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ampton, 6th, 16th, and 26th of each
month, 1.20 p.m., 2s. 2d. under J oz., 4s.
4d. under 1 oz., &c. Newspapers free.
Virgin Islands, payment optional,
via Southampton, 6th, 16th, and 26th of
each month, Is. under 1 oz., &c. News-
papers free.
Virginia, State of. See America,
United States of.
Vera Cruz. See Mexico.
Wallachia. See Moldavia.
West Indies, British and Foreign.
See Indies, British and Foreign West.
Western Australia, payment obli-
gatory, by private Ship, Sd. -under ^ oz.,
&c. ; or if so addressed, by the Australian
Packet, 6d. under 5- oz. Newspapers, by
Private Ship, Id., by Packet, free.
White Sea, The. Letters for the British
Squadron in the White Sea, upon which
the requisite postage is paid, are sent by
Private Steamers, which leave Hull every
Friday evening for Christina, for officers'
letters, Is. under \ oz., 2s. under 1 oz.,
3s. 6d. under 1^ oz., 4s. under 2 oz. ; for
seamen's letters, under \ oz., 9d. Letters
will also be sent by Ships of War, or Ves-
sels in H.M. Service, for officers' letters,
payment obligatory, 6d. under ^ oz.; for
seamen's, Id. under J oz. Newspapers
Wurtemborg, payment optional, via
France, daily, unless otherwise addressed,
8d. under ^oz., &c; or via Belgium, 8d.
under \ oz., &c. Newspapers, by France,
2d.; by Belgium, free.
On reference to the kingdom or country in the preceding list, commencing at
page 49, full information with reference to the despatch of Letters will be found. For
instance, " Aalborg, Denmark," under the head " Denmark.," are the various
modes of despatch, the postage by each route, and instructions as to the manner in
which letters should be addressed. As all the places in France have a uniform rate
of postage when paid in this country, it has not been thought necessary to include
many of the French Post Towns.
Aalborg, Denmark.
Aalen, Wirtemburg.
Aarchus, Denmark.
Abahides, Spain.
Abbehausen, Oldenburg.
Abbeville, France.
Abo, Russia.
Abofeira, Portugal.
Aboukir, Egypt.
Abox, Spain.
Abrantes, Portugal.
Abyssinia, see Abyssinia.
Acadera, Spain.
Acapulco, Mexico.
Accum, Oldenburg.
Achim, Hanover.
Acqui, Sardinia.
Acre, Syria.
Adam, Turkey.
Adelaide, Australia.
Aden, see India.
Ademuz, Spain.
Adrianople, Turkey.
Agen, France.
Agra, Hindostan.
Agra, Spain.
Agrarn, Hungary.
Aguilar de Campos, Spain.
Ahlhorn, Oldenburg.
Aibling, Bavaria.
Aichah, Bavaria.
Aichtocedt, Bavaria.
Aigle, Switzerland.
Aigubelle, Sardinia.
Aiguperse, France.
Aiguesmortes, France.
Aime, Sardinia.
Ainsa, Spain. .
Airolo, Svdtzerland.
Aix, France.
Aix, Southern Italy.
Aix les Baines, Sardinia.
Aix la Chapelle, Prussia.
Ajaccio, Corsica.
Ajmeer, Hindostan.
Alassio, Sardinia.
Alba, in Albe, Sardinia.
Albania, Turkey.
Albano, Roman States.
Albany, United States.
Albenga, Sardinia.
Albisola, Sardinia.
Alcacerdo, Portugal.
Alcantara, Spain.
Alcira, Spain.
Aldea. Portugal.
Aldengen, Wirtemburg.
Aleareal, Portugal.
Aleppo, see Syria.
Alessandria, Sardinia.
Alexandretta, Turkey.
Alexandria, Egypt,
Alexandria, United States.
Alfeld, Hanover.
Algesiras, Spain.
Algoa Bay, Africa.
Alicante, Spain.
Alkmaar, Holland.
Allahabad, Hindostan.
Allamun, Switzerland.
Allendorf, Hesse.
Alles, Spain.
Almado, Portugal.
Almagro, Spain.
Almanza, Spain.
Almarez, Spain.
Almazan, Spain.
Almazarran, Spain.
Almedixor, Spain.
Almeida, Portugal.
Alineira, Spain.
Almendra, Spain.
Alost, Belgium.
Alpirsbach, Wirtemburg.
Alsfeld, Hesse.
Altenburg, Saxe Altenburg.
Altenesch, Oldenburg.
Altenhuntorf, Oldenburg.
Altenoylehe, Oldenburg.
Altona, Denmark.
Altorf, Switzerland.
Alt-Otting, Bavaria.

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