st. Queen's crescent
BROCK, Henry, manager of the Clydesdale bank
Brock, James, of Walter Brock Sf Co , 69 Queen street, house 82 George street
Brock, James, sen., tobacconist, 78 Bridgegate
Brock, James, merchant, 8 Springfield court, 69 Queen street
Brock, Robert, victualler and spirit dealer, 127 and 129 High street
Brock & M'Gavin, grain millers, 16 Commercial road, Hutchesontown
Brock, Walter, & Co., merchants, 69 Queen street
Brock, William, grain dealer, 296 High street
Brock, Mrs WiUiam, grocer and spirit dealer, 312 Argyll street
BROCKET, Andrew, joiner, house and ship wright, 24 York street
Brocket, William, bird stuffer, 39 Portugal street
BRODIE, Alex., spirit dealer, 6 Tobago street, Calton
Brodie, Archibald, carver, gilder, and drawing-room decorator, 60 Buchanan street
Brodie, Hugh, of Muirs, Connell, ^ Brodie, house Park grove. Paisley road
Brodie, James, weaving manager, at R. Thomson §■ Sons' %vorJcs, house 14 South
Wellington place
Brodie, John, spirit dealer, 6 Main street, Anderston
Brodie, John, merchant. Letters left at A. Nisbet's, 100 Trongate
Brodie, M'Leod, & Co., tailors and clothiers, 2 and 4 Royal Exchange square, and
143 Queen street
Brodie, Patrick, agent, British Linen Co., house 1 Woodside crescent
Brodie, Robert, coal agent and carter, 88 John street
Brodie, Thomas, British Linen Co.'s bank, house 78 Stockwell street
Brodie, William, merchant, 12 Carlton place
Brodie, William S , of Frew ^ Brodie, house 1 2 Carlton place
BROOKMAN, George, printer and stereotype founder, 6 Union street
BROOKE, J., Bootmaker, 280 George street
Brook, Brothers, pawnbrokers, Buchanan court, 44 Trongate
BROOKS, William & James, Baltic timber merchants, 68 St. Vincent street
Brooks, William, Swedish and Norwegian vice-consul, 68 St. Vincent street
Brooks, William, of Wiilv.im §r James Brooks, house 188 West Regent street
BROOM, James, & Co., worsted and shawl warehouse, 163 Ingram street
Broom, James, of James Broom §/■ Co , house 143 West Regent street
Broom, John, of M' Crindell ^ Broom, house 122 Hill street, Garnethill
Broom, William, builder, 154 Hill street, Garnethill
Broom, Mrs A., 122 Hill street, Garnethill
BBOOMniLL Foundry, Debbie's Loan, Port-Dundas

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