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Wood, John F. 59 Great Hamilton street
and 50 Dalmarnock road.
Wood, W. 10 Townsmill rd. Townhead.
Young, John L. 83 Wellington street
Dunlop, James, collector, 42 Moore st.
Dunlop, Joseph, collector, 42 Moore st.
Market Lane Slaughter-house, 48 Mar-
ket lane.
Adam, and Wright, 114 Trongate.
Adam, Mrs. 34 George street
Alison, C. 139 West Nile street.
Baxter, Win. 440, 442 Argyle street.
Borthwick, Alex, and Son, 93 Buchanan
street, 94 Argyle street, and 309 Sau-
chieball street.
Campbell, Miss Jane, 75 George street.
Douglas, A. and J. 139 Buchanan street
and 47 St. Vincent street.
Dunlop, Hugh, 158 Trongate.
Falconer, R. and Son, 132 Argyle street
and 2, 4 Buchanan street.
Hepburn, J. & L. 430 Parliamentary rd.
Horn, John, & Co. 46 High street.
Lindsay, Samuel, 1 52 Castle street.
M'Eachran, Laughland, and M'Naughton,
wholesale, 179 Argyle street.
M'Farlane, P, 10, 11, 12 Argyle arcade.
Mair, John, 106 Argyle street and 100
Muir, Archibald, 285 Sauchiehall street.
Paton, Alex. & Co. 19 St. Enoch sq.
Robertson, William, 99 Hutcheson street.
Shanks, John, 29J Bridge street.
Wilson, Hugh, & Co. 20 Candleriggs.
Wylie, Mrs. 156 Sauchiehall street.
Those marked a are also Bell-hangers.
Adams, C. 49 Trongate.
Alexander, William, & Co. 25 West st.
Allan, Brothers, 52 New wynd.
Allan, James, sen. 85 Bothwell street.
Allan and Walker, 79 Garscube road.
Anderson, Thomas, 9 Cambridge lane.
Annan, Mathew, 390 Parliamentary road,
o Bald, Robert, 174 Trongate.
Barclay, Phillips, & Co. 58 Anderston qy.
Barclay, R. and Curie, 59 M'Alpine st.
Binnie, Robert, 3 Warwick street.
Black, James, 61 Gallowgate.
Black, Robert, 310 Stobcross street.
Bowie, Robert, 8 Salisbury street.
Bowser and Cameron, M'Neil street.
Brydeu, John, and Sons, 112 Buchanan st.
Bryden, Wm. and Son, 7 Royal Bank pi.
Buchanan, James, 79 Stockwell.
Buchanan, Peter. & Co. 18 Bishop street.
Burnet, James, 1 70 Duke street.
Burrett, T. & Co. 110 Reufield street.
a Cairns, P. & Co. 38^ St. George's road.
a Cameron, Dugald, 43, 45 Bishop st.
Cameron, John, 28 Back wynd.
a Cameron, William, 34 Duke street.
Campbell, A. and Son, 126 Cheapsidest.
Campbell, A. & Co., 117 Hydepark st.
Campbell, Jas. & Co. Lancefield quay.
Campbell, W. and Son, 53 Stirling street,
a Clark, A. and L. 78 Union street.
a Clark, Donald, 64 Hope street.
Clark, John, and Son, 64 Hospital street.
Colquhoun, Lachlan, 49 East Howard st.
a Combe and Hamilton, heating and ven-
tilating engineers, 59 Cathedral street.
Comrie, Jas. 118 Clyde street, Auderstou.
Craig, James, 39 Bridgegate.
Crichton and Eadie, 44, 46 London st.
Croll, John, 3 Greyfiiars' wynd.
Cuthbert, John, 56 Old vennel.
Davidson and Wood, Union pi. North st.
a Dempster, Mrs. Wm. 23 Nicholas st.
Doig, John, 68 Main street, west.
Drew, Wm. & Co. 66 Wilson street and
195 Sauchiehall street.
Dron and Lawson, 11 North street.
Drummond, R. 69, 71 Canning st. Calton.
Evans, Mrs. 97 Piccadilly street.
Faulds, Robert, 6 Parson street.
Ferguson, J. and R. 11 Argyle street.
Ferguson, William, 8 Corn street.
a Field, Henry, 65 Argyle street.
a Field, Henry, Son, 68 Buchanau st.
Finlay, John, 46 Buchanan street.
Fleming, P. and R. 29 Argyle street.
Galloway, William, 339 Argyle street.
Gait, John, 99 Water street, Port-Dundas.
Gillespie, Alexander, 33 Miller's place.
Gordon and Rose, 16 William st. North st.
a Graham, D. and G. 182 Sauchiehall st.
Grant, Alexander, 145 Castle street.
Gunn, W. L. & Co. 15 Buchan street.
Hamilton and M'Dougall, 94 High st.
Hannah, A. 39 Kirk st. and 24 Risk st.
Hardie, Henry, 55, 57 Duke street.
Hardie, Thomas, 7 Dale street, Tradeston.
Herkless, Wm. Broad close, Shuttle st.
Hodge, John, 56 North street.
Hodge, John B. 60 North st. 362 Argyle st.
Hogg, Alexander, 12 Pitt street.
Hunter and Colquhoun, 1 Glebe street.
Irving, Robert, & Co. 13 Monkland st.
Kerr, James, 27 Portugal street.
Kirk, Thomas, 7 Sword street.
Knox and Jardine, 119 Cambridge st.
Law, Robert, Shettleston.
Lawrie and M'Coull, 147 Sauchiehall st.
Lindsay, Alexander, 39 Old wynd.
Lyle, David, Woodlands road.
M'Alpine, Colin, 5 Brown street.

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