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Temiant, Mrs. cook, 89 Shamrock street.
Tennant, Agnes, dress and cloak maker, 503 St.
Vincent street.
Tennent, Margaret, draper, 28 Kent street; house, 2
Grafton place.
TERM, John (at Donald & Sellar's), house, 12 Hynd-
land street, Partick.
TERRAS, P. Sinclair, music teacher, 20 Kelvin-
haugh street.
TeiTas & Thomson, tailors and clothiers, 2G1a
Argyle street.
TESSIER, E. L. surveyor to Bureau Veritas, inter-
national Register of Shipping, Corn Exchange
Chambers, 29 Waterloo street; house, 111 Hill
street, GarnethilL
THACKRAY, Francis, rag merchant, 27 Bell street,
city ; house, 45 Shuttle street.
THALLON, George, tailor and clothier, 129 London
street; house, 53 Caledonia road.
Thames Plate Glass Co. glass manufacturers ; Nivens
& Pratt, agents, 80 Great Clyde street.
Tharsis Sulphur and Copper Co. (Limited) office,
136 West George street and 53 Renfield street;
works, 200 Garngad road ; Jonathan Thomson,
THAW & Campbell, masons, 166 Bellfield street.
The Alum and Ammonia Co. (Limited) manufac-
turing chemists ; works, Hurlet and Tradeston ;
office, 201 West street.
The Bailie, humorous and satirical journal ; pub-
lishing office, 10 Royal Exchange square.
The British Sanitary Company, sanitary engineers;
manager, James Carrick, 43 West Regent street ;
house, 62 Kelvingrove street.
The Broughton Copper Co. (Limited) Manchester;
M'Crindell, Schaw, & Co. agents, 150 Hope st.
The Broughton Copper Co. (Limited) copper and
brass tube makers, &c, Broughton Copper Works,
The Brownrigg Coal Co. 62 Robertson street.
The Butterly Co. iron masters, manufacturers of
bulb tee beams, girders, &c, near Derby ; agents,
Scott Brothers, 22 Renfield street.
The Carbonate Co. (Limited) ; H. C. Paterson,
general manager ; office, 18 George square ; works,
103 Bishop street, Port Dundas.
The Cloth Hall, 42 Hutcheson street.
The Co-operative News Office, 414 Argyle street.
The Cumberland Iron Mining and Smelting Co.
(Limited) ; John E. Swan & Brothers, agents, 62
St. Vincent street.
The Dacca Twist Co.,- manufacturers and spinners,
71-81 Virginia street.
The Drumshangie Coal Co. Camlachie ; depot,
East Nelson street.
The Foxley Coal Co. 62 Robertson street.
The Glasgow Conservative Association; P. W.
Dixon, acting treasurer and secretary; rooms, 129
Ingram street.
The Glasgow Plate Glass Insurance Co. ;
head office, 82 West Nile street ; James Whitten,
secretary. — See Advert. inAppen.
The Glasgow Plate Glass Co. rolled plate glass manu-
facturers, Firhill, Garscube road.
The Glasgow and Ayr Loan Co. pawnbrokers, 35
Nelson street, Tradeston.
The Glasgow Oilskin Co. seamen's coats, trousers,
sou'-westers, &c. manufacturers, 21 Argyle street,
works, Surrey street.
The Glasgow Steam Coal Co. Avonhead Collieries,
• Avonhead, by Airdrie ; office, 40 St. Enoch square.
The Glasgow Storage Co. (Limited) St. James' street,
Kingston; office, 166 St. Vincent street.
The Glasgow and Suburban Heritable Property Asso-
ciation ; Moore & Brown, managers, 166 St. i
Vincent street.
The Hartlepool Glass Co. (Limited), patent rolled &
rough cast plate glass, Old Hartlepool ; agent, Jr..
Sawers, 75 Jamaica street.
The Haywood Gas Coal Co. 157 St. Vincent street.
The Hollins Mill Co. spinners and manufacturers, 1 6
Mosley street, Manchester; Glasgow office, James
Brown's, 77 Queen st.
The Indo-European Telegraph Co. (Limited),
agent, Robert Neill, 10 South Hanover street.
The Junior Club, 474 and 500 Sauchiehall street ;
John Dykes, jun. secy, and treas. 79 St Vincent st.
The Kilsyth Coal Co. 149 St. Vincent street.
The King Street Embroidered Linen Co., sewed
muslin manufacturers, 80 Buchanan street.
The Mantle and Costume Manufacturing Co. 24
Hutcheson street.
The Manchester Wadding Co., wadding manu-
facturers, 71 and 81 Virginia street.
The Mercantile Marine Office. 12 James Watt st.
The Mutual Fire Insurance and Corporation Gua-
ranteed of Manchester ; agent for Scotland, H.
Gordon Smith, 14 Pitt street, Edinburgh.
The National Bank of New Zealand (Limited), 37
Lombard street, London ; W. J. Steel, manager.
The National Bank of Scotland, St. Rollox branc'',
181 Castle street ; James Stewart, agent ; house,
Eden villa, Lenzie.
The North China Marine Insurance Co., 3 North
court. Royal Exchange; R. Monteath, res. agent.
The Northern Club, 137 Bath st.
The Patent Heddle Co. manufacturers of hcddlos
and reeds, also doublers of cotton yarn, 107 High
John street.
The Phcenix Porter Brewery Co. Dublin ; agent,
D. Walker, 223 Hope street.
The Pneumatic Gas Co.; Richard Miller, manager,
63 St. Vincent street.
The Port Dundas Sugar Refining Co.; refinery,
Port Dundas ; office, 45 Virginia street.
The Private Baths Co. 58 North Hanover street.
The Regent Club, 146 West Regent street.
The Royal Naval Reserve office, 12 James Watt st.
The Royal Savings Investment & Buildings Society,
Jas. M'Meekin, manager; office, 42 Bath street.
The Sisters of Mercy Convent, 27, 31 Rose street,
The State Line Steam Ship Co. (Limited), Allan
C. Gow & Co. managers; office, 65 Gt. Clyde st.
The Standard Bank of British South Africa
(Limited), 10 Clement's lane, Lombard street,
London, E.C.
The Steel Company of Scotland (Limited), manu-
facturers of steel rails, forgings, and castings ;
office, 150 Hope street; works, Newton station,
Caledonian Railway.
The Stockton Malleable Iron Co. (Limited), iron-
masters, 120 Buchanan st. ; Char. E. Panton, agt.
The Stockton Rail Mill Co. ( Limited), ironmasters ;
Charles E. Panton, agent, 120 Buchanan st.
The Tramway Car and Works Co. (Limited), car
builders and contractors ; works, 105 Cumberland
street, Calton, and at Greenwich.

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