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John Hall, Cambuslang, President ;
Alexander Laing, Anderson's University,
Treasurer; John Craig, Mechanics' In-
stitution, Secretary.
Committee.— Rev. David Smith, A.M.,
Free Normal Seminary ; James Bryce,
jun., A.M., High School ; Allan M'Nab,
Do. ; Alex. C. Weir, 67 Cadogau Street ;
G. H. M'Millan, Hutcheson's Schools ; D.
T. Aitken, 6 Rottenrow; James Reid,
Glasgow Academy ; Thomas Neill, Gor-
bals Parish School ; John Hutton, Thorn-
liebank ; Thomas Morrison, Normal
Seminary ; Joseph Currie, Glasgow Aca-
demy ; Samuel Neill, St. Andrew's Pa-
rish School ; J. Wylie, Free St. George'3
School; Robert White, 48 George Square.
The meetings of the Branch are held in
the High School.
The Members meet on the first Satur-
day of every month, in the Free Church
Normal Seminary, at 1 p.m.
Thomas Morrison, Rector Free Normal
Seminary, President; Peter Maccallum,
Free St. Peter's School, Secretary ; James
Wylie, Free St. George's School, Trea-
surer. James Smith Bothwell, P. M'Cal-
lum, D. M'Gregor, John Burt, William
Steele, Mr. Wylie, Wm. Bisset, Mr. Mor-
rison, and Mr. M'Andrew, Committee.
Right Hon. Lord Blantyre, Patron ;
Hon. Robert Stewart, Lord Provost,
President; Sir Archibald Alison, Bart.,
Sir James Campbell, Sir James Anderson,
M.P., James Playfair, J. Hannan, Lord
Dean of Guild, Alexander Hastie, M.P.,
John Henderson, Andrew Liddell, Vice-
Presidents ; D. T. Perry, 19 Cochran
Street, Treasurer; John Smith, 85 St.
Vincent Street, Secretary.
Directors.— Sheriff Bell, Bailie J. W.
Macgregor, Rev. Dr. Boyd, Rev. Dr.
Lorimer, Dr. Thomas Watson, John
Blackie, jun, William Brodie, Hugh
Brown, J. D. Bryce, Herbert Buchanan,
James A. Campbell, William Campbell,
William Cockey, Hugh Cogan, William
J. Davidson, William Gourlie, J. W.
Guild, William Keddie, John M'Dowall,
J. Macharg, C. C. Mackirdy, John Fer-
guson Sharpe, David Smith, Robert
Sword, Andrew Wingate, A. 0. Mitchell,
W. Crichton, George M'Call, Francis
John Wilkie, Teacher and Superinten-
dent of Boys ; J. R. Ferguson, Assistant ;
William Johnstone, Master of Work ;
Mrs. Johnstone, Matron and Teacher of
Girls ; Mrs. Robertson and Miss Young,
Founded 29th Nov. 1802, for discussing
subjects connected with the arts and
sciences, and the exhibition of models and
new inventions. The Library contains
2,200 volumes of books in the various
departments of science. Upwards of 40
English, French, and German scientific
periodicals are regularly received. Num-
ber of members in Nov. 1853, about 300.
Candidates for membership are recom-
mended by three members of the Society.
The Society publishes its proceedings an-
nually. Society meets once a fortnight,
during winter, in the Philosophical So-
ciety's Hall, Andersonian Buildings,
George Street.
Walter Crum, F.R.S., President; Dr.
Allen Thomson and William Gourlie,
Vice-Presidents; Andrew Liddell, Trea-
surer; William Cockey, Librarian; Alex.
Hastie, M.P., and William Keddie, Joint
Secretaries. Dr. T. Anderson, James
Bryce, John Condie, John Erskine, Jas.
P. Fraser, Alex. Harvey, Wm. Murray,
Jas. R. Napier, Jas. Napier, Dr. Strang,
Prof. W. Thomson, Dr. A. K. Young,
Instituted Feb., 1838.
Sir Archd. Alison, Bart., F.R.S.E., &c,
Sheriff of Lanarkshire, Hon. Patron ; J-
M'Gregor Mackintosh, President; T. A,
Porteous, Vice-President; J. H. Henry.
Treasurer; J. Burns Brvson, Secretary.
A. H. M'Lellan, W. Colvin, W. T. Hunt,
Andrew Young, Directors.
This Society was instituted in 1844, for
the purpose of receiving communications
on Medicine and Surgery, and the col-
lateral Sciences — of conversing on medical
topics, and of promoting professional im-
provement by any means that might from
time to time be approved of. Each ses-
sion of the Society commences on the se-
cond Tuesday of March, and continues for
eight months. The meetings take place
in the Hall of the Faculty of Physicians
and Surgeons, St. Enoch's Square.

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