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Established in 1809, and Incorporated by Royal Charter.
Most Noble the Marquis of Abercorn. J Right Hon. the Earl of Camperdown.
THE system adopted by this Company gives to the Assured every advantage Life
Assurance is capable of aifording, and combines the benefits of Mutual Assur-
ance with the guarantee of a Capital of One Million, fully subscribed, besides a large
accumulated Life Assurance Fund. The whole Profits, after reserving one-tenth for
the Guarantee, are divided amongst the Assured, each Policy drawing in proportion to
the sum insured, and the number of Annual Premiums paid during the period of division,
previous Bonuses being reckoned additions to the Sums insured, and, as such, entitled to
participate. Thus, for example, a Policy of £1000, having £2S5. 16s. of previously-
vested Additions, was at 31st December, 1851, ranked as a Policy for £l285 16
and. had a further addition made to it of 112 10 3
and will, according to the principle of division above mentioned, be ranked at
next investigation, on 31st December, 1858, as a Policy for £1398 6 3
The Profits are divided septennially, and a prospective Bonus declared in favour of such
Policies as may become Claims during the septennial period, thus giving the advantage
of an Annual Division without its disadvantages.
1. Premiums moderately rated at all ages, and so adjusted as to suit the objects and
convenience of parties ; and the Sums insured may be made payable to the party him-
self on attaining a specified age, or to his heirs or assignees at his death ; or, alternatively,
to himself on attaining the specified age, or to his heirs or assignees, if he should die
2. No Entry-Money or other charge. Policy Stamps and Medical Fees paid by the
Company, and Assignments of Policies registered free of charge.
3. One-half of the Premiums may remain on credit for the first five years; or
one-third during the convenience of the Assured, interest being paid on the portion on
4. Bonuses may at any time be commuted for a Cash Payment, or applied in reduction
of future Premiums ; except in cases of Policies of less than five years' standing, issued
on an ascending scale of rates ; and on the Credit system, if the debt be not repaid.
5. Liberal allowance made for the surrender of Policies upon which three Annual
Premiums have been paid, when parties wish to discontinue them, either by payment in
Cash, or by granting a new Policy for a corresponding sum, free of Premium.
6. Advances made on Policies to the extent of their acquired value.
7. Permission to pass and repass in time of peace from one part of Europe to another,
by Sea or Land ; and no extra charge for residence in British North America, the
Cape, Australia, and parts of the United States, nor License required, except for the
8. Twenty-one days allowed for Payment of Premiums after they become due, and
in event of the Party dying, payment within Twenty-one days by the Representatives
held sufficient for preserving the Policy.

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