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Brown, John, house factor, 288 and 292 Argyle
street; house, 41 Charlotte street.
Brown, John, victualler and grocer, 38 Main street,
Bridgeton ; house, 7 do.
Brown, John, court-house Iceeper, 1 East Clj'de St.
Blown, John, perfumer, 8 Glassford street ; house,
89 John street.
Brown, John, victualler, 140 Gallowgate ; house, 8
Charlotte street.
Brown, John, hosier and shirtmaker, 8 Candle-
riggs ; liouse, IG Cleland street.
Brown, J(ilin, hat manufacturer, 22 Market street ;
house, 24 do.
Brown, John, pattern designer, 3 West Nile street;
house, 48 Shamrock street.
Brown, John, & Co., toy warehouse, 12 Glassford st.
Brown, John, & Co., fruit merchants, 2, 4 Glassford
street; house, 18 North Albion street.
Brown, John, R.N., 1 Cumberland street.
Brown, John, victualler, 124 London road; house,
82 Oswald street.
Brown, John, house factor, 48, 50 Great Hamilton st.
Brown, John, oJ'BrGu-n cj- Macartkur ; house, I Ann-
field place.
Brown, John, family grocer, 171 Sauchiehall street.
Brown, John, wine and spirit merchant, 1 Grainiest.
Brown, John, of William Brawn <j- Son; house, 4
Stow place, Paislev.
Brown, John, measurer, 40 Union street.
Brown, John, coalmasler and coke manufacturer, GO
Oswald street; house, 106 Hill street, Garnethill.
Brown, Joseph, grocer, 139 Main street, Goibals;
house, 156^ do.
Brown, Joshua, wright, trunk, and packing-box
maker, 278 George street & 71 George s-juare ;
house, 123 North John street.
Brown, Keir, & Brown, warehousemen, 114 Tron-
Brown & Macarthur, com agts., 32 West George st.
Brown, Malcolm, wine & spirit merchant, 91 Main
street, Anderston ; ho. 12 Sharp's lane.
Brown, Midcolm, dairyman, 51 M'Alpine street.
Brown, Malcolm & John, potato merchants, 117
P'glinton street.
Brown, Matthew, of Strove/, Brown, cf Co.; house.
77 Hill street, Garnethill.
Brown, Matthew, smith & cartwright, 151 Castle st.,
22 Barony street ; house, 12 Stanhope street.
Brown, Matthew, draper and hosier, 203 Upper
Main street.
Brown, Matthew, 100 North Frederick street.
Brown, Matthew B., of Brown t^ Caldwell; house, 5
Franklin terrace.
Brown, Matthew, coal agent, 70 Robertson street.
Browne, Maxwell, & Co., insurance brokers, 21 St.
Vincent place.
Brown & Miller, wholesale hardware merchants and
dealers in combs, cutlery, spectacles, jewellery, &c.,
20 Jail square.
Brewn, Mathieson, spirit merchant, 144 Garscube
road ; house, 146 do.
Brown, M. & J., nursery, seedsmen, and florists, 29
Glassford street ; nursery, east end of Duke street ;
house, Haghill, 5G3 Duke street.
Brown, M. & W., jun., & Co., merchants, 35 St.
A^incent place.
Brown, Neil, president Fingalian Club, 100 and 101
Great Clj'de street. See Appendix.
Brown, Nicol, 21 St. Enoch square.
Brown, N., o/D. Neill tf Co.; ho. 80 New City rd.
Brown, P. D., at Anderson <J' Gray's, 62 Queen st. ;
house 2 Largo place, New Cilj' road.
Brown, Peter, victualler and grocer, 370 Gallowgate.
Brown, Peter, commission merchant, 51 St. Vincent
street; house, 103 Bath street.
Brown, P. M'T., merchant, 166 Buchanan street;
house, 14 Roj'al crescent.
Brown, Robert Bennett, of Browne, Maxwell, ^ Co.;
house, 21 St. Vincent place.
Brown, Robert, at D. ^- A. Cuthbertson's, 110 West
George street; house, 83 Villafield place.
Brown, Robert, wholesale confectioner, 317 Argyle
street; house, 49 Campbell street. West.
Brown, Robert S., bookseller & stationer, 288 Argyle
street; house, 41 Charlotte street.
Brown, Robert, wood merchant, trunk & packing-
box maker, 81 jMitchell street, and 15 Melville
lane; house, Brownhill, Helen.sburgh.
Brown, Robert, commission merchant and agent for
Colvill, Greenlees, & Co., Argyle distillery, Camp-
belton; agent for Wm. M'Ewan, Fountain brew-
er^', Edinburgh, and P. & J. Sweetman, brewers,
Dublin, 114 Trongate; house, 24 Jlonteith row.
Brown, Robert, of li Broicn tj- Co ; house, Westfield
cottage, Shawlands.
Brown, Robert, grocer, 2 Farkhouse lane.
Brown, Robert, flour factor, 5 Bellgrove street.
Brown, Robert, & Co., coffee, fruit, & spice merchts.,
and commission agents, 45 East Howard street.
Brown, Robert, Ferguslie Firebrick Works depot,
158 Eglinton street; house. Underwood, Paisley.
Brown, Robt.,o/'i?rowre[j-M//er; ho. 170Saltmarket.
Brown, Robt., of Kenny if Brown : ho. 47 Renfrew st.
Brown, Samuel R. & Thos., sewed muslin manufac-
turers, 80 Queen street.
Brown, Samuel R., rf Samuel R. (f- T. Brown; house,
8 Wind.<or terrace, St. George's road.
Brown & Sharp, cotton brokers, 105 Glassford st.
Brown, Thomas, letter-carrier, P.O.; house, 7 North.
Paterson street.
Brown, Thomas, writer, of Brown (f Dimlop ; house,
North Haghill.
Brown, Thoma.a, of Samuel R. cf Thomas Broini; ho.
Bowfield house. Haw-wood, by Johnstone.
Brown, Thomas, at William Stirling tf So?i's ; house
Rockbaiik, Partickhill.
Brown, Thomas, of Wm. CutJibert ^ Co; house, 4
Lansdowne crescent.
Brown, Thomas, designer, at John Monteith cj- Co's.,
88 St. Vincent, street; ho. 4 So. Wellington st.
Brown, Thomas, flesher, 213 Duke st. ; ho. 215 do.
Brown, Thomas C, lieut. of police, 8 Bedford st.
Brown, Thomas, accountant. Canal Office, Port-
Dundas ; house, 204 Sandyford buildings. Dura-
barton ro:;d.
Brown, Thomas W., of James (f Thomas Brown cf-
Co. ; house, 1 Royal circus.
Brown, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, 31 Kent st. ;
house, 29 do.
Brown, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, ICl We.
Nile street ; house, 1 5 Renfrew street.
Brown, Thomas T., at James Taylor tj- Son's; ho.
133 Hospital street.
Brown, Tiiomas, victualler & grocer, 401 Argyle st.
Brown, William, M.D., 57 Sauchiehall street.
Brown, Wm., joiner & cabinetmaker, 239 Argyle st.
Brown, William, designer for weaving and printing,
69 Ingram street ; house, 44 St. Vincent crescent.

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