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"Wallace, John, spirit merchant, 75 Maxwell street ; house, 3 Eagle lane.
Wallace, M., & Co., coalmasters, 50 Eenfield street.
Wallace, Richard, vintner and stabler, 8 Gibson street.
Wallace, Peter, victualler and grain merchant, 11 Cathcart street, Gorbals.
Wallace, Thomas, dairyman, 28 Sydney street.
Wallace, Thomas, & Co., gingham and pullicate manufacturers, 48 Gordon street.
Wallace, Thomas, of Thomas Wallace $ Co.; house, 334 St. Vincent street.
Wallace, William, baker, 21 Norfolk street ; house, 2 Norfolk court.
Wallace, William, portrait-painter, at Mr. John Finlay's, 104 St. Vincent street.
Wallace, William, & Son, bleachers, Burnbank. Letters and orders left at Mr.
Fisher's, 5 West Nile street.
Wallace, William, of J. and W. Wallace ; house, 125 Wellington street.
Wallace, William Johnston, warehouseman, 127 Crown street.
Wallace, William, commission merchant, 34 Garscube place.
Wallace, William, & Co., contractors, 125 Crown street.
Wallace, William, wine and spirit merchant, 222 High street; house, 220 do.
Wallace, William, sen., merchant, 334 St. Vincent street.
Wallace, William, cowfeeder, 4 Norfolk court.
Wallace, William, portioner, 63 Soho street.
Wallace, Mrs. Helen, lodgings, 18 Kingston place.
Wallace, Mrs. Robert, spirit dealer, 11 Kirk street, Townhead.
Wallace, Mrs. William, temperance coffee-house, Victoria buildings, 6 Great Clyde st.
Wallace, Mrs., 132 South Portland street.
Wallace, Mrs., 64 Balmoral place, St. George's road.
Wallace, Miss Catherine, milliner and dressmaker, 95 Nelson street, Tradeston.
Wallace, Barbara, fruiterer, 34 Norfolk street; house, Burland, Rutherglen.
Wallace, Mary, dressmaker, 82 Stobcross street.
WALLS, Hugh, wright and builder, 91 Maitland street; house, 55 Rose street.
Walls, Wm., spermaceti refiner, oil merchant, and drysalter, 58 North Frederick st. ;
house, 5 Viewfield terrace, Hillhead.
WALMSLEY, Peter, potato merchant, 7 Minerva street.
WALROND, Ellis, & Co., merchants, 33 St. Vincent place.
Walrond, Theodore, of Calder park, 33 St Vincent place.
WALSH, Thomas, tea, wine, and spirit deabr, 175 Finnieston street; house, 173 do.
WALTON, Henry, woollen and cotton flock and waste dealer, 79 Greendyke street
and 38 Charlotte lane ; house, 140 London street.
Walton, J. and T., glass, china, and earthenware merchants, 10 Union street. —
See Advertisement in Appendix.
WANDS, Charles, at Blackie and Sons' ; house, 166 Stafford place, New City road.
WARD, Daniel, teacher, 9 Kirk street, Gorbals ; house, 50 Rutherglen loan.
Ward, James, painter and paperhanger, 22 South Portland street; house, 52 William
street, Anderston.
Ward, Martin, cartwright and smith, 11 Steel street; house, 8 do.
Ward, Philip, victualler, 50 Rutherglen loan ; house, 9 Kirk street, Gorbals.
Ward, Robert, contractor and builder, 401 Parliamentary road; ho. 49 Holmhead St.
WARDEN, Archibald, agent, 21 Virginia street.
WARDLAW, Ralph, agent to the AVest of England Fire and Life Insurance Co.,
and for Shand and Mason, fire-engine and pump manufacturers, London, Queen's
buildings, 44 St. Vincent pi. ; ho. 189 Hill st. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Wardlaw, Walter, of William Wardlaw cy Co. ; house, 13 Claremont street.
Wardlaw, William, & Co., agents and commission merchants, 74 Buchanan street.
Wardlaw, William, writer, and agent for the Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co., 62
Buchanan street ; house, 2 Royal terrace. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Wardlaw, William, house- painter, paperhanger, and oil and colour merchant, 100 Fife
place, West George street ; house, 33 Kingston place.
Wardlaw, Mrs. Walter, 16 Holland place.
Wardlaw, Mrs. Dr., Millburn house, Renfrew. Letters left at William Wardlaw's,
62 Buchanan street.
WARDLE, G. Isaac, millinery and sewed muslins, 42 Argyle arcade; house, 10 St.
James' street, Kingston.
WARDROP, Alex., St. Enoch tavern, 11 St. Enoch lane.
Wardrop, James, foreman, at Rowan <§ Co.'s; house, 9 Germiston street,
Wardrope, John, ofBarnhill, Wardrope, $ Co. ; house, 56 Hill street, Garnethill.

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