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Macallister, Miss, 459 Dumb. rd.
M'Alpine, A. Mansfield lodge
M'Artbur, John (at Ales. Daw-
son's), ho 4 Lawrence pi
M'Arthur, John, wine and spirit
merchant, 8 Crawford St.; ho.
Hamilton ter. west
M'Cann, Robert, 20 Mansfield st
M'Caul, James S. 2 Lawrence pi
M'Clymont, Alex. Viewfield villa
M'Coll, Rev. Jn. of Newton pi. 11
Annfield ter.
M'Craw, Arch, timber merchant,
ho. 23 Elgin ter
M'Culloch, Thomas, flesher, 469
Dumbarton road ; ho. 6 Craw-
ford street
M'Dermott, J. A. 2 Spring pi
M'Donald, A. G. Holybank
M'Donald, David, ship clerk,
Pointhouse; ho. 8 Finniestonst
Macdonald, T. M. Thornbank
M'Dougall Duncan, 25 Argyle pi
M'Dougall, John, 22 Church st
MacEacharn, C. A. 16Haml.ter.w
MacEacharn, John, 16 Hamilton
ter. west
M'Ewing, Alex, merchant, house,
M'Ewen, George, hay and grain
merchant, Peel st
M'Ewing & Nelson, masons and
builders, Clyde St.; ho. 6 Craw-
ford st
M'Ewan, Mrs. John, 13 Hamilton
ter. west
M'Farlane, Gavin Scott, wood
merchant, Sandybank pi
M'Farlane, John, baker & confect.
352 Hamilton place; house, 16
Hamilton ter. west
M'Farlane, John, flesher, 222
Dumbarton rd. and Smith st.
Whiteinch; ho. 234 Dumb, rd
M'Farlane, Robt. C. Oswaldhill
M'Farlane, Sam. merch. ; house,
Oswald bank
M'Fee, Daniel, family grocer, 316
and 318 Dumbarton road ; ho.
10 Hamilton ter. west
M'Gaw, Jn. foreman, Kelvin Forge,
house, 220 Lincoln place
M'Gaw, Peter, jun. painter, paper-
hanger, & decorator, 294 Wind-
sor place, Dumbarton rd. ; ho.
3 Downie place
M'Gaw, Robert, decorator, 294
Dumbarton id
M'Geoch, Win. sen. 4 Hamilton
M'Geoch, Wm. jun. 1 Hamil, ter
MacGilvray, Hugh, 2 Lawrence pi
M'Govern, John, wine and spirit
mercht. 95 Dumbarton road
M'Gregor, Alex, draper, 15 Castle-
bank st. ; ho. 8 Dowanhill st
M'Gregor, Alex, tobacconist, 213
Dumbarton rd. ; ho. 8 Dowan-
hill st
M'Gregor, Chas. watchmaker, 355
Dumbarton rd
M'Gregor, James, wood merchant,
Yorkhill wharf; ho. Rannochlea,
M'Indoe, James, hardware merch.
319 Dumbarton road ; house,
2 Crawford st
M'Intosh, Miss, butcher, 35 Wil-
son st
M'Intyre, Arch. Fairley pk
M'Intyre, Mrs. Rev. Dr. ; ho. 2
Sandbank pi
M'Kay, Daniel, spirit merchant,
127 & 129 Dumbarton rd. and
I Bridge st
Mackay, John, railway contractor,
II Annfield ter
M'Kechnie, H. 17 Hamilton ter.
M'Kellar, Daniel (of M'Ewen &
Co.), ho. Rockbank
M'Kendrick, Thos. 13 Elgin ter
M'Kenzie, Jas. writer, 2 Hamil-
ton crescent
M'Kinlay, George, accountant, 14
Annfield ter. west
M'Kissock, Peter, mason and buil-
der ; ho. Annfield cottage
M'Lachlan, Rev. Jolm, D.D. rector
of St. Peter's Seminary
M'Lanriu & Brook, Misses, mil-
linery and fancy goods, 248
Dumbarton rd. ; ho. 80 South
Portland st. Glasgow
M'Lelland, Peter, merchant; ho.
