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Nimmo, Wm. (at Charles Connell
& Co.'s), ho. Westburn pi
PatersoD, Robert, woollea yarn,
and general commission march.;
ho. Clyde view
Keid, John, grocer and pro. mere.
48 Smith st
Richmond, Geo. farmer, Scotston
Robinson, John W. (of J. P. E.
Robinson), ho. Clydeview
Robinson, Robert (of Robinson,
Dunn, & Co.), ho. Clydeview
Rowley, J as. foreman iron ship
fitter; ho. 17 Summerfield cots.
Russell, Margaret, eating-house, 31
Smith sK; ho. 45 North st
Sawyer, John, shipbuilder, 16
Summerfield cottages
Sinton, Ja?. stationer and woollen
draper, Smith st.; ho. 5 Sum-
merfield cottages
Smellie, George, measurer ; ho.
Storrie, Alexander, nurseryman
Tagg, John, blockcutter; ho. 20
Summerfield cottages
Taap, Andrew, Clydeview
Wallace, James, teacher, 13 Sum-
merfield cottages
Wallace, Robt. clerk, Corporation
Gas Co.; ho. 10 Sumrnerfd. cots
White, D. B. provision merchant
and grocer, 10 Scotston place ;
ho. Sandbank buildings, Clyde
st. Partick
Wingate, Thomas, engineer, ship-
builder, and founder ; house,
Viewfield, Partick
Wingate, Thos. & Co. engineers,
founder?, and shipbuilders
Wingate, Wilson (of Thos. Win-
gate & Co.), ho. Clydeview
Wylie & Lochhead, paper stainers,
Smith street
Scott, Robert
Finlay, James C.
Muir, Richard
2 Alexander, Mrs. James
Hodge, Mrs. Peter
M'Kichan, D. E.
Thomson, Kenneth
Easton, James
4 Govan, John W.
M'Kechnie, Duncan
Rose, Miss
Smith, Mrs.
Allan, Andrew
Campbell, James
6 Guthrie, James
Kennedy, George
Reid, John
Campbell, Mrs.
Lawrence, Mrs.
M'Laren, J.
'8 Henderson, John C.
Risk, George
Turner, William
10 Turnbull, Alexander
Mackinnon, Mrs.
12 Craig, Rev. Robt. M.A.
Carstairs, James
Gifi'en, Mrs.
Sillars, George Albert
Wallace, James
Smith, Henry N.
14 Baird, William
Murray, James
14 M'Rone, George
M'Lean, J.
Loudon, J.
Currie, Fyfe W.
16 Armstrong, James
Ritson, Thomas
Anderson, Frederick
M'Cue, Mrs. Alexander
18 Ferguson, Thomas
Hay, Robert
Robertson, Arcbd H.
Sinclair, James
Fairbairn, Wm. P.
20 Brown, James
Bissell, John
Baird, Thomas
Halley, George
Halley, John
Halley, R. A.
Russell, Wm. F,
22 Cullen, James
Graham, Crerar, & Co.
Russell, James
Docharty, James
Raeburn, Mrs.
Russell, A. B.
Russell, William
Bell, D.
24 Muir, George
M'Nish, N. D.
Kinloch, A. 0.
MacLeod, Kenneth
1 Girvan, James Graham
2 Kelly, Mrs.
1 M'Culloch, S. & W.
2 Chalmers, William
7 Boyce, Peter
9 Ralston, William
11 Murdoch, William
15 Smith, James
Sutherland, George
19 Henderson, Joseph
1 Weir, William
2 Boyd, Mrs. A. •
Crawford, Charles
Simpson, Robert
Gibson, Ales. M.
3 Howell, Evan
Jago, Alfred T.
Ross, W. W.
4 Brown, Mrs. J. H.
Sutherland, Rev. Alex.
White, James
Whyte, Mrs. John
Telfer, George
5 Muirhead, Thomas
Thorburn, William
6 Haig, John
Hilson, Andrew
Kerr, Andrew
8 Russell, M. & H.
Muir, John
Gordon, R. D.
Helton, Mrs. Thomas
M 'Allan, Mrs.
Sutherland, J.
9 Orr, Thomas

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