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M'AELY, Thomas, commission agent and muslin
tambom'er and ornament er, 16 Canon street.
M'Arly,' Thomas (of Guthrie & M'Ai-ly), house, 4
Foremount ten-ace, Dowanhill.
MACAETHUE, Adam M. (at John Smith's, 114 Bath
street), house, 187 West Prince's street.
M'Arthur, Alex., church officer, Free St. Mark's
church ; house, 7 Catherine place, Anderston.
M'Arthui', Alex., grain and potato merchant, 13
Dake street ; house, 6 Chatham place.
M'Arthm-, Alex, (of James M'Arthur & Co., 82 Glass-
ford street), house, 21 Belhaven ten-ace.
M'Arthur, Alexander, 7 West Prince's street.
M'Arthur, Alex., bagpipe maker, 26 Thistle st., s.s.
Macarthur, Alex., officer of customs. Custom House,
house, 18 Afton crescent. Paisley road.
M'Arthm-, Archd., ship broker, 118 Broomielaw ; ho.
107 PoUok street.
M'Arthur, Archd., tailor and clothier, 124 South
Portland street; house, Daisybank, Kilcreggan.
M'Arthur, Ai-thur, cashier (N. British and Mercantile
Insm-ance Co., 102 St. Vincent street), ho. New
M'Arthur, Ai-tliur, hosier, glover, shirtmaker, and
outfitter, 63 Buchanan street ; house, 332 Duke st.
M'Arthur Brothers, merchants, and agents for the
Glasgow and Liverpool Screw Steam Shipping Co.,
and the Glasgow & Liverpool Traders, 24 Oswald st.
M'Arthur, Brothers, & Co., clothiers and drapers, 22
Oxford street.
M'Arthur, Charles, 344 Crown street.
M'Arthur, Charles S. (at Eobert M'Arthur's, 72
Glassford street), house, 147 Eeidvale street.
M'Arthur, Charles, writer (of Macbride, Davidson,
M'Arthm-, & Stevens), house, 7 West Prince's st.
jMacarthur, C. B., surgeon, 54 Lome pi., Dmnbarton
road ; house, 52 do.
j\r Arthur, D., bootmaker, 24 Dover street.
M'Arthm-, Daniel, 187 West Prince's street.
M'Arthur, Donald, coal merchant and shipping agent,
general tenninus. Paisley road ; house, Don villa,
Cardwell bay, Gourock.
JI' Arthur, Donald, fm-niture warehouse, 4 and 5 Great
Clyde street.
M'Arthm-, Dugald, butcher, 423 Parliamentary road ;
house, 429 do.
JI'Ai-thur, Duncan, agent. Union Bank of Scotland,
Trongate Branch ; house, 13 Eoyal tenace.
M'Arthm-, Duncan, restaurant, wholesale ice mer-
chant, pastry cook and confectioner, ice cream and
aerated soda and mineral water manufactm-er, 178
Trongate, 5 Hutcheson street, and 14 Saltmarket ;
house, 9 Hutcheson street.
MacArthur, D. (of D. MacArthur & Co.), house, 12
St. James' terrace, Hillhead.
ISIac Arthur, D., & Co., lace and embroidered muslin
manufacturers, 25 WeUington street, and St. Gall,
Macarthur & Farie, merchants, 96 Buchanan street.
M'Arthur, Hepburn, & Co., ship brokers and commis-
sion agents, 65 Jamaica street.
M'Arthm- James (of JPArthur Bros.), house, 2 St.
John's terrace, HiUhead.
Macarthur, James, & Co., enamellers and paper
stainers, 9 Shuttle street.
M'Arthur, James J., cutter, 22 Oxford street ; house,
7 Linden terrace. Prince's street, Pollokshields.
Macarthm-, Jas., & Co., papennakers and stationers,
82 Glassford street ; works, Dalsholm, Maryhill.
Macarthm-, James (of Andrew Anderson, Fordyce, &
Co.), house, 4 Linden terrace, Pollokshields.
