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M'A-dam, James, cooper, wood and hoop merchant,
39 Crookston street, Paisley road; house, 67 St.
James' street, Kingston.
M'Adam, John, potter, 45 Hyde Park street ; house,
184 Dumbarton road.
M'Adam, Robert, metallic cask and tank maker and
tin-plate worker, 316 Stobcross street ; house, 66
Cranston street.
M'Adam, Robert, tobacconist, 50 Catherine street,
Anderston ; house, do.
- M'Adam, Thomas, spirit merchant, 266 Garscube
road; house, 190 Gairbraid street.
M'Adam, William, potter, plumbago crucible and
glass-bottle manufacturer, 45, 75 Hyde Park st. ;
house, 30 St. Vincent crescent.
Macadam, William (of A. Simpson & Co., timber
merchants), house, 12 Minerva street.
M'Adam, Mrs. William, 201 Eglinton st; ho. 125 do.
M'AINSH & Carlyle, wrights, 102 Port Dundas road;
house, 11 Shamrock street.
M'ALLAN, James, flesher, 4b Ronald street and 49
Bumside street ; house, 4 Ronald street.
Macallan & M'Corkindale, wrights, 20 Paul street.
M'Allan, Mrs., 328 Renfrew street.
M'ALLEY, James, clerk, Comity Buildings ; house,
37 Dorset street.
M'ALLISTER, Alexander, designer and painter, 11
Miller st. ; house, 46 Apsley place.
M'Allister, Alexander, 35 Rose street, Gariiethill.
M'Allister, Alex., fish, game, ice, and poultry mercht,
15 West Howard street; house, 2 S. Portland st.
M'Allister, Alexauder C. (at John M'Nair & Co.'s.,
75 Virginia street), house,. 19 Kelvinside terrace.
M'Allister, Andrew, rope and twine maker, Cumber-
nauld road; house, 9 Whitehill street; letters
addressed 9 Whitehill street.
Macalister, Andrew, measurer, 331 New City road.
M'Allister, Andrew, wright and furniture merchant,
66 Ferguson street ; house, 76 Cambridge street.
M'Allister, Archibald (at David Stirrat & Sons), ho.
19 Kelvinside terrace, South Hillhead.
Macallister, Archibald (of James A. Napier & Co., 24
St. Vincent pi.), house, Meilewood, Botlnvell.
M'Allister, Charles, saddler and harness maker, 135
Castle st. and 294 Buchanan st. ; ho. 71 Glebe st.
M'Allister, Francis, auctioneer, 58 Jamaica street;
house, 17 Nicholson street, s.s.
M'Allister, George, & Sons, bakers and confectioners,
101 Stirling road; house, 152 Duke street.
M'Allister, George, & Son, bakers and confectioners,
148 Duke street ; house, 152 do.
M'Allister, George, grocer, 221 Watt st.; ho. 223 do.
M'Allister, James (of Steedman & M'Allister, 248
Paisley road), residence, Plantation, Langbank.
M'Alister, J. (of Sun Coal Co., 134 West Nile street),
residence, Plantation, Langbank.
Macalister, John H. (of J. & R. Macalister), residence,
South Gallowhill, Paisley.
M'Allister, John, sailmaker, Greenbank Sailworks,
Mavisbank quay ; ho. Plantation villa, Langbank.
Macallister, John (of John Williamson & Co.), house,
5 Regent Park terrace.
M'Allister, J. B., commission merch., 200 Buchanan st.
Macalister, John (of A. J. Gandois), house, Castle-
head, Paisley.
Macalister, John, yam agent, 45 Hope street ; house,
Blackland place, Paisley.
M'Alister, John N., Greenbank Sailworks, Mavisbank
quay ; house, 3 Cecil place, Paisley road.
M'Alister, John, wright, 12 Portland street ; house,
84 John street.
Macalister, J. & R., manufacturers, 9 Cochran street.
M'Allister & M'Lachlan, wrights, 83 Pitt street and
78a. Bishop street, Anderston.
M'Allister, Patrick, pawnbroker, 116 and 124 Green
street, Calton; house, 79 Great Hamilton street.
M'Allister, Patrick, clothier and outfitter, 273 and
275 Gallowgate ; house, 79 Great Hamilton street.
M'Allister, Robert, architect and gas engineer, 105
Douglas street.
M'Allister, Robert, teacher of vocal music ; class-
room, 148 West Nile street.
M'Allister, Robert (at John M'Allister's, Greenbank
Sailworks), residence, Plantation, Langbank.
M'Allister, Ronald, grocer and provision merchant, 61
Cumberland street; house, 50 Surrey street.
Macalister, R. S., deputy superintendent, mercantile
marine office, 12 James Watt st.; ho. Kilmalcolm.
M'Allister, Thomas, G.P.O. ; ho. 17 Malta street.
M'Allister, Walter, coal agent and house factor, 76
Abereromby street, Calton.
M'Allister, W. F., bootm., 287 Argyle st.; ho. 285 do.
M'Allister, Wm., wine and spirit merchant, 79 Dal-
marnock road ; house, 2 Branford pi., Duke st.
M'Allister, Wm., & Co., wine merchants,- wholesale
and retail grocers, 12 Maxwell street ; goods en-
trance, 11 St. Enoch's wynd.
M'Allister, Mrs., tobacconist, 79 Nelson st. Tradeston.
M'Allister, Mrs. William, cotton mill banding maker,
148 West Nile street.
M'Allister, Miss, tobacconist, 200 Buchanan street.
M'ALLUM, Mrs. Wm. (of Archibald Cousland & Co.),
residence, West Daldowie, Mount Vernon.
M' ALPINE, Charles, artist, 114 West Nile street.
M' Alpine, D., accountant and quartermaster, S
Scotia street.
M' Alpine, David (of Coghill & Co , goldbeaters), ho.
169 Comely Park street,
M Alpine, James, oil storeman, 110 Wellington st. ;
house, 84 Cathedral street,
M' Alpine, John (of Hogg & M'Alpine), ho. 20 Hill
place, Stirling road.
M'Alpine, John, provision merchant, 105 Parliamen-
tary road; house, 103 do.
M'Alpine, Jn., wright, 111 St. Vincent Lane; ho. 220
Hope street.
M'Alpine, Peter, boot and shoe furnisher, 74 Prince's
street; house, 12 Orchard street.
M'ANARNF,Y, Peter, herbalist and druggist, 101
Abereromby street ; house, 102 do.
M' ANDREW, John, & Co., coalmasters, Shields and
Dalzell Collieries, 149 St. Vincent street ; depot,
3 Charles street, St, Rollox.
M' Andrew, John S. (of John M' Andrew & Co.), ho.
17 Park Circus place, Park street, east.
M'Andrew, John (of St. Rollox Foundry Co. and
John M' Andrew & Co.), house, 17 Park Circus
place, Park street, east.
M'Andrew, John S., yam merchant and agent, 50
Renfield street; house, 81 Gloucester street.
M'Andrew, Robert, boot and shoo manufacturer, 57
Bridge street; house, 59 do.
M'ANSH, James, boot and shoemaker, 46 Scotia
street ; house, 44 do.
M'AHA, Alex., lime- and cement merchant, 83
Jamaica street; works and stores, 12 Dundas St.,
south side ; residence,, Dungoyne, Ayton road,.
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