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Younger and White, wool merchants and commission agents, 48. 50 Ingram sircet;
stores, 6, 8 Brunswick lane.
YUILLE, Andrew B., of Strang, Yuil/e, and Keyden, and commissioner for taking
English affidavits; residence, \Q Abercromby place, and Darleith, by Cardross.
Ynille, Andrew, vinegar, pickle, and cordial manufacturer, North Albion court,
41 North Albion street ; house, 9 Blackfriars' street.
Yuille, Archibald, horse-dealer, 33 Cathedral street.
Yuill, David, jobbing smith and gasfitter, grates, &c, 73 Kirk street, Calton; house,
41 Well street, do.
Yuille, David, 17 St. James' street, Kingston.
Yuile, David, commission agent, and agent for General Fire and Life Assurance Co.
of London, 40 Miller street; house, 2 Grafton place.
Yuill, Isaac, tailor and clothier, 1 Main street, Gorbals ; house, 20 Clyde terrace.
Yuill, James, saddle-tree, hame, and chain manufacturer, 19 Jackson street and 5
Ropework lane; house, 14 Jackson street.
Yuill, James R., portioner, 171 Upper Crown street.
Yuill, James, foreman, at Menzies' Repository ; house, 1 7 Risk street, Calton. *
Yuille, James, teacher of navigation and mathematics, 25 Clyde place.
Yuill, John, manager, Barrowfield Weaving Factory ; house, 35 East Rose street.
Yule, John, of Yule and Wilkie; house, 145 North Wellington street.
Yuill, Peter, 86 Thistle street, Hutchesontown.
Yuill, Robert, victualler and malt dealer, 32 Grove street.
Yuill, Robert, watch and clock maker, 3 Main street, Gorbals.
Yuille, Rev. Robert, 148 Hospital street.
Yuille, Samuel Bogue, surgeon, 148 Hospital street.
Yuile, William, draper, 10 High street ; house, 89 Cremorne buildings, Crown street.
Yuile, William, and Son, wine and spirit merchants, 40 Miller street.
Yuill, William, tobacco and snuff manufacturer, 87 Trongate ; ho. 95 Crown street.
Yuile, William P., of Win. Yuile and Son; house, Elgin place, 197 Pitt street-
Yule and Wilkie, engineers and millwrights, founders and boiler-makers, 3 Burnbank
place, Great Western road.
Yuill, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 8 Greenhill street.
Yuill, Mrs., confectioner, 59 Nelson street.
Yuille, Miss Margaret, 109 Renfrew street.
ZUILL, M., milliner and dressmaker, 1G London street.

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