Macarthur, James E. (of Macarthur & Farie), house,
10 Huntly gardens, Hillhead.
M'Arthm-, John, spirit merchant, 8 Crawford street;
house, 2 Hamilton terrace, west.
M'Arthur, John (of M'Arthur Brothers), house, 2
St. John's terrace, Hillhead.
M'Arthur, John, goldsmith, watchmaker, and jeweller,
4 Argyle arcade ; house, 163 Hospital street.
M'Arthur, Jolm (at Morton & Co.'s), ho. 40 Grove
M'Arthur, John, wooden moulding manufacturer, 61
Bishop street, Anderston ; residence, Douglas villa,
Hamilton place, Langside.
M'Ai'thur, John, wright, 61 Bishop st. , Anderston ;
house, Douglas villa, Langside.
M'T^-thur, John, moulding merchant, 61 Bishop st.,
Anderston ; house, Douglas villa, Langside.
M'Arthur, J. G. (of J. Veitch, Wilson, & Co.), house,
7 West Prince's street.
M'Ai-thur, John D., shu-tmaker, hosier, and glover,
195, 197 Sauchiehall street ; house, 207 do.
M'Arthur, John S., 21 Norwood terrace, Hillhead.
M'Arthm-, Jolm, baker, 178 St. George's road.
M'Arthur, John, timber merchant, 61 Bishop street,
M'Ai-thur, Malcohn, 67 Buchanan street ; house, 379
St. Vincent street.
M'Arthur, Neil, boot and shoemaker, 366 Great
Western road.
Macarthur, Neil, writer, 57 Hope street; house, 9
Buckingham terrace, Dumbarton road, Partick.
M'Arthur, Peter, 327 New Dahnarnock road.
M'Arthur, Peter, & Co., bakers, 56 Main street,
M'Arthm-, Eobert, plumber and gasfitter, 687 Gallow-
gate ; house, 674 do.
M'Arthur, Eobert, wholesale cloth and tweed mer-
chant, 72 Glassford street ; house, 7 Linden ter-
race, Pollokshields.
Macarthur, Thomas, clerk, 7 Carlton place ; house.
Old Tov\m, Milnga's'ie.
M'Arthur, Thomas (of John Dawson & Co., G
Mon-ison court), house, 104 Peel ter., Garnethill.
M'Arthur, William, tailor and clotliier, 40 Can-ick
street ; house, 478 St. Vincent street.
M'Arthur, W.S., 22 Oxford street ; house, 6 Kilmail-
ing ten-ace, Cathcart.
M'Arthur, William S. (at E. M'Arthur's, 72 Glassford
street), house, Kilmailing, Cathcart.
M'Ai-thm-, William (Wm. Graham & Co.'s), house.
Boghead cottage, Carmyle.
M'Arthm-, Wm., deputy superintendent Mercantile
Marine office, 12 James Watt street ; house, Green-
bank terrace, Cambuslang.
M'Arthm-, BIrs. Duncan, wine merchant, 13 and 15
Maxwell st. and 3 Croy pi. ; ho. 105 Douglas st.
M'Ai-thur, Mrs. Elizabeth, wine and spirit merchant,
489 Gallowgate ; house, 503 do.
M'Arthur, Mrs. Elizabeth, wine and spirit merchant,
114 Cathedi-al street ; house, 137 Dundas street.
M'Arthur, Mrs. J., fislnnonger, 240 Dumbarton road;
house, 227 Berkeley street.
M'Ai-thur, Mrs. James, 2 St. John's ter., Hillhead.
M'Arthur, Mrs. J. A, spirit merchant, 1 Eentoii
ten-ace ; house, 4 Albert drive.
M'Arthur, Mrs., upholsteress, 22 Cambridge street.
M'Arthm-, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 272 St. George's road-

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