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Paterson and Hart, 40 Maitland street.
Paterson, J. B., 66 Cowcaddens.
Paton, Andrew H., 27 Eglinton street.
Paton, Robert, 18 Canal st. Port-Dundas.
Pattison, James, 120, 122 Kingst. Calton.
Pettigrew, James, 163 New City road.
Pettigrew, James, 213 High street.
Pettigrew, James, 148 Cowcaddens.
Pollock, Mrs. T., 48 Parliamentary road.
Proudfoot, Robert, 118 Candleriggs.
Rae, John, 37 Havannah street.
Reid, Daniel, 13 West Campbell street.
Rennie, James, 26 Maxwell street.
Riddell, William, 177 Great Hamilton st.
Ritchie, J. and D., 18 Crown street.
Roberts, John, 12 Wilson street.
Robson, John, 24 William st. Anderston.
Ross, Donald, 26 Adelphi street.
Russell and Ferguson, 22 Stockwell pi.
Russell, Wm., 37, 39 Stobcross street.
Salmon, John, 37 Drygate.
Scott, Walter, 74 William st. Anderston.
Scrimgeour, J. and J., 109 Main street,
Selkirk, J. and R., 88 King street.
Slimen, D. K. and J., 32 Stirling street.
Smith, Alexander, 69 George street.
Smith, James, & Co., 100 Broomielaw.
Smith, Patrick, 60 Main street, Gorbals.
Smith, William, 5 Stobcross street.
Speirs, Mrs., 161 Holm street.
Steel, Duncan, 141 Bridgegate.
Steel, J., 78 Stevenson street, 18 Kirk St.,
and. 23 Little street.
Steven, Alex., 28, 80 So. Wellington st.
Stevenson, John, 117 Trongate and 168
Argyle street.
Stewart, George and John, 26, 30 Orrst.
Stewart, John, 333 Gallowgate.
Stewart, William, 138 High street.
Stewart, Mrs., 148 Rutherglen road.
Telfer, D., 57 Buchanan & 58 Mitchell sts.
Thomson, Charles, 116 Broomielaw.
Thomson, John, 22 Stevenson street.
Thomson, John, 35 Eglinton street.
Thomson, R., 37 Milton st. Cowcaddens.
Thomson, Richard, 244 High street.
Todd, James, 31, 33 Cathcart st. Gorbals.
Tolland, James, 9 Bazaar.
Tulloch, John, 279 Argyle street.
Turnbull, David, 236 High street.
Ure, James, 16 Bell street.
Walker, Robert, & Co., 55 E. Howard st.
Wallace, Andrew, 80 Kirk street, Calton.
Wallace, Hugh, 432 Argyle street.
Wallace, John, 295 Argyle street.
Wallace, William, 70 George street.
Warnock, Andrew, 50 Canon street.
Watson, John, 37 Kirk st. Townhead.
Watt, Thomas, 46 Green street, Calton.
White, Robert, 11 Melville court.
Whita and Kirkland, 210 Argyle st. and
70 High street
Williamson, John, 315 Sauchiehall at.
Wilson, James, 20, 24 Stockwell.
Wilson, John C, 108 Eglinton street.
Wilson, J. M., 120 Main street, Gorbals,
Wilson, J. and R., 54 Howard street.
Wilson, T., 56 Dale street, Tradeston.
Wilson and Wylie, 6, 8 Stockwell.
Wilson, Mrs., 23 Dean street.
Wright, Daniel, 36 Cumberland street.
Wright, Ronald, 249 Argyle street.
Yuill, Mrs., 106 Stockwell.
Alexander, John, Courier Office.
Blackie and Son, 38 Queen street.
Cameron, George, 67 Virginia street.
Cameron, John, 45 Queen street.
Chambers, W. and R., 64 Argyle street ;
H. Campbell, agent.
Christian News and Day Star, 142 Trong
Chronicle Office, 15 Turner's court.
Collins, Wm., 113 North Montrose street.
Constitutional Office, 20 Dixon street.
Courier Co., 75 Argyle street.
Forsyth, D. and J., 16 St. Enoch square.
Fullarton, A., and Co., 40 Union street.
Glasgow Free Press, 1 64 Trongate.
Griffin, R., and Co., 40 Buchanan street.
Inglis, Robert, 203 Gallowgate.
Lochhead, T. and J., 40 Union street.
M'Kenzie, Peter, and Co., 24 Howard St.
Mackenzie, William, 45, 47 Howard st.
Murray, T., and Son, 16 St. Enoch sq.
N. B. Daily Mail, 102 to 114 Union st.
Orr, F., and Sons, 107 Union street.
Outram, George, and Co., Herald Office,
182 Trongate.
Rosenthal, W., 37 South Portland street.
Sentinel Office, 2 Antigua place.
Smith, John, A.M., 7 Argyle street.
Stuart, R., and Co., R. Exchange bids.
Virtue and Co., 30 Hope street.
Brown, Andrew, Kippoch and Coulston.
Brown and Broom, Kenmuir.
Baird, D., Wash wall.
Dove, D., Eastwood and Nitshill.
Dowanhill Quarry, Partick.
Eastwood Flag Quarry.
Findlay, J., Byers road.
Fraser, James, Giffnock.
Leadbetter, T., and Co .-, Hunter's hill.
Leslie, John, Bunhouse.
Maxwell and Hart, Eastwood.
Neilston, William, Kenmuir.
Neilston and Young, Coulston.
Neill, — , Giffnock.
Reid, William, Old Giffnock.
Waddell, William, Garscube.

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