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33 Mitchell and Brash, merchants.
35 Liddell, John, wine merchant.
37 Thomson, William, flesher.
39 Scott, William, cabinetmaker.
41 M'Lay, John, flesher.
43 Pearston, Joseph, stationer.
45 Abercromby, Alexander, & Co.
Donaldson, James, & Co.
Glen, Alexander B., merchant.
Hunter, John, manufacturer.
49 Bell, J. & F., wholesale tobacconists.
51 Watson's boot and shoe warehouse.
53 Smith's Court.
Spalding, Robert, merchant.
Cameron and Bald, manufacturers.
Roy, James & George, ham merchts.
Hamilton, Robert, & Co.
Graham, W., & Co., boxmakers.
Hamilton and Fisher, cloth-cutters.
65 Anderson, Wm., spirit dealer.
57 Howatson, Thomas, spirit dealer.
63 M'Laren, Wm., Sons, & Co., merchts.
Craig, Rose, & Wright, oil merchts.
65 Gutta Percha warehouse, S. Wilson,
69 Wilson, Samuel, umbrella manufact.
71 Naismith, D., butter and cheese store.
73 Summers, Peter, eating-house.
81 Grant, Thos , wine and spirit merch.
85 Robertson, Andrew, cloth- cutter.
Lawrence, Alex., shawl manufact.
Cochran, William, calenderer.
Paterson, William, drysalter.
Hamilton, M., & Co., manufacts.
Briggs, Thomas, manufacturer.
Rattray, James, & Co., warehousemen.
Frood and Wynne, sheriff officers.
Douglas, George, reedmaker.
87 Jaffrey and Gunion, cheese merchts.
93 Munro and Naismith, hamcurers.
95 Buchanan, G., and Sons, bleachers.
Behrens, S. L., & Co., merchants.
Knox, Hutton, and Wilson.
Russell, Jas., & Co., manufacturers.
97 Saunders, Barnes, spirit merchant.
99 Parlane, Alex., spirit dealer.
105 Crosbie, Andrew, warehouseman.
107 Black, Archibald, warehouseman.
109 M'Gowan, James, manufacturer.
Russell, J. & T., muslin manufacts.
Findlay, Robert, spirit dealer.
Ill Stewart, Alex., surgeon.
113 Ballantvne, John, draper.
115 Gemmill, William, baker.
117 Mason, James, provision merchant.
Mason, Robert, plumber.
Young, James.
Walker, G. L., & Co., warehousemen.
Leggat, Robert, hamcurer.
119 M'Donald, John, spirit dealer.
123 M'Kay, Robt., & Co., warehousemen.
125 Jarves, Mrs. T.
129 Osborne, R., cheese merchant.
120 Wallace, Hugh, spirit dealer.
118 Proudfoot, Robert, merchant.
116 Brown & Co,, warehousemen.
114 M'Leod, Davidson, & Co._ manufacts.
Anderson, Graham, & Co.
Burnside, James, warper.
Anderson, James W., commission
Megget, Robert, muslin manufac.
Provan, John, pullicate manufac.
M'Farlane & Anderson, com. mer.
M'Phail, Dugald, & Co., manufacs.
Paterson, John, manufacturer.
Paterson, Andrew, manufacturer.
Kerr, Hugh, manufacturer.
110 Allan, A. & J., provision merchants.
94 M'Auley, George, provision seller.
92 Sawers, John, Bazaar keeper.
Ewing, John.
90 City Hall.
88 Dick, Wm., cheese merchant.
86 Simons & Co., fruit merchants.
80 Allan, Alex., jun., & Co., provisions.
66 Mason, J., provision merchant.
60 Wilson and Matheson, bootmakers.
58 Wilson and Matheson, merchants.
56 Liddell, John, grocer.
52 Thomson, D., flesher.
50 Williamson, John, wholesale grocer.
48 Finlay & Leggat, provision merchs.
46 Reid, George, fish merchant.
44 Shaw, Thomas, confectioner.
42 Drummond, Malcolm, spirit dealer.
40 Jarvis, Alexander, clothier.
Boyle, Miss, milliner & dressmaker.
Kirkaldy, Thomas, tailor & clothier.
Leitch, Mrs. Walter, innkeeper.
38 Muirhead, John, hosier.
37 Hogg, J., umb.ella manufacturer.
34 Campbell, J. & W., & Co., merchs.
32 Thomson, George, hosier.
30 Miller, Miss Jane, provision mercht.
28 Andrew, George, hosier.
26 Henderson and Son, hosiers.
24 Kirk, William, tea and coffee dealer.
22 Muir, Thomas, china warehouse.
20 Wilson, Hugh, & Co., merchants.
Birrell, A.
M'Kenzie, Kenneth.
Kinloch's Temperance hotel.
18 Mills, Alexander, confectioner.
16 Wilson & Co., blacking makers.
14 Dowie, George, sacking warehouse.
10 Denholm, Andrew, confectioner.
8 Brown, John, hosier.
6 M'Gregor, Alex., tailor & clothier.
M'Farlane, William, clothier.
Ross, Alex., blacking warehouse.
Bryson, John, shoemaker.
Gunn, William, capmaker.
Robertson, Peter, tailor.
4 M'Laren, R., spirit dealer.
2 Ormond, James, hosier.

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