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Cairos, William, one of the head
masters, Springhill Academy
Calder, John (at James Kerr &
Co.'s), ho. Laurel Bank buildgs.
Campbell, Robert, slater, West-
fisld lane
Campbell, Mrs. East Shaw villa
Cassels, L. S. (of P. Lennox & Co.)
Champion, T. Acadia villa
Christie, William, one of the head
masters, Sprioghill Academy
Cowan, John, Ashton villa
Cowan, Robert G. Aahton villa,
FoUok rd
Craig, James, Derwent cottage
Cree, R. Scott ; ho. Westfield
Dalgetty, Joseph, bread factory
Davidson Brothers, 78 W. Howard
St; Acadia villa
Davidson, James, Acadia villa
Davidson, Thomas, Acadia villa
Davis, H. A. Fowlerfield cottage
Dietrichsen,Fred. C. J. Daili/ Mail
office, Crookston cottage
Dick, W. R. com. mer. Albany cot.
PoUok rd
Dow, Jas. flesher, Wellpark pi
Dow, S. wine and spirit merchant
Dfummond, James, Bothwell ter
Drysdale, Alex. Alma place
DufFus, T. H. Moss-side cottage
Duncanson, William (of Duncan-
son & Forb-s), Eastpark place
Eadie, William, Lansdowne pi
Fairservice, John, detective officer,
Ferguson, Hume, 1 Bothwell ter
Ferguson, Wm. (of Allan & Fer-
guson), house, Westfield
Fimister, William ; house, Ivy cot.
Finlay, Hugh, Crossmjdoof
Forgie, Thomas, Laurel bank pi
Fotheringhara, Joho, gardener,
Fraser, Alex. S..1 Darnley terrace
Galbraith, Robert, Post Office
Galloway, William, Bothwell ter
Gait, Hugh, blacksmith
Gibb, Wra. Clutha bank
Govan, Geo. R. (Thomson & Sons),
5 Darnley terrace
Govan, John, jun. 4 Darnley ter
Govan, Wm. commiss. agent, 57
W. Nile St. ; ho. 1 Fyfe place
Gray, Thomas, Brae cottage
Greenshields, Thos. Newton place
Greig, William
Guy, John, writer and notary
public, 4 Elgin villas
Hamilton, David (of J. D. Hamil-
ton), Firbank cottage
Hamilton, David, manager, Camp-
Handley, John
Hector, Wm. writer, Pollokshaws;
house, Shawlands house
Henderson, Jon. collector of police
assessment, Clutha bank
^ Henderson, Mrs. Westfield
Henderson, William, East Park
Hogg, Alex. Largo villa
Hutchieson, Dav. Laurel Bank pi
James, David, Ashbank
Jeffrey, Mrs. Wm. Campvale ho.
Johnstone, Henr}', 1 Darnley ter.
Kaj', Mrs. William, Spring; place
Kennedy, Hugh, Cromda'e villa
Kennedy, Mrs. Wm. spirit mercht.
