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Adam and Wright, 114 Trongate.
Affleck, Thomas, muslin, 13 James st east.
Aitken, "William, 38 Queen street.
Allan and Carswell, 4 Montrose street.
Alston, J., and Sons, 55 Glassford street
Anderson, Graham, & Co., 114 Candlegs.
Anderson, A. & M., & Co., 26 Florence pi.
Anderson, D., and J., 153 Queen street.
Anderson, J. & A., 40 Buchanan street.
Anderson & Gray, Queen's ct. 62 Queen st.
Anderson and Murphy, muslin, 13 St.
Vincent place.
Anderson, J. W., & Co., sewed muslin, 62
Queen street.
Anderson, Wm., & Son, 48 Buchanan st.
Auchinvole, David, 4 Montrose street.
Auchinvole, John, 4 Montrose street.
Auld, Berrie, and Mathieson, muslin, 111
Union street.
Auld and Buchanan, 14, 22 West Nile st.
Barr, P., 79 Glassford street.
Barr, W., muslin, 54 Gordon street.
Bartholomew, John, & Co., 78 Ingram st
Begbie, Wiseman, & Co., 99 Mitchell st.
Bell, Ewing, & Co., 86 Buchanan street.
Bell, Robert, 93 Glassford street.
Black, James, & Co., 23 R. Exchange sq.
Black and Wingate, 9 Royal Exchange.
Bow, John, 15 Candleriggs.
Boyd, Alex., 62 Hutcheson street.
Broadfoot, Douglas, & Co., 128 Ingram st.
Broadley, J. and W., muslin, 16 Spring-
field court.
Brodie, W. S., & Co., 113 Brunswick st.
Broom, D., & Co., 51 Brunswick street.
Brown, Archibald, & Co., silk gauze, 104
Virginia street.
Brown, H., & Co., 100, 104 Virginia pi.
Brown, James and Cornelius, sewed muslin,
92 St. Vincent street.
Brown, S. R. and T., sewed muslin, 78
Queen street.
Brown and Wilson, 163 Ingram street.
Brown, Wm., jun., sewed muslin, 17 Gor-
don street.
Brown, Wm., and Son, 16 Montrose st.
Buchanan, John and James, muslin, 108
Hutcheson street.
Burmond, John, 52 Glassford street.
Burnside, John, 3 Morrison's court, 108
Argvle street, 55 Argyle arcade, and
16 Buchanan street.
Calder and Dunlop, patent thread, Broom-
ward Mill, Canning street.
Cameron & Bald, 15 Smith's court, 53
Cameron, R. H., 129 Ingram street,
Campbell, J. & W., & Co., 34 Candlergs.
Campbell, John, power loom, 65 John st.
Carslaw and Henderson, muslin, 91 Mit-
chell street.
Carter and M'Nab, 164 Trongate.
Christie, Wm., & Co., muslin, 95 Hutche-
son street.
Church, William, &Co., 12 Exchange sq.
Clapperton, John, & Co., 175 Trongate.
Clapperton, Wm., & Co., 2 Brandon pi.
West George street.
Clark, G., & Co., muslin, 98 St. Viu. st.
Clark, W., & Co., 104 Hope street.
Cochran, Inglis, and Cochran, sewed mus-
lin, 104 Hope street.
Combe and Hamilton, 59 Cathedral st.
Coubrough, Murray, 23 Exchange sq. and
74 Buchanan street.
Craig, Matthew, 46 John street.
Cree, Thomas, 46 John street.
Cross, William, 62 Queen street.
Cumming and Crawford, 57 Buchanan st.
Cumming, Wallace, & Co., 1 National
Bank buildings.
Dallas, Peter, 17 Cochran street.
Davidson, William and James, & Co.,
muslin, 22 South Frederick street.
Davie, James, Son, & Co., sewed muslin,
27 Union street.
Dicksons and Laings, 21 Glassford street.
Doig & Co., power-loom, Rothesay. Let-
ters left at Fairley and Moore's, 76
Wilson street.
Dron & Co., 55 Glassford street.
Dunlop, James, & Sons, 86 Miller street
and 91 Virginia street.
Dunn, Francis, 17 Dean street.
Dunn, William, 56 George square.
Dykes, Andrew, 19 Cochran street.
Ewing, J., & Co., 18 East St. Vine. lane.
Fairley, Jas , sewed muslin, 354 Argyle st.
Ferguson, John, 93 Glassford street.
Ferguson, William, 77 Brunswick street.
Finlay, James, & Co, 22 West Nile st.
Finlayson, F., & Co., 22 West Nile st.
Fiskin. A., seived muslin, 5 St. Vine. pi.
Fleming and Pritchard, sewed muslin, 89
Ingram street.
Fletcher, Alexander, & Co., 81 Garngad
road, St. Rollox.
Fraser, Turner, & Co., sewed muslin, 111
Ingram street.
Frew, James, 18 Saltmarket
Fyfe, Alexander, & Co., 77 Queen street.
Fyfe, Hendry, and Son, 62 Queen street.
Fulton, Andrew, & Co., 259 Buchanan st.
Galbraith, A. and A., 4 Bothwell street.
Gall, J. and R., sewed muslin, 22 Exc. sq.
Gartly, John, oil cloth, 87 Springburn rd.
Gatehouse Cotton Co., 24 St. Vincent pi.
Gatheral, J. W., 93 Virginia street.
Geddes, John, and Sons, carpet, 76 Vir-
ginia street.
Gemmill, George, sewed muslin, 69 Ing-
ram street.
Gemmel, W. and A., 73 Hutcheson st
Gibson and Macnee, sewed muslin, 5 St
Vincent place.

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