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Clark. R. S. & D. 8 Nelson st. Tradeston
Clark, William, 8 Landressy street,
Clark, Margaret, 465 Gallowgate.
Cleland, R. 74 Sauchiehall street.
Coats, Philip, 18 Laigh Kirk close.
Cochran, Thomas, 166 Garscube road.
Cochran, William, 121 Gallowgate.
Cochran, Mrs. W. 64 Green st Carton,
a Cockburn, John, 8 Dempster street.
Colbert, Mrs. John, 1 9 Lawrooor place.
a Cook, Charles, 16 Wood lane.
Corsair, D, 102 Great Hamilton street.
a Coulter, John, 262 Main st. Bridgeton.
a Coulter, Mrs. Thos. 138 Reidst. Bridget.
Cowie, James, 37 Port-Dundas road.
Cowper, Wm. M. 74 Main st. Gorbals.
Craig, John, 34 Stockwell street.
Craig, John, 14, 16 Wellington arcade
and 245 Sauchiehall street.
Craig, Mrs. John, 81 North st. Anderston.
Cramsie, Chas. 154 Main st, Anderston.
Crawford, Duncan, 10 Thistle street,
Crawford, James, 100 Thistle street.
Crawford, James, 114 Garngad road.
Crawford, Peter, 85 Govan street.
Crawford, Mrs. 529 Gallowgate.
Crombie, William, 88 West Nile street.
Cuvrie, James, 12 M'Alpine street.
Currie, William, 47 Abercromby street.
Dalglish, J. and G. 63 Norfolk street and
90 Bridgegate.
Daly, Denis, 18 Glebe street.
Dailly, Mrs. Thomas, 122 Drygate.
Dallachy, Henry, 145 Canning street.
Davidson, David, 77 Biidgegate.
Davie, John. 167 New City road.
Dewar, W. F. 121. Gallowgate.
Dick, James, 20 Adelphi street.
Dick, M. 125 Cambridge street,
Dick, Mrs. Wm. 21 Great Hamilton st.
a Dickie, John, 2 St. James st. Kingston.
a Dickie, Robert, 100 King st. Tradeston.
a Dickson, A. jun. 22, 24 Abercromby st.
Dickson, David, 20 Paterson st. Kingston.
Dickson r James, 29 Ta3'lor street.
Dobbie, Thomas, 67 Main st. Bridgeton.
Donald, John, 44 Maitland street.
a Donald, Walt. 180 New Dalmarnock rd.
Donaldson, James, 72 Crown street.
Donnegan, M. 59 Commerce street.
Dougall, Andrew, 597 Gallowgate.
Dow, Alexander, 263 High street.
Dow, James, 67 Clyde st. Anderston.
Dow, Wm. M. 439 Parliamentary road.
Drysdale, Alexander, 87 Gallowgate.
Drysdale, J. and R. 25 King street.
Duncan, Alex. & Co. 106, 108 Buchanan
st. and 9 Royal Bank place.
a Dunlop, A. 43 North Frederick street.
Dunlop, John, 113, 115 Stobcross street,
Dunlop, Elizabeth, 60 Gt. Hamilton st.
Dunn, T. and M. 76 Bridgegate and 145
Dunsmore, Anne, 13 Main st. Calton.
Edgar, Walter, 19 West Milton street.
Elliot, John, 110 Havanna street.
Everrate, Mrs. 153 New City road.
Ewing, John, 436 Argyle street.
Falconer, Mrs. William, 231 Duke St.
Fell, John, 42 Kirk street, Calton.
Ferguson, Daniel, 155 High street.
Ferguson, Daniel, 63 Richard street.
Ferguson, James, 3 Surrey lane.
Ferguson, James, 52 St. Vincent street.
a Findlay, David, 23 West Russell st.
a Findlay, Mrs. George, 147 New vennel.
Finnerty, James, 67 Carrick street.
Fisher, Thomas, 1 King st. Mile-end.
Fleming, Alexander, 22 York street.
Flemington, Mrs. Wm. 7 Claremont st.
Foggo, Robert, 91 Renfield street.
Forbes, Alexander, 205 High street.
a Forbes, John, 175 Sauchiehall street.
Forbes, William, 31 South Portland st.
and 28 Oxford street.
Forgie, Andrew, 275, 277 Garscube rd.
Forrest, M. 80 Rose st, Hutchesontown.
Fotheringham, Miss, 38 Brown street,
Friend, George, 75 Grove street.
Fyfe, Mrs. George, 1 M'Neil street.
a Gait, James, 118 Waterloo street.
Gardner, Gavin, 16 Grace street,
Gardner, Geo. 229 Main st. Bridgeton.
a Gaw, Margaret, 10 Great Dovehill.
Gemmell, Alexander, 80 Finnieston st.
Gentle, Joseph, 3 Stobcross street.
Gilchrist, William, 211 Upper Main st.
Glass, James, 183 Main st. Gorbals.
Glen, Robert, 153 Clyde st. Port-Dundas.
Gould, David, 125 Garngad road.
Gould, James, 439 Argyle street.
Goold, John, 30 Clvde street, Calton.
Goold, William, & Co. 91 High street.
Gourlay, John, 234 High street.
a Govan, James, 51 Main st. Anderston.
Gow. Thomas, 154 Saltmarket.
a Gow, Miss M. 10 Great Dovehill.
Graham, Alex. 263 Sauchiehall street.
Graham and Crawford, 90 Whitevale st.
Grant, John, 214 Gavngad road.
Gray, James, 651 Gallowgate.
Gray, J. 512 Gallowgate.
Gray, John, 18 Clyde street, Anderston.
Gray, John, 39 Clyde street, Anderston.
Gray, Mrs. 9 Lawmoor place.
Gray, Janet, 46 Marlborough street.
Gray, Margaret, 15 Well street.
a Greer, Alexander, 256 Gallowgate.
Gunn, Murdoch, 14 Carrick street.
Habbick, John, 197 High street.
Hair, James, 66 Taylor street.
Hamilton, David, 14 Kirk st. Townhead.
Hamilton, Hugh, 42 St. Ninian street.
Hamilton, John, 28 Taylor street.
Hamilton, M. 31 Dalhousie street.
a Hamilton, Mrs. James, 33 Reid street.

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