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Hamilton, Archibald, brass engraver and brass
window plate maker, 229 Argyle st. ; house, 108
Hospital street. — See Advertisement in Appen.
Hamilton, Archd., sen. (of Archd. Hamilton & Son),
house, 11 Lome place, Mount Florida.
Hamilton, Archd., jun. (of Archd. Hamilton & Son),
house, 11 Lome place, Mount Florida.
Hamilton, Charles, wine merchant, 73 Renfield street;
residence, Oakfield, Helensburgh.
Hamilton, Claud, grocer, 125 Govan street.
Hamilton & Co., coal masters, 35 Buchanan street.
Hamilton & Co., Dumbarton rope and sail works,
11-4 Broomielaw.
Hamilton Coal Co., coal masters, 54 St. Enoch sq.
Hamilton, Daniel (of Hamilton & Winning), 147
West George street.
Hamilton, Daniel, superintendent of markets, 76
Moore street.
Hamilton, David, paper tube manufacturer, 4 Craig-
nestock street.
Hamilton, D., teller, City of Glasgow Bank ; house,
10 Willowbank crescent.
Hamilton, Rev. David, 33 Bothwell place, Hillhead.
Hamilton, David (of J. & D. Hamilton), house, Fir
bank, Shawlands.
Hamilton, David commission agent & merchant, 79
Park road.
Hamilton, David, mineral water manufacturer, 35
Annfield street.
Hamilton, David, wholesale malt liquor merchant, 35
Annfield street and 41 Brandon street; house,
37 Annfield street.
Hamilton, Donald, City Chambers, Ingram street ;
house, 9 Ibrox place.
Hamilton, Gavin, writer, 114 West Nile street ; re-
sidence, 60 Rosebank terrace.
Hamilton, Gavin (of Malcolm Graham & Co.), house,
134 Great Hamilton street.
Hamilton, Gavin, watchmaker, 80 Great Hamilton
street ; house, 93 Annfield street.
Hamilton, George (of P. & G. Hamilton), house, 5
Granby terrace, Hillhead.
Hamilton, George L. (of Archd. Hamilton & Sons),
house, 11 Lome place, Mount Florida.
Hamilton, George, painter and paperhanger, 16
Great Hamilton street.
Hamilton, Graham, perfumer and hairdresser, 55, 57
Cowcaddens ; house, 40 do.
Hamilton, Hugh, billiard-table maker, 360 Parlia-
mentary road, 86 Dundas street.
Hamilton, Hugh, dairyman, 96, 98, and 100 John
street; house, 98 do.
Hamilton, Hugh, dairyman, 109^- Springburn road ;
house, 98 High John street.
Hamilton, James, sewed muslin manufacturer, 22
Hope street ; ho. 27 St. James' street, Hillhead.
Hamilton, James, shoemaker, 96 Garngad road ; ho.
173 do.
Hamilton, James (of John Hamilton & Sons, tobacco
and snuff manufacturers, 6 New wynd), house, 60
Bath street.
Hamilton, James, LA., architect, 113 West Regent
street; house, 16 Burnbank terrace.
Hamilton, James (of Barclay, Curie, & Co.), house,
15 Royal crescent.
Hamilton, James, dairyman, 248 and 72 Parlia-
mentary road; house, 103 Garngad hill.
Hamilton, James, commission agent, 77 Queen st. ;
house, 3 Hillhead place, Bank street.
Hamilton, James, lithographer, engraver, and printer,
39 Stockwell street ; house, 135 S. Cumberland st.
Hamilton, James (of Hamilton & Aitken), house, 220
West Regent street.
Hamilton, James, cowfeeder, 53 M'Alpine street ;
house, 51 do.
Hamilton, James (of T. & J. Hamilton, 42 Tobago
street), house, Thornton Lodge, Helensburgh.
Hamilton, James (at James Fulton's), house, 136
Renfrew street.
Hamilton, James, chemist, 7 Caprera place and 3
Sedan place (Post-Office Receiving Office), house, 1
Avondale place, Paisley road.
Hamilton, James (of Hamilton, M'Culloch, & Co.),
house, Derwent cottage, Crossbill.
Hamilton, James, bank agent, Royal Bank of Scot-
land, Tradeston ; house, Buxton villa, Shawlands.
Hamilton, James, agent for Standard Life Assurance
Co., 105 Eglinton st, ; ho. Buxton villa, Shawlands.
Hamilton, James, agent for Scottish Fire Insurance
Co., 105 Eglinton st. ; ho. Buxton villa, Shawlands.
Hamilton, James, agent for Liverpool and London
Globe Insurance Co., 105 Eglinton street; house,
Buxton villa, Shawlands.
Hamilton, James, spirit merchant, 137 Castle street ;
house, 213 Parliamentary road.
Hamilton, James, teller, City Bank, Anderston ; ho.
Hamilton, James, fruiterer and confectioner, 132
Eaglesham street.
Hamilton, James, auctioner and valuator of heritable
and moveable property, 82 West Nile street.
Hamilton, James Dunlop, writer, 60 George square ;
ho. 6 South Hanover st. and Greenbank, Mearns.
Hamilton, James (of Robert Hamilton & Son), ho.
Parkside house, Crossbill.
Hamilton, James, steam power and letterpress prin-
ter, 164 Trongate; house, 12 Rutland crescent.
Hamilton, James, paper and commission agent, 78
St. Vincent la. ; ho. 2 Hampden ter., Mount Florida.
Hamilton, James M'K. , fancy box and pattern-card
maker, 95 Hutcheson st. ; ho. 25 Warwick street.
Hamilton, James Struthers, manager, Adelphi Cotton
Works ; house, 8 Regent Park square.
Hamilton, J. A., writer and notary public, 60 Geo. sq.
Hamilton, John (of J. & D. Hamilton), house, May-
field, Bothwell.
Hamilton, J. & J., writers, 60 George square.
Hamilton, John, 220 West Regent street.
Hamilton, J. J. (of Hamilton & MTntosb, 134 Queen
street), residence, Ellangowan, Helensburgh.
Hamilton, John, sheriff officer, accountant, constable,
and house factor, 97 Main st, Rutherglen; house,
33 Mill street, do.
Hamilton, John, hair cutter and perfumer, 47 Ren-
field street ; house, 150 Barrack street.
Hamilton, John (of A. & S. Henry & Co.), house, 35
North Park terrace, Hillhead.
Hamilton, John, & Sons, tobacco and snuff manufac-
turers, 6 and 10 New wynd.
Hamilton, John, registrar of births, &c, for Ander-
ston district, 8 Minerva st. ; house, 4 Gray street,
Hamilton, Rev. John, minister, Free West Church ;
house, 23 Elmbank crescent.
Hamilton, John, fruiterer, 215 Argyle st. ; house, 70
Robertson street.
Hamilton, John (of Hamilton & Co.), ho. 2 Granby

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