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Armstrong, Miss, 16 Comely Bank place
Army Ordnance Department, Headquarters
Office, 22 North Bridge street
Army Scripture Readers' and Soldiers' Friend
Society for Scotland, 5 St Andrew square ;
Captain W. Morrison, secretary and treasurer ;
house, 14 Leamington terrace
Arneil, Miss, 4 Bruntsiield terrace
Arniston Coal Co. Limited ; office, 44 Queen
street; John C. Chisholm, secretary
Arnold, Thomas, 22 Brougham street
Arnot, Alexander [churcli officer, Decon U.F.
Church), 6 Douglas gardens
ARNOT, JAMES, bookseller and stationer, 95
Lothian road ; house, 196 Morrison street.
JfiSee Adv. index
Arnot, James, M. A. {cleric to Edinburgh School
Board), 57 Leamington terrace
Arnot, James, mason, 11 Comiston gardens
Arnot, John, 29 Albert place
Arnot, John, 35 Mentone terrace
Arnot, John, 38 Montrose terrace
Arnot, Robert, accountant, 505 Lawnmarket
Arnot, Robert, 2 Airlie place
Arnot, William, 28 Comely Bank avenue
Arnot, Mrs, 262 Morrison street
Arnot, Mrs, 32 Briarbank terrace
Arnot, Mrs, 84 Haymarket terrace
Arnot, Miss, 1 Roseneath place
Arnott, J., & Co., hosiers, glovers, and fancy
warehousemen, 212 Great Junction street
Arnott, Alexander, 13 Roxburgh street
Arnott, Arthur J. "W., 24 St Bernard's cres.
Arnott, Brigade-Surg. Lieut. -Col. James, M.D.,
late I. M.S., 8 Rothesay place
Arnott, George, 12 Gorgie road
Arnott, Heniy, 17 Elmwood terrace
Arnott, James Alexander, architect, 32 Morning-
side road
Arnott, John, 11 Hermitage place, Leith
Arnott, John, 32 Carlyle place
Arnott, W. M., 4 Summerfield, Restalrig road
Arnott, Mrs, 32 ]Morningside road
Arnott, Mrs, 23 Maryfield
Arnott, Mrs, 29 Dalmeny street
Arnott, Misses Walker, 24 St Bernard's crescent
Arnould, Francis W., plumber, 15 Wardlaw
Arras, Misses, Bythorn, Corstorphine road,
Arrighi, Alexander, 21 Upper Grove place
Arrighi, Alfred, 207 Bruntsiield place
Arrighi, Louis, 17 Barnton terrace
Arrighi, Louis J., Harrison view, Watson cres.
and Fair-a-Far, Cramond
Arrighi, William F., 53 Belford road
Art Journal Office, 35 Geoi'ge ly Bridge ; agent,
Wm. H. Forbes
Art, School of. Royal Institution, Mound
Art, School of Applied, Royal Institution,
Mound ; Alex. W. Inglis, secretary
Arthur & Fleming, tanners and curriers, West
Silver mills lane
Arthur & Co. Ltd., warehousemen, IS Waterloo
Arthur, James, 7 Granville terrace
Arthur, James, M.A., B.Sc. (Lond.), University
Tutorial Classes, 21 Hill place ; house, 66
Grange Loan
Arthur, James, 12 Dryden street
Arthur, J. B., baker, 187 Canongate
Arthur, John, horse shoer, 125 Fountainbridge ;
house, 10 Panmure place
Arthur, Robert (G.P.O.), 29 Richmond place
Arthur, William, butcher and poulterer, 36
Morningside road ; Telephone, 103x ; house,
193 Bruntsfield place
Arthur, William, baker, 72 Grassniarket ;
house, 68
Arthur, William, 30 Forbes road
Arthur, Mrs David, 215 Easter road, Leith
Arthur, Mrs John, 44 Rankeillor street
Arthur, Mrs, 5 Valleyfield street
Arthur, Mrs, 161 Dundee street
Arthurson, Thos. W., 32 Gordon street
Arundel, David B., 10 Murrayfield place
Asbestic Sand-brick Co. Ltd., 29 Rutland square
Ashcroft, Misses, 111 Henderson row
Asher, Alexander, advocate, K.C., M.P., LL.D. ;
chambers, 20 Alva street ; house, ' Beech-
wood,' Corstorphine road, Murrayfield
Asher, A. G. G., W.S., county clerk, 29 St
Andrew square ; house, 2 Belford park
Asher, William, S.S.C. and N.P. {Snody & A.),
13 Bernard st. ; ho., 'Rosanna,' Corstorphine
Asher, William, 18 Raeburn place
Ashforth, Mrs, 33 Mayfield road
Ashley, Harry, horsedealer, 23 Brandon terrace
Ashley, Mrs, laundry, 34 St Patrick square ;
house, 33
Ashton, A. T. Lee {organist, St Paul's, York
place), 2 Bellevue terrace
Ashton, George, 10 Hermitage place
Ashton, George William, insurance agent {Sal-
vation Army), 228 Gorgie road
Ashton, Mary, 147 Warrender Park road
Ashworth, James H., D.Sc, 4 Cluny terrace
Ashworth, Josiah, 20 Montpelier park
Assafray, A. T. , confectioner, 2a Castle street
and 101a Princes street
Assay, Goldsmiths', Office, 98 South Bridge
Assembly Rooms, 54 George street
Assessor's Office (Burgh), 29 Waterloo place
Assets Company Ltd., 11 Duke st. ; J. Aikman
Smith, manager
Assistant Adjutant-General's Office, Head-
quarter Office, 22 North Bridge street
Associated Carpenters' and Joiners' Society, 30
Chambers street ; Alexander Stark, general
Association for the Inspection of Religious
Instruction ; James M'Kerrell Brown, C.A.,
secretary, 44 Queen street
Association, (The Help), Edinburgh, for Improv-
ing the Condition of the Poor, 59 Frederick
street ; Isaac J. Cowie, secretary and assistant
Association for Improving the Condition of the
Poor in Leith, 103 Constitution street ; Adam
Black, superintendent
Association of Sworn IMeters and Weighers, Port
of Leith, Constitution place
Associations (See Index for list of)
Atherton, Mrs, 117 Montgomery street
Atkinson, Adam P., 140 Marchmont road
Atkinson, A., 30 Dock street
Atkinson, Edward, 46 Craiglea drive

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