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Instituted 1851.
This Society was instituted for the pur-
pose of encouraging the pursuit of Natural
History in all its branches, and fostering
a love of the science by meetings for the
exhibition of specimens, both native and
foreign, the reading of communications,
and excursions for mutual improvement.
Candidates for membership are recom-
mended by three members of the society.
The society meets on the last Tuesday of
every month, in the Library of Anderson's
University, George Street.
John Scouler, M.D., LL.D., Honorary
President; J. P. Fraser, F.R.S.E ., F.G.S.,
President; Roger Hennedy, Vice-Presi-
dent ; James Duncan, Secretary ; Robert
Gray, Treasurer ; Hugh Colquhoun, Win.
Gourlie, Thomas Gray, Council.
Instituted 1847. Andrew Christie,
President ; W. B. Faulds, Vice-Presi-
dent ; John W. Ross, Secretary ; William
Halbert, Officer • R. T. Macmaster, Robt.
Carsewell, Charles Wingate, David Gow,
Robert Stott, H. C. Thorburn, Robert
Memes, James Lockhart, and Donald
M'Callum, Directors.
The Society meets in the Sheriff Court
Hall, County Buildings, every Wednesday
evening during the session, at a quarter
past eight o'clock. Its principal object is
the discussion and elucidation of disputed
and undecided questions in law, with
which is combined the preparation of
essays on subjects of a legal and literary
Patrons. — His Grace the Duke of
Hamilton and Brandon, Sir John Max-
well of Pollok, Bart., Sir James Camp-
bell of Strat heath ro, William Lockhart,
M.P., John Macgregor, M.P., Alexander
Hastie, M.P., William Campbell of Tilli-
chewan, John Gordon of Aikenhead,
Andrew S. Dalglish, Robert Galbraith,
Greenhead, D. M'Kinlay, Sir James
Anderson, M.P., Neale Thomson, Camp-
hill, Colonel J. Monteith Douglas, Stone-
byres, Hugh Tennent, Wellpark, William
Bankier, Colliebheag, Robert Napier,
Shandon, John Tennant, St. Roilox,
Humphrey E. Crum Ewing, John Find-
lay, younger.
The Hon. Andrew Orr, Lord Pro-
vost of Glasgow, President ; John Mitchell,
of Moorepark, Vice-President ; Rev. W.
Anderson, LL.D., and Rev. Dr. Gillan,
Chaplains; Robert Thomson, 18G Tron-
gate, Treasurer ; Thomas Brown, 49
Virginia street, Secretary.
The business meetings are held at the
Glasgow Athenaeum, and the exhibitions
in George Square.
Instituted 1843.
Mr. Seligmann, Conductor; John
Carrick, President; James H. Ferguson,
Vice-President; William Sellar, Trea-
surer ; James Buchanan, Librarian.
Directors. — Messrs. Carrick, Ferguson,
Sellar, Pearson, Buchanan, David Bal-
lingall, J. G. Stevenson, David Mitchell,
John Smith, Gilbert Lang; William
J. Pearson, 49 West George Street,
Secretary ; John Lennox, Officer.
The practisings are held iti the Jerusa-
lem Temple, Cathedral Street (corner of
North Hanover Street), every Wednesday
evening during the season, at a quarter
past eight o'clock.
Andrew Christie, President ; Richard
Edmiston, Treasurer; John Harvey,
Secretary ; John Reid, Librarian ; Robt.
Mathieson, Manson Gray, Thomas Men-
zies, Thomas Barlow, James Richardson,
J. Harkin, Leader.
The Union meets for the practice of
Vocal and Instrumental Music every
Monday Evening during the session, at
eight o'clock, in the Hall, 54 St.
George's Place.
Henry Glassford Bell, Sheriff-Substi-
tute of Lanarkshire, President ; George
Macfarlane, Hon. Treasurer ; James
Home, Hon. Secretary.
Extraordinary Directors. — Sir Arch.
Alison, Bart., Alexander Hastie, M.P.,
James Stirling, A. Orr Ewing, James
Smith of Jordanhill, John Ewing, Kel-
vingrove, Duncan Smith, Major Robert-
son, L. Hamel, J. R. Richardson, Alex-
ander Woodburn.
Council.— W. Weir, M.D., George
M'Farlane, John Taylor, jun., Dr. Row-
ney, James Home, J. F. Stewart, W. W.
Mitchell, Otto Kasalack, B. Eekhout,
A. S. Lang, J. Stewart, Ralph Sillars.

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