Westfield ter
M'Lellan, Peter, spirit merchant,
290 Dumbarton rd. ; house, 4
Hamilton ter. west
M'Master, Neil, 12 Lawrence pi
M'Meekin, James, 204 Lincoln pi
M'Meekin, John, florist and con-
tractor, 52 Dumbarton rd
M'Meekin, Misses, dressmakers,
204 Lincoln place
M'Millan, S. H. & D. drapers
and clothiers, Cloth Hall, Par-
tick ; ho. Greenbank
M'Nair, A. D. Laurel bank, Crow
M'Nair, Dun. S. 2 Annfield ter. wt.
M'Naughton, Jas. clerk, Point-
house Shipyard; hou_e, 48 Old
Dumbarton rd
M'Nee, John, spirit merchant, 130
Castlebank st
M'Nee, Thos. (of T. M'Nee &
Co.), house, Greenbank
M'Neil, Mrs. John, grocer, 66
Castlebank st
M'Nicoll, Peter, accountant, 2
Dowanhill pi
Maephail, Malcolm, wine and spirit
merchant, 42 Anderson St.; ho.
30 Wilson st
M'Rorie, Malcolm, 14 Church st
M'Tavish, Neil, grocer, Bruce pi.
299 Dumbarton road ; ho. do.
M'Tavish, Misses, 186 Crown pi
M'Vinnie, Robert, Graham cottage
Malcolm, Alex. 4 Meadowbank pi
Mander Brothers, varnish makers,
Wolverhampton; representative,
W. H. Griff'en, 1 Elgin terrace
Mauson, Wm. shipping agent ; ho.
7 Elgin ter
Marshall, Jas. Wellpark Brewery;
ho. Sunnyside
Marshall, Jn. grocer, 144 Castle-
bank st.; ho. 62 Merkland st
Martin, Gardner, 13 Downie pi
Martin, Robt. plasterer, 6 Merk-
land st.; ho. 13 Maxwell st
Matchet, Jas. grocer, 62 Douglas
St.; house, do.
Mathers, Alex, secretary to the
Clydesdale Banking Co. ; ho.
Woodlands, Partickhill.
Matthews, H. (at David Storer &
Son's), house, 10 Lawrence pi
Maxwell, Edward, clerk, H.M
Custom's ; house, 22 Church st
Maxwell, John, junior, mason and
build. Peel St.; ho. Hamilton ter
Mellis, Dan. joiner, 83 Dumbarton
rd.; house, 2 Dowanhill place
Mellis, Robt. joiner, 83 Dumbart.
rd.; house, 2 Wallace pi
Mill, Wm. (at D.& W.Henderson's),
25 Kelvinhaugh st
Miller, Alex, (of A. & G. Miller),
house, Anerly, Partickhill
Miller, David, Ashburn villa
Miller & Fleming, manufacturers
of marine and other forgings,
Kelvin Forge
Miller, Hugh, jun. joiner, 22
Church street
Miller, Hugh, foreman joiner ;
ho. 22 Church st
Miller, James (at D. & W. Hen-
derson's, 149 Renfrew st)
Miller, Jame3 H. teacher, 4
Hamilton terrace, west
Miller, James (of Miller & Flem-
ing), ho. Linnfield, Whiteinch
Miller, Robert, spirit mercht. 279
Dumbarton road; ho. 302 do.
Miller, Thomas, chimney sweeper,
256 Dumbarton rd
Miller, Mrs. Jas. Ashburne villa
Milne, Mrs. George, 11 Elgin ter
Mitchell, James, draper and shirt
maker, 135 Dumbarton rd
Moffat, A. Cowan, physician and
surgeon, 21 Elgin ter
Moffat, George (of Geo. Moffat &
Co.), ho. 1 Hamilton ter. west
Moffat, Elizabeth, 21 Elgin ter
Moir, James, 4 Meadowbank cres.
Moir, Peter, 1 Dowanvale ter
Moncrieff, James, Erskine villa
Moore, Wm. (of Moore, M'Tag-
gart, & Co.), ho. Rosebank
More, David, wright and builder,
Peel st.; ho. 1 Hamilton ter. wt
Morrison, Alex, carriage hirer, 227
Dumbarton road ; ho. 225 do.

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