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7 Heys, Z., and Sons, calico printers.
9 Cameron, Hugh, railway tavern.
13 Gibson, J., & Co., tin-case makers.
23 Ferguson, M., spirit merchant.
25 Scott, D., & Co., manufacturers.
27 Cameron, Hugh, spirit merchant.
31 Clark, P. W., & Co., merchants.
37 Gibson, Jn., watch and clock maker.
39 Squires, John, coffee-house.
43 Arbuckle, William, hairdresser.
45 Brown and Gray, joiners.
47 Ferguson, Mrs.
Angus, Mrs., dressmaker.
Campbell, W. M., mason.
49 Paterson, Miss, spirit dealer.
51 Blair, Robert, bootmaker.
51 ^Wilson, Alex., tailor and clothier.
57 Gardiner, Misses, dressmakers
59 Bell, Robert, baker.
61 Taylor, M. S., fruiterer.
69 Watt, J. and R , grocers.
71 King, Walter, cooper.
73 Baird, John, flesher.
75 Turbet, A., tobacconist.
77 Tennant, William, tailor and clothier.
85 White, William, stationer.
89 Dunsmore, James, wine merchant.
95 Koh-i-noor tavern. J. Dunsmore.
M'Kenzie, Angus.
99 M'Arthur, John.
M'Nab, John.
Alston, William.
103 Logan, Mrs., stay manufacturer.
105 Wyllie, Robert, tertius, baker.
123 Smith, James, beadle.
129 Brown, Patrick, cabinetmaker.
135 Denholm and Nisbet, wrights.
Steel, James, plasterer.
141 Wood, Robert, sculptor.
98 Hussey, Andrew, spirit merchant.
94 Gillies, Charles, coal agent.
Scott, J.
Scott, Alexander, clerk.
92 Whiston, W. George, gold refiner.
86 Smith, J.
M'Farlane, Geo., commission agent.
Wilson, J.
Chalmers, George, spirit merchant.
Inglis, George.
84 Caruthers, William, shoemaker.
82 Drysdale, John, spirit merchant.
58 Paterson, Jamieson, & Co., nierchts.
56 Gray, John.
Paxton, Mrs.
Brown, Daniel, confectioner.
Campbell, David.
Charles, Miss, lodgings.
54 Gilchrist, D., calico printer.
48 Robb, R.
M'Donald, John, grocer.
M'Fadyen, Joseph T.
Robertson, A. D., portrait-painter.
44 Campbell, Chas., tailor and clothier.
42 M'Hafne, David.
Waddell. Miss, milliner.
Hudson, Mrs.
40 Thomson, Hugh, M.D.
36 Hislop, William, fruiterer.
34 Young, J. H., surgeon-dentist.
Bowie, Mrs. David, brushmaker.
Combe, Robt., of Combe ij* Hamilton.
Steedman, Mrs.
White, Mrs. Edward.
Smith, William, railway agent.
32 Battison, J. and T., grocers.
30 Downie, John, bootmaker.
28 Bryson, Miss, furnishing shop.
22 Gordon, Adam.
Horn, Miss, dressmaker.
Berrie, Andrew.
Danskin, Miss, teacher.
Campbell, J. S.
16 Entry to Ed. & Glas. Railway.
12 Campbell, D., bookseller.
10 Hood, Mrs., Register Office.
9 Lamb, John, grain merchant.
Wilkinson, John, builder.
Macfarlan, A., surgeon.
M'Coll, A.
Booklass, George.
Johnston, William, Dundas cottage.
Thomson, Win., Westfield cottage.
66 Pairman, James.
27 Drew, J., & Co., japan ners.
29 Smith, George, hosier.
35 Theatre-Royal.
4 L Bulloch & Co., agents.
43 Lade, D., spirit merchant.
45 Bald, Peter, & Son, drysalters.
M'Millan, D., agent.
49 Maclure, James,' carver and gilder.
53 Stewart, John, cooperage.
48 Dobbie, Alex., & Co., tea dealers.
44 Arbuckle, James, cork manufacturer.
42 Scott, Mrs.
Lisenheim, Mrs., commerc. lodgings.
40 Wotherspoon, R., & Co., starch nifrs.
38 Muter, J. & W., distillers.
Robertson, J. & W., lithographers.
34 M'Enery & Reilly, spirit merchants.
Stewart, William, tea merchant.
32 M'Corquodale & Co., printers.
Bryce, John, plumber and gasfitter.
30 M'Laren, Alex., hotel-keeper.
28 Dunlop, James, spirit dealer.
26 Leitch, Arch., coach lace manufac.
22 Brown, Downes, & Co., grocers.
20 Smith, William, & Co., merchants.
18 Smith & Fleming, silver-platers.
16 Paterson, James, inspector of weights
and measures for the city.
12 Cuthbert, John, smith.

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