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Hampton Buildings, west end of Sham-
rock street.
Hampton Buildings, Shuttle street.
Hanover Street (North), from George sq.
to Parliamentary road.
Hanover Street (South), from Ingram st.
to George square,
Hartfield Place, Parliamentary road,Town-
Hartfield Street, Parliamentar}' road,
Harvey's Place, 223 New Dalmarnock rd.
Havannah Street, from High street to
Burnside lane.
Hayfield Street, M'Neil street, Hutche-
Herbertson Street, from Coburg street to
Eglinton street.
Hereford Place, corner of Renfrew street
and Rose street.
Herriothill, 137 Stirling's road.
High Street, from the Cross to Kirk st.
Hillhead Place, Hillhead.
Hillington Place, Elderslie street, from
William street to St. Vincent street.
Hill's Court, 30 Rose St., Hutchesontown.
Hill Place, 20 Stirling's road.
Hill Street, from Duke st. to Gallowgate.
Hill Street, Garnethill, from Cambridge
street to St. George's road.
Hill Street, from Stobcross street to Main
street, Anderston.
Holm Place, 278 Argyle street.
Holm Street, from Wellington st. to Pitt st.
Holmhead Street, Bell's park, from Dun-
das street to North Frederick street.
Holland Place, off St. Vincent street.
Holland Street, from Sauchiehall street to
St. "Vincent street.
Holyrood Place, 171 New City road.
Hope Place, 152 New City road.
Hope Place, Parliamentary rd., Townhead.
Hope Street, from Argyle street to West
Russell street.
Hope Street, from Main street, Anderston,
to Stobcross street.
Hopetoun Place, from Rottenrow to Stir-
ling's road.
Horn's Court, 3 St. Enoch square.
Hospital Street, from Adelphi street,
Houston Street, Paisley road.
Howard Place, 116 Waterloo street.
Howard Street (East), from Maxwell st.
to Ropework lane.
Howard Street, from Jamaica street to
Maxwell street.
Howard Street, Bridgeton, from Dale st.
to Savoy street.
Hozier Street, head of Muslin street.
Hume Place, corner of Rose street and
Cumberland street.
Hunter's Place, 15 Ann street, Bridgeton.
Hunter Street, west side of Barracks, Gal-
lowgate, to Duke street.
Huntingdon Place, Railroad, Townhead.
Hutcheson's Bridge, south end of Salt-
market street.
Hutcheson Street, from Trongate to Ing-
ram street.
Hutchesontown, south end of Hutcheson's
Hydepark Buildings, head of Hydepark st.
Hydepark Corner, south-east corner of
Hydepark street, Anderston quay.
Hydepark Place, foot of Hydepark street,
Anderston quay.
Hydepark "Street, from Stobcross street
to Anderston quay.
India Buildings, west corner of Gordon
street and Mitchell street.
India Street, from St. Vincent street to
Elmbank crescent.
India Street, from Somerset place to
Claremont street.
Ingram Buildings, 131 Ingram street.
Ingram Court (East), 21 Ingram street.
Ingram Court (West), 1G3 Ingram street,
and 100 Queen street.
Ingram Place, 111 Ingram street.
Ingram Street, from Candleriggs street to
Queen street.
Jackson Street, from Stockwell street to
Dunlop street.
Jaffray's Close, 14 Goosedubbs street.
Jail Square, foot of Saltmarket street.
Jamaica Street, from Argyle street to
Glasgow bridge.
James's Court, 18 Rose street, Hutche-
James Street, Greenhead, Bridgeton.
James Street (East), from Waterloo street
to Church lane.
James Street, Calton, from Stevenson st.
to Millroad street.
Jamieson's Court, 113 King street.
Jamieson's Lane, 72 Main st., Anderston.
Jane Place, Paterson street, Kingston.
Jane Place, Rutherglen road.
Janefield Place, 167 Eglinton street.
Jane Street, off Blythswood square.
Johnston's Place, Barony glebe (east end),
Stirling's road.
John's Court, 39 Crown street.
John Street (High), from George street to
Stirling's road.
John Street (Low), from Ingram street to
George street.
John Street, from Greenhead street to
Main street, Bridgeton.

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