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Syme, Mrs. George, milliner and dressmaker, 331 Sauchiehall street.
SYMINGTON, Gibb, and Russell, warehousemen, 152 Trongate.
Symington and Miller, general commission merchants, and agents for North of
England Fire and Life Insurance Co , 41 West George street.
Symington, R. B., & Co., muslin manufacturers, 9 Cochran st., and 19 Montrose st.
Symington, Rev. Wm., D.D., Professor of Systematic Theology, Reformed Presby-
terian Church ; house, 1 5 Annfield place.
Symington, William, of R. B. Symington tj- Co. ; house, 22 St. James' st,, Paisley.
SYMON, John, at Scott, Colquhoun, cf- Co.'s; house, 194 Saudyford buildings.
Syka Steam-Packet Office ; G. and J. Burns, 9 Buchanan street.
TAINSH, David, writer, and agent for the Scottish Provincial Assurance Co., 55
West Nile street ; house, 64 St. George's road.
Tainsh and Hutcheson, writers, 55 West Nile street.
Tait, John, baker and grain merchant, 60 George street ; house, 62 do.
Tait, John, boot and shoe manufacturer, 29 Finlay street.
Tait, John, civil engineer and land surveyor, 123 West George street.
Tait, John, spirit dealer, 31 Broad street, Mile-end.
Tait, William, engineer, ofM'Onie and Mirrlees ; house, 28 Warwick street.
Tait, William, letter-carrier, P.O. ; house, 10 Coulter's lane.
Tait, William, surgeon, 5 Stockwell place.
TALMAGE, Emanuel, wine and spirit merchant, 62 Renfrew street.
TANNAHILL, David, smith and machine maker, 8 Orr street, Calton ; house, 52A
Canning street, do.
Tannahill, John, spirit merchant, 20 Canning street ; house, 24 East Rose street.
Tannahill and M'Ewen, sewed muslin manufacturers, 2 North ct., Royal Exchange.
Tannahill, Robertson, & Co., warehousemen and general merchants, 26 Glassford st.
and 39 Hutcheson street.
Tannahill, Robt., manufacturer, 2 North ct., Roj'al Exchange ; ho. 19 Westminster tr.
Tannahill, R. Dunlop, surgeon, 104 West Regent street.
Tannahill, Mrs., 2 Albany place.
TARBET, John, flesher, 81 High street.
TASSIE, George A., commission merchant, 107 Buchanan st. ; ho. 9 Greenvale place.
Tassie, G. F. and A. M., chemists, Dumfin, by Luss. Letters left at James Lumsden
and Son's, 20 Queen street.
Tassie, Hugh, and Sons, agents to the London Board of Directors of the Anchor Fire
and Life Assurance Co. of London, 135 Buchanan street.
Tassie, Hugh, of Hugh Tassie cf- Sons; house, 5 India street.
Tassie, James P., of James Lumsden and Son; house, 15 Queen's terrace.
Tassie, William A., accountant, 5 India street.
Tassie, Wm., rope and twine manufacturer, 115 Glebe st. ; office, 14 Parliamentary rd.
Tax Collector for City and County, Thomas P. Sharpe, Virginia buildings.
Tax Inspector, C. H. Murray, 20 Monteith row.
TAYLOR, Alexander, Western Italian Warehouse, grocer and wine merchant, 86
St. Vincent street; house, 299 Sauchiehall st. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Taylor, Alexander, of James Taylor and Son; house, Shawlands.
Taylor, Alexander, general outfitter, 132 Broomielaw ; house, 4 York street.
Taylor, A. M., 114 Bath street.
Taylor, Daniel, 89 Gallowgate.
Taylor, David K., M.D., surgeon, 88 Main street, Anderston ; house, 6 do.
Taylor, David, potato merchant, 61 Duke street.
Taylor and Downs, jewellers and watchcase makers, 139 Trongate.
Taylor, Edward E., of E. and R. Taylor; house, 47 Abbotsford place.
Taylor, E. and R., wine and spirit merchants, 10 Stirling street.
Taylor, George T., 14 Greenvale place, Woodlands road.
Taylor, Henry, and Sons, grain and flour merchants, 15 Hope street.
Taylor, Hugh, of James and Thomas Brown fy Co. ; house, 6 Rutland pi., Govan rd.
Taylor, Rev. James S., of Hutcheson town United Presbyterian Church, 8 S. Apsley pi.
Taylor, Rev. James, D.D., of Renfield U. P. Church, Oakfield house, HillheacL Let-
ters, &c, left at the vestry, 37 Sauchiehall street.
Taylor, James, merchant, 12 Howard street ; house, 260 West George street.

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