Forest villa
King, J. F. & W. Moss cottage
Kirkvvood, John, builder; house,
Spring place
Lang, John, 2 Elgin villas
Leckie, Alex. Springhill cottage
Lockhart, David, Oakbauk cottage
Lowry, Joseph, 2 Darnley terrace
M'Auslin, Arch, surgeon
M'Auslin, Malcolm; ho. Victoria pi
M'Call, Miss, Rock cottage
M 'Galium, Donald, joiner; house,
11 Crossmyloof buildings
M'Callum, Margaret, baker
M'Credie, T. 0. Rose cottage
Macdonald, D. Lansdowne place
Macfarlane, Thomas, Bothwell ter
M'Houl, David, Buchanan cottage
M'Ka}', Charles, spirit merchant,
Spring place
M'Kittrick, Wm. L. 3 Darnley ter
M'Lean, James, saddler
M'Lean, John, wine and spirit
merchant, Vallance pi. Cross-
myloof; house, 3 Carlton pi
Macphail, Stewart, Bothwell ter
M'Pheely, P. china and fancy
goods mercht. Well Park pi
M'Neish, Joseph, Victoria pi
Martin, James, 3 Darnley ter
Marshall, James, Shawlands
Melvin, Robert, Springhill cresct
Melvin, William, Springhill cresct
Menzies, John, spirit dealer, 6
Darnley ter
Mitchell, Alex. Meadowbank cot
Millar, Archibald, teacher ; house,
Fyfe place
Miller, George, Darnley ter
Miller, M. salesman, bread factory
Muirhead, J. forger. Cart forge
Munro, Hugh, grocer and sp. dealer
Murphy, Henry, pawnbrk. Spring-
bill ter
Murraj', Richard, Lansdowne pi
Nicol, R. D. Trefoil house
Oliphant, Robert, Springhill
Pate, Robert, 5 Darnley ter
Paterson, Robert 4 Pollok villas
Paterson, Wm. Shawlands villa
PatoD, W. gardener, Langside val
Pearson, Patrick, 5 Darnley ter
Pentland, D. (of Swan & Pent-
land), ho. Victoria pi
Pigott, Henry, Greenbill cottage
Porter, Robt. Alma pi
Pride, Geo. 2 Darnley ter
Pullney, Jas. Bothwell ter
Reddoch, Allan, Laurelbank
Reddoch, Newton B. Laurelbank
Reid, James A. 3 Darnley ter
Reid, John, 2 Carey pi
Reid, Robert, 2 Carey pi
Rhind, William, architect and
measurer, Spring place
Rhind, Mrs. draper and Post ofiice
Rhind, Miss J. P. mil. Post ofHce
Robson, John, Shawlands
Rodger, Smeaton George, Forest
villa, Pollok rd
Ross, J. W. Trefuil avenue
Rule, James, 1 East park
Russell, Alex. T. F.C. Manse
Russell, G. Fowlerfield
Scott, A. G. & Co. merchants, 16
Bothwell St.; ho. Salem villa
Seaton, John, Ardgowan cottage
Semple, Gavin, 4 Darnley ter
Shields, J. H. Wellpark
Sinclair, Robert, Helensorr villa
Smith, Alex. Laurel Bank pi
Smith, Charles, & Co. Pollok rd
Smith, John S. 1 Darnley ter
Smith, Mrs. milliner, Pollok rd
Speirs, Gavin, Mirrilee pi
Stevenson, John, Fife pi
Stewart, Andrew, Moss-side
Stewart, John, carriage hirer
Stewart, John, Glencairn cottage
Stewart, John, Fife pi
Stewart, R. H. 1 Darnley ter
Stewart, Thos. Armadale cot
Stirling, Allan, boot and .-iboeffikr.
Stirling, R. G. Sweet Hope
Suttie, Wm. K. Elgin villa
Swan, James D. Ashbflnk
Tannock, Hugh D. .5 Darnley ter
Taylor, Alex. ho. Shawlands
Taylor, Thomas W. Moss-side
Taylor, W. pawnbroker & jeweller,
Templeton, John, spi it merchant
Thomson, James, engineer, 4
Woodside pi
Thomson, W. S. 2 Darnley ter
Thomson, Mrs. Neil, Camphill
Thornhill, George, Buxton villa
Urquhart,Alex. builder,Sweethope
Walker, Mark
Wallace, James, surgeon dentist,
Westfield villa
Watt, J. & R. Nancy villa
Williamson, Thos. (at Mat. Algie
& Co.'s)
Wilson, A.ndrew, potato merchant
Wilson, Hugh, provision mercht.
Newton pi
Wilton, John, Laurel Bank pi
Wright, Ronald, commission mer-
chant; house, Darnley ter
Younger, John, 1 Bella villa
Jas. Wilson, senior, magistrate ;
Alex. Campbell & J. M'Farlane
jun. magistrates ; J. Wilson, A